Fox News Says Yes To Legalization?

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director October 5, 2009

    When the producer of the FoxNews program ‘Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano‘ asked me to appear on air last week to discuss the issue of marijuana law reform, I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.

    Fortunately it became clear from the host’s opening monologue that Judge Andrew Napolitano is a powerful and articulate friend of cannabis liberalization.

    “The War on Drugs that the federal government has waged, and on which it has spent billions and billions of taxpayer dollars, has been a complete waste of time, money, and effort.

    Take marijuana, for instance. It’s been grouped together and enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration with real hardcore drugs like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. But states like California and soon New Jersey have pretty much legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. While the federal government contends that … marijuana has the potential to promote cancer, patients of cancer and other similar ailments actually use marijuana to fight these deadly diseases.

    So wouldn’t the federal government be better off creating the incentive to empower people to make the right choice, to make their own free choice, rather than persecuting them and prosecuting them for what the feds consider to be the wrong choice?”

    Watch our full interview below:

    138 responses to “Fox News Says Yes To Legalization?”

    1. Deff Shepard says:

      I am absolutely speechless, this is magnificent

    2. Brian says:

      Way to go Paul! Great interview.

    3. Aiki says:

      I love his sign-off, and I think it’s very appropriate: “STAY FREE!”


    4. Darrell says:

      The Judge knows his Cannabis,We need more like him.LEGALIZE

    5. sean says:

      Very good interview. Very well done Paul. Thank you for all your efforts thus far.

    6. Ga Sunshine says:

      Of Course Fox News will have to come out for legalization if they are actually for Freedom. I am a Conservative that has been fighting this fight in my community for years now and I have not found anyone who’s mind could not be changed with the facts regardless of which party they hail themselves from. Come on mothers and conservatives. Let save our children from these draconian laws. They are going to try it either way. I would prefer my daughter smoke cannabis than drink!

    7. pass ab 390 says:

      my god!!! andrew and paul you have just had the most intelligent interview i have seen in years… please send our nanny government a copy of this.. please!!! we must legalize marijuana now and not put it on the back burner any longer. the time has come for adults to be adults and tell these idiotic so called representitives what we want and now not 40 years from now!! we don’t want their lying morality any more!! let us live out the rest our days in peace and joy!! wake up you government toadys, THE TIME HAS COME!!!

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      Marijuana makes you smart

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    9. So…like alcohol was re-legalized by repealing the 18th amendment, which law(s) must be repealed in order to reinstate the legal status of the marijuana drug?

    10. James Crosby says:

      What a wonderful interview! Thanks for getting the message out more. I’ve emailed Fox News, and the Judge to let them know I loved the interview.

      I hope to see more news about cannabis covered on TV. I love watching news about cannabis, and it’s always a changing topic of discussion.

      Thanks NORML for all you do. Please continue to fight for cannabis rights, and don’t forget to promote personal cultivation rights!