NORML SHOW LIVE from Boston Freedom Rally tonight – special time 3pm Eastern

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator September 19, 2009

    Show 002: Live from Portland Hempstalk with many special guests

    [Update: check out the recording – a little tough to hear at times, but great interviews with Miss New Jersey 2006 Georgine DiMaria, High Times Cultivation Editor Danny Danko, rap star Styles P, MMA fighting champion Toby Grear, NORML founder Keith Stroup, a new activist patient named Lori, NORML New Jersey’s Chris Goldstein, and live audio from 4:20 at Boston Freedom Rally. — “R”R]

    This weekend NORML SHOW LIVE comes to you direct from Boston, Massachusetts, for the twentieth annual Boston Freedom Rally. The live stream begins at the special time of Noon PT / 3pm ET (since Freedom Rally only runs Noon to 6pm ET) and continues for two hours.

    You can listen to the show live three ways (and no, regular terrestrial or satellite radio is not one of those ways… yet):

    1. Point your web browser to http://live.norml.org and follow the links to Show 003. (Or use the link on the powder-blue BlogTalkRadio player you see there on the right…)
    2. Point your mobile phone’s browser to http://m.blogtalkradio.com/norml. Click the link at the bottom of the page for Shows and Blogs. Click the link for Show 003.
    3. Call 347-994-1810 on your mobile phone. (“347” is a New York area code, so long distance charges, if any, would apply. Probably only an option if you’ve got unlimited minutes and free domestic long distance.)

    The show will also be archived about one hour following the live broadcast. You’ll be able to hear it all week on the embedded player to the right or by subscribing to it as a podcast on iTunes. (The live show should be available at 6pm Pacific and should stay on this page until Thursday. Click the “play” button to begin.) You can listen to last weekend’s show up until showtime.

    We’re also taking your calls at the bottom of each hour. Dial 347-994-1810 to listen in on your phone and press 1 at any time if you’d like to speak to the host or guests. Your call will be screened and we remind you to have a question ready, keep it short and to the point, and avoid profanity (we’re not FCC regulated on the net, but if we want to take this to terrestrial radio, we need to act like it.)

    53 responses to “NORML SHOW LIVE from Boston Freedom Rally tonight – special time 3pm Eastern”

    1. Chrokee Fred Jesus says:

      Prohibition was bad enough but when greed kicked in with the war on drugs it has been crazy ever since.

      If we don’t get pissed and organized to fight this it will get worse. Join the Drug War Coalition at…



    2. Samson says:

      OUR own country used to be HEMP friendly. What the Fawk happened. William R. Hearst…..what an A-hole.

    3. Samson says:

      If you have not YOUTUBE’d “the Great Cannabis Conspiracy”, then ya should. Go and learn about : the Corruption–fueled by greed—that led the world(with it’s petrol-synthetics) to it’s current polluted state. IF, just IF….we had kept producing and utilizing Hemp; the world’s forrest’s (and eco-systems in general) could have remained more balanced.

      I URGE YOU ALL!!!!!
      SUPPORT HEMP PRODUCTS every chance YOU get!!!
      HEMP SEEDS are a great source of protein and Omega 3 and 6 fats.

    4. Vivian M. says:

      All of us at Seattle Hempfest send a call out to our sisters and brothers at the Boston Freedom Rally! NORML show live rocks, and we can’t wait to hang with you all again real soon. Get well Jack!

    5. Stompedonmyrights says:

      Greed in keeping this illegal has been on both sides of the street. Those not caught don’t want it legal because they will lose money, the market will be more stable and a whole lot safer. It would be nice to see law enforcement protect our crops not destory them. I like to think a person could be protected from being robbed and possible hurt. It be great if transaction could take place in the like of day and in the open like everyone else. Be nice if the powers to be could just pull their heads out of their ass, but I haven’t heard that wonderful sound as of yet, should be the biggest pop we have ever heard.
      Again a few hurdred thousand writs to the high court asking to review the fruad and nullify the legislation as unconstitution will effect the situation faster than waiting for the baboons in the congress to quit slinging their shit at us.

    6. Nick Coughlin says:

      I was there today. Was amazing. We saw a bunch of cops busting people, but I mean they basically just told them to throw it out or give it to them and get out of there. Didnt see any tickets written. It was just really cool to see everyone joined together to say “Listen, this needs to end.”

    7. Stompedonmyrights says:

      To: Chrokee Fred Jesus you siad you would do any type of research to better our push toward regaining our liberty, Harry J. Anslinger the 1st, head of FBN, can he be connected to the Jim Crow laws and Mexican Repatriation Act, could by chance could we find documentation showing his connection with the KKK. Can we find his high school and college records, old photos. Could there be found in someone collections of old KKK photos? He is the anchor in which this fraud occurred.he one that got “reefer madness” from the church group who made it. How did how did he feel about native americans? Did his family have military background if so what? How about it? can you search high and low and see what falls from his tree?

    8. […] NORML Sat, 19 Sep 2009 14:10:10  By: Russ Belville, NORML Outreach […]

    9. General-Jake says:

      I write this comment this morning wile both puking and dry heaving. Last nite at a friends B-day party we drank and drank and drank som more. As i was yaking not ten mins ago i thought to myself: HOW IN THE FUCK DID ALCOHOL CATCH ON OVER POT?

    10. 136 tickets issued…. 3 arrests…for dealing…not violence…. very very peaceful event… all age groups, all walks of life all coming together to make a stand against unjust laws. was it covered by local media? i havnt seen it yet…. halfway through, there was not a cop in sight… they basically retreated to the perimeter and still, everything was peaceful. if this is not a message to how stupid marijuana laws are, i dont know what is…

      even after the event, around 7-8 most of the trash that was on the ground was already picked up, there were still folks hanging around still enjoying the comfortable weather. Marijuana is the ultimate symbol of unity. no other substance out there has a culture like this. no other substance out there has a culture this big, this proud, this peaceful.

      times are changing…. reform is coming.