NORML announces formation of US Virgin Islands chapter

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator July 29, 2009

    NORML is proud to announce the formation of its first Caribbean territory chapter in the United States Virgin Islands. USVI NORML will be working to change marijuana laws in the territory to respect the residents and tourists who choose to consume cannabis responsibly.

    Linda Adler, the founding executive director, is seeking to make the islands a prime destination for tourists from the mainland’s thirteen medical marijuana states, who lack protection for their medical use when vacationing (Hawaii’s medical marijuana law does not recognize medical recommendations from other states). “This is heavily about tourism,” she says. “We are planning to include wording that not only allows someone with a state issued medical card to come and use, but those world wide travelers that come to the Virgin Islands coming from legal countries will be able to get a temporary card for their stay providing they bring required documentation.

    “Just the decriminalization aspect of what we are pushing will allow any tourist to partake and risk only a civil fine of about $150 for up to 2 oz. of cannabis,” Adler continues. “Tourism makes up 70% of the GDP for the USVI. We will, as a chapter, promote before and after the fact to the domestic and international pro-cannabis sectors, both for financial support to get the law changed, but then to promote safe tourism for the so-inclined tourists.”

    Also a part of Adler’s plans, should they succeed with decriminalization in the islands, is the building of a NORML St. Thomas Hotel, a resort destination open only to NORML members (who may join at the front desk) that caters to the needs of cannabis-friendly clientele and returns a substantial donation for NORML annually.

    Virgin Islands residents interested in joining with USVI NORML can contact Linda at lovingadler ‘at’ gmail.com. More information can be found on the web at myspace.com/usvinorml.

    17 responses to “NORML announces formation of US Virgin Islands chapter”

    1. geo says:

      This is a giant leap forward for MMJ. Hawaii Should consider following the virgin Island example. Congrats NORML.

    2. JAY says:

      Love Jamaica would love USVI even better

    3. Anonymous says:

      Another fine example of people that truly understand the financial aspect of cannabis on tourism. I would guess they might see as much as 200percent increase in tourism. If Americans could go someplace that was cannabis friendly without a passport it would bring a great deal of business their way. I for one would be booking my next vacation to St. Thomas. Having already been there and found the scuba diving to be one of the best in the world I would go back anytime. Good luck and a great big thanks to NORML.

    4. Fireweed says:

      If this materializes, I’ll be booking a flight soon. And I’ll bring that $150 with me just in case!

    5. The People says:

      It sounds like the USVI is already to make some changes according to this. If this is true then great! Hawai?i on the other hand depends on tourism otherwise we stay broke.

    6. moldy says:

      What a concept! I hate travel to anywhere just because the minute I leave my state I become fair game for Johny Law. Please try to get this done before I die. I’ll be coming with my donation, that’s fer sure!

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    8. wamba says:

      thats great news ,we got some of the best homegrown we could ever imagine .i cant wait for this to materiaizes. rasta tradition bal up my brethren.stand firm ghetto youhts.

    9. The Oracle says:

      Sounds like a nice place to get some sativa grown on U.S. territory, very exclusive varieties should fetch a nice profit when marketed in the U.S. 50 after complete legalization…nice place for vacation. I’ll put in my list of places to go, maybe there in winter rather than Amsterdam

    10. R.O.E. says:

      Chuga Chuga Choo Choo!!!