NORML Founder Keith Stroup on CNN’s Blogger Bunch discussing Obama DOJ memo on medical marijuana

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator October 21, 2009

    Video available at http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/living/2009/10/20/dcl.blog.pot.cnn?iref=videosearch

    63 responses to “NORML Founder Keith Stroup on CNN’s Blogger Bunch discussing Obama DOJ memo on medical marijuana”

    1. Dan Gibeau says:

      wow, that lady seemed to not get the point at all. this all seems way over her head. shes just worried that she will lose her job as a snake oil saleswoman.

    2. jerad says:

      Why did that woman get to talk for 2 to 3 minutes at a time when she was saying nothing but the same lies we’ve been told forever. I like how she got terrorism involved in the conversation, it’s nothing but lies. It’s time for people to stop believing this crap and do something about it.

    3. Aiki says:

      Too bad Mr. Stroup was cut off at the end. I had the same reaction! Bah!

    4. CKDK29 says:

      Good Video ,so now time to find some good seeds even though i live in iowa ,an no med card o well one plant wont hurt cuz its 4 me.Im not someone that would want 99 plants to me thats not for personal id be happy with 6 plants of the finest shit,yr after yr after yr

    5. Anonymous says:

      That woman is the only one living in a fantasy world. We aren’t trying to make the cartels pay taxes, we’re trying to eliminate them by creating an American market.

    6. Splntz says:

      Ms Fey, needs to be reminded of prohibition of alcohol, and how the criminal affect went away quickly after it was legalized.

    7. Justin says:

      wow that bitch was fucking annoying. Why did the person who knows fucking nothing get the most airtime?

    8. Matt says:

      Too bad they wouldnt let Kieth rebut at the end there, I am sure he was about to take the lady from PDFA to task for the 2 minutes of lies she told at the end there.

    9. corey says:

      It’s time one of these networks actually gives a full hour of debate because even after 15 minutes so many rebuttals that could have been used were left out. To say that the MEDICAL MARIJUANA DISPENSARIES are FUNDING MEXICAN TERRORISM is crazy, when is the last time a Mexican drug cartel blew up an American building, kidnapped kids from school or when has a dispensary sold marijuana to ‘children’….NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER. GOD DAMNIT. I completely agree that we need to prevent children from obtaining drugs of all types, defeat drug cartels and stop the grow houses. The only way to do so is to legalize and control where the source comes from. As the last 35+ years shows the current system of criminalization is a failure at doing so. How many more years and billions of dollars are we going to waste on a system that is corrupt and failed? Not to many because Americans are starting to realize the enept failure of such policies.

    10. jason says:

      thats bogus.. CNN 24 hr news. but not enough time. Why wont they just take that woman and make her support herself by having cnn do a fact check, and when someone is wrong, call them out on it. YOU ARE WRONG!