Coffee and Weed!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director October 11, 2009

    I don’t drink coffee. But, the appeal of cannabis and coffee is abundantly clear from Amsterdam to Oaksterdam.

    NORML supporters, professional comedians and apparent wake-n-bakers Rob Cantrell and Arj Barker sing the praises of one of the world’s most beloved, but largely undisclosed ‘drug’ combination, in their new high-definition video ‘Coffee and Weed!‘ [Warning: adult language and imagery is employed]:

    Notice some of the interesting cameos from notable Brooklynites! This song is from Rob’s new album ‘Stay on the grass!

    69 responses to “Coffee and Weed!”

    1. Jesse In Ms says:

      Hahaha. Classic, even for a weed song!

    2. amee says:

      Wow! That was great. LOL!

    3. AP says:

      Please take this video down! It is not supportive of NORML’s cause or cause of the majority of NORML’s members!

      It is offensive, inappropriate, and irresponsible. Yes, the drug combination noted is favorable over most (if not all) others available to the general public, but NORML’s website is not the proper venue for the the extraneous messages in this video.

      Please leave it to YouTube, and not on NORML!

    4. Jack Skellington says:

      Im not sure why you posted this. could someone please let me know.

    5. mike graham says:

      ridiculously STUPID!! nothing to help the cause!!!

    6. Don E says:

      Cannabis is a wonderful companion spirit. It can enhance one’s appreciation of just about anything else…but it is primarily, for me, at its best when it can interact with the inner self without the distraction of other substances.

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    8. fla activist says:

      coffee an weed…..ill tell you what,in these days of hustle an bustle, the runnin an bullshit all week long, i can think of nothing more peaceful then wakin up before first lite, consumin some of the remedy, woop up a bucket of coffee and, enjoyin the awesome peace of the front porch.of course , i cant do that any more cause of DRUG TESTING .i use to couldnt wait for sat an sun mornin…damn near as good as sex! and many times…….! ha, made my whole week end. everything was awesome….dammit…we got to fix this thing folks! peace to you all.

    9. patrick says:

      🙂 noone makes songs about shooting up, make Marijuana legal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    10. David says:


      I looooooooooooove coffee and weed in the morning. This video, not so much (the rapping’s not that great), but I love a good wake ‘n bake.

      Why do I love this combo so much? The two substances work in synergy with each other. Coffee keeps me warm and alert while the weed keeps me happy and level headed, exactly where I want to be. It helps create the perfect mindset for me to start my day.

      It’s the warmest, fuzziest feel good feeling I know.