NORML SHOW LIVE Tonight from Madison, Wisconsin

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator October 3, 2009

    Show 005: Gary Storck, Jim Miller, & Jackie Rickert from Madison, WI; Paul Stanford in Oregon with Jack Herer update.I hope you’ll join me tonight in the chat room and on the air for NORML SHOW LIVE, coming up at 6pm PT / 9pm ET. I’m streaming from the University Inn on the campus of the University of Wisconsin in room 207. There are young men staying in every room on the floor but me, and if tonight is like last night, they will be yelling and drinking and partying. Should make for an interesting show.

    My guests tonight will include Paul Stanford from The Hemp & Cannabis Foundation to give us an update on the health of the Emperor of Hemp, Jack Herer. Paul has been at his bedside at Portland Emanuel Hospital and will squash all the internet rumors about Jack’s condition. You can help by donating to The Jack Herer Fund at ANY US Bank location.

    My very special guests on this 39th Annual Great Midwest Harvest Fest edition are Wisconsin activist Gary Storck (http://immly.org), New Jersey activist Jim Miller (http://cmmnj.org), and medical marijuana patient and activist Jackie Rickert, for whom Wisconsin’s medical marijuana bill is named.

    Cannabis Karri will bring us the latest news stories and we’ll be taking your calls live at 347-994-1810.

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    2. thatpeteguy says:

      Great show! Looking forward to the next one. (added by Mobile using Mippin)

    3. I must apologize to everyone and especially to , Gene Burns . Mr. Burns never said the word ” DANGEROUS ” Drug referring to marijuana .He did ( i felt ) say the word D-R-U-G .The referral to marijuana as D-R-U-G when your selling Alcohol yourself seemed derogatory . Mr. Burns is a good man so , i ask not to get mad at him . This was my fault and i feel ashamed for what i said ………i will make every attempt to stay off this blog before i get in trouble . God Bless –

    4. Samson says:

      all CANNABIS activists….go to Freekeene.com
      This could be our start. They have been and are continuing to protest prohibition openly at 420 P.M.
      everyday by TIKING up in front of cops!!!

      Effing Beatiful man.

    5. Samson says:

      Darn……CORRECTION: FreeKeene.com (capitol K )

    6. LAST ONE – ( I wouldn’t be The Truth Doctor if i didn’t tell the Truth )

      KGO Radio is the best and finest Radio Station on the West Coast .

    7. Rose says:

      “the Ridley Report” on YouTube.com also chronicles some of the protesters in the FreeKeene marijuana movement. Cool stuff.

    8. Samson says:

      FreeKeene.com says it all my stoner activist starved friends. They are doing what we all should be…..

    9. David says:


      It’s time to support Wisconsin’s very own medical marijuana act by clicking here now:


      We can do this!!

    10. Aleister Wilson says:

      And where is Ben Masel and why isn’t he one of your guest???

      IMHO Ben Masel is one of the top three current lifetime heroes of the hemp movement (Along with Jack Herer and Dana Beal). He has organized and run Harvestfest since it started. Time to give Ben his due, everybody. Thank you Ben, for all of your work and play throughout the decades.