Rolling Stone: Drug Czar Kerlikowske’s ‘Striking Reversal’ On Marijuana

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 25, 2009

    Kerlikowske Finds Ideology

    7/24/09, 12:34 am EST
    This is a major disappointment:

    Obama’s drug czar, Gil Kerlikowske hit the road this week to rail against the perils of pot:

    “Marijuana is dangerous and has no medicinal benefit,” he said at an appearance in Fresno, California.

    This is a striking departure from what Kerlikowske told me in an interview in May.

    Because of the restrictive terms the Vice President’s office imposed on our interview, I’m not at liberty to quote the drug czar directly.

    But when I asked Kerlikowske for an example of how he hoped to bring sound science back to Office of National Drug Control Policy, he told me that science would answer whether smoked marijuana has any medical benefit.

    That’s a question that science answers, he told me, not ideology.

    From this week’s comments, it appears it took just two more months on the job for Kerlikowske’s openness to scientific uncertainty to snap shut in a fit of ideological conviction.

    Tim Dickinson

    180 responses to “Rolling Stone: Drug Czar Kerlikowske’s ‘Striking Reversal’ On Marijuana”

    1. David says:

      Cannabis can be consumed safely with vaporization, which provides all of the benefits of smoking without any combustion byproducts.

      Ingesting cannabis is another safe alternative to smoking. Ingesting the medicine may take 60 to 90 minutes to feel the effects.

      Cannabis has a use safe history. Many people do not know that Martha Lincoln was prescribed a tincture of cannabis by her Dr. after her husband was shot in Fords theater, to help her deal with the tragedy. The queen of England used cannabis forthe relief of her menstrual cramps.

      Cannabis is safe and nontoxic, unlike alcohol which poisons and kills thousands of people a year.

    2. Warren says:

      A larger than 75% of why the DEA exists is because marijuana is illegal.Without marijuana to pickon a large portion of the DEA war machine against citizens would be eaten by green flys.Would it be so bad that these DEA bozos might have to go into the business of rehabilitation.[The government NEVER lays anyone off the deck is only shuffled].

    3. Roger says:

      I don’t need that douchebag to smoke marijuana.

    4. Shawn Davis says:

      I’m sick and tired of people treating this plant like it’s a drug.

    5. IWillBewhoIWillBe says:

      Enough money can give anyone an ideology.

    6. Dan says:

      it doesn’t do no where near the amount of damage that all of the legal drugs do and the government can make more off of it without using tax payers money on this phony “war on drugs” that’s putting good people in jail for small amounts of a plant that has never killed anyone in thousands of years.

    7. – It thus appears that Mr ILL Kerly-Kowardski is
      now officially an ass-puppet
      of the ONDCP and Nance E. Raygun…

      – An apt comment I found at Rolling Stone:
      A cannabis law-reform complacency-cautionary…
      (I hope his predictiveness is wrong, however!).

      Kerly-Kow Finds Ideology

      Ray | 7/24/2009, 10:00 am EST

      It sure didn’t take long for the Nancy Reagan
      brain-worm to take full control of Mr. Kerlikowske…

      Everyone poised for the end of Cannabis Prohibition
      should take careful heed of the sudden change in direction…
      the DEA will be back to regularly raiding Dispensaries before the end of 2009.

    8. Glen says:

      I wrote the office of the President and asked for Gil Kerlikowske’s resignation.

      We all need to write, blog, U-tube, and demand he be replaced. Gupta was rejected because Obama knew we would not stand for it, and Gil lied to be appointed.

      You guys needs to step up, join with the other major organizations and call for a massive march. Call ASA, MPP and the rest, make nice, and decide on a date.

      We will rock the president’s world. The time is not going to get much better than it is now.

    9. LLL says:

      Gee, what a surprise,another politician lying.

    10. Robert says: