NORML SHOW LIVE from Portland Hempstalk this Saturday

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator September 12, 2009

    Show 002: Live from Portland Hempstalk with many special guestsThis weekend NORML SHOW LIVE comes to you direct from Kelley Point Park in Portland, Oregon, for the fifth annual Portland Hempstalk.  The live stream begins at 6pm PT / 9pm ET and continues for two hours.

    You can listen to the show live three ways (and no, regular terrestrial or satellite radio is not one of those ways… yet):

    1. Point your web browser to http://live.norml.org and follow the links to Show 002. (Or use the link on the powder-blue BlogTalkRadio player you see there on the right…)
    2. Point your mobile phone’s browser to http://m.blogtalkradio.com/norml. Click the link at the bottom of the page for Shows and Blogs. Click the link for Show 002.
    3. Call 347-994-1810 on your mobile phone. (“347” is a New York area code, so long distance charges, if any, would apply. Probably only an option if you’ve got unlimited minutes and free domestic long distance.)

    The show will also be archived about one hour following the live broadcast. You’ll be able to hear it all week on the embedded player to the right or by subscribing to it as a podcast on iTunes. (The live show should be available at 6pm Pacific and should stay on this page until Thursday. Click the “play” button to begin.)  You can listen to last weekend’s show up until showtime.

    Jack Herer will appear again this year at Portland HempstalkWe will be performing the show in front of a live audience at the Hemposium Stage.  We’ll be pulling in guests from the Hempstalk lineup as they become available.  Jack Herer, The Emperor of Hemp will be there and should stop by for a visit.  NORML Executive Director Allen St. Pierre will also be on the show.  Spoken word artist and Native American activist Jon Trudell will speak and perform.  Amy Nelson and Cathy Guthrie (the daughters of Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie, respectively) as the acoustic duo Folk Uke will be performing at Hempstalk.  Chris Conrad and Mikki Norris from the West Coast Leaf newspaper will be on hand to discuss Chris’s work as an expert witness in cannabis cultivation and Mikki’s work with the Cannabis Consumers CampaignPaul Stanford of The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation and Madeline Martinez, executive director of Oregon NORML and NORML Board memberwill speak about Oregon’s move to tax & regulate marijuana in 2010.  NORML Legal Committee attorneys Paul Loney, Lee Berger, and John Lucy IV will answer your legal questions.

    NORML Founder Keith Stroup with Paul Stanford and Andrew Hangerud and some very fine Oregon cannabisWe’re also taking your calls at the bottom of each hour. Dial 347-994-1810 to listen in on your phone and press 1 at any time if you’d like to speak to the host or guests. Your call will be screened and we remind you to have a question ready, keep it short and to the point, and avoid profanity (we’re not FCC regulated on the net, but if we want to take this to terrestrial radio, we need to act like it.)

    22 responses to “NORML SHOW LIVE from Portland Hempstalk this Saturday”

    1. Keith says:

      Congratulations on the radio program! We love radio.

    2. jhm says:

      Click link to see what I see when I try to add Marijuana Nation to my podcasts.

    3. NORML SHOW LIVE will be on iTunes within two weeks – it takes them a while to approve a new podcast.

    4. Peter says:

      Keep on keeping on! Love the progress made and can’t wait to keep hearing the continued success!

    5. General-Jake says:

      I dont hav any questions but i will be listenin.

    6. Dad says:

      Good show son. Much more pro. Keep it up.

    7. Marijuana = 0 calories

      Alcohol = Thousands of Calories

      Marijuana = Natural gift from God

      Alcohol = Man made

      Do you trust God or man ?

    8. Golden says:

      Is that a cannabis plant behind those three old timers ?

    9. Lea says:

      Will be listening in on your second show Russ.

      Wish weed was Legal so I could enjoy the show relaxed and without physical pain.

    10. oooooo this show was brutal… but its cool… we all understand…. hell i would love to open up a chapter where i live…. there is one in northern mass but none, that i know of, in SE mass… i just dont know any norml members around here plus im unemployed at the moment so no cash flow to do anything…. kinda tough oh well… at least im in a weed friendly state….