The Other ‘L’ Word: Lying

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director November 1, 2009

    Former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey “Lies” To Beat The Band About Cannabis…Then Again, What Else Is New?

    In the media rush to cover the DOJ memo on the Obama administration’s redirecting federal law enforcement efforts away from arresting and prosecuting state compliant medical cannabis providers CNN’s Lou Dobbs interviewed former Drug Czar Barry McCaffrey and Cato Institute’s Tim Lynch…

    Checkout Tim’s on-point rebuttal of McCaffrey’s usual double-speak, and that of others like blogger Joe Campbell, who’ve simply called out McCaffrey as, in Mr. Campbell’s view, “a liar”.

    Any long time observer of Mr. Caffrey’s m.o. when being interviewed is to tell some whoppers to an unquestioning media, but in these recent videos McCaffrey, again, wrongly claims that no one gets arrested for cannabis; no one goes to jail or prison for cannabis-related offenses; that he didn’t lose in the seminal case Conant vs McCaffrey; cannabis is de facto legal in the United States, etc…Geesh! I guess when the hundreds of cannabis consumers who call the toll-free number (888-67-NORML) or email NORML this week post arrest looking for legal information and assistance, we”ll just inform them, ‘Don’t you know, according to Barry McCaffrey, cannabis is de facto legal, and that you didn’t really get arrested.’

    Makes one wonder how honest and credible McCaffrey has been for the last nine years as a paid, on-air military consultant for NBC News when his track record for anti-pot prevarications (I’m in DC…and therefore not suppose to use the word ‘lie’) are so obviously refuted. If he’d so obviously twist the truth about cannabis, would he mislead an audience or interviewer about America’s military and defense contractors?

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    1. mntnman444 says:

      I have seen McCaffrey several times on MSNBC spouting his usual lies.Why do people keep saying the MSM is “liberal”??
      The MSM can’t even do one of their very rare stories on hemp without including a lame Cheech and Chong joke.And these clowns are supposed to be “investigative journalists”??

    2. D says:

      is it just me or does it seem that if we made Mj legal..say for 21 years old and up like alch. that all the dealers and gangs and fighting. like prohibition back in the day with alch. would turn into liqueur stores, beer distributors sports sponsorship….. INDUSTRY.

      on top of that if its not illegal to sell pot..why would a dealer& gang need to shoot rob steal or what ever it is they do that plants them in jail…

      it would A make them disappear or B turn them to a legit business operation and in turn stir up the economy

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    4. Eric Johnson says:

      Lok at how angry Mccaffery looks. He is beside himself with rage. he cannot put a full sentence together due to the contortios on his face.

      I’d love to see him profiled on that fox show following House, called, “lie to me.”

      How would have a terrific time exposing McCaffrey is the liar that he is. But what truly needs to happen is that the press in interviews like this needs to stop him assertion by assertion or sentence by sentence and literally parse these assertions and sentences, demanding that he produced or quote proof. It was obvious to see how angry McCaffrey was versus how cool and calm the other two people were.

      These are the two were matter-of-fact, pragmatic, practitioners, while McCaffrey has been a paid spokesperson for drug prohibition.

      When he says, “drug legalization… we are not going to do it…” he is in a fantasy world. The United Nations drug office is obviously on its way out, as its bureaucrats are thrashing about in press releases, as they languish in New York with diplomatic immunity while the rest of us have to pay our parking tickets, instead of being in the hellholes from which they come, claiming that we must have drug prohibition worldwide, we must have it, we must have it, it must have it, I must have it, ad infinitum ad nauseam, which is interestingly enough exactly what McCaffrey seems to say.

      The only thing, for example, that the Brown government in the UK has been able to do is to symbolically reclassify cannabis as an arrestable offense, even as in the run-up to do this, each and every member practically of the Brown cabinet incoming had to admit to and apologize for their cannabis use in college including Jacqui Smith the home Sec. now disgraced because of abuse of her expense declarations as home Sec., when cannabis was a class B. offense which is what she was charged with doing this since the Brown Cabinet came to office.

      Both Brown and Smith and the daily Mail lied, simply lied about the increased potency and increased use while making up an alleged link to, “psychosis,” and, “psychotic illness,” and, “schizophrenia,” which simply does not exist in the way they were intimating in their campaign, which was something they had to do because Brown hates cannabis. He comes from Scotland and the Scottish law enforcement apparatus hates cannabis.

      The Brown government did this despite three examinations of the subject by the very prestigious ACMD, council of scientists charged with giving the government advice about drugs, in the preceding five years indicating the cannabis indeed should be downgraded to a non-arrestable offense, and that it should stay that way against the Brown government’s wishes.

      Further indication of insanity with respect to politicians and their spokespeople like McCaffrey and her minions like Smith and drugs policy is that after this intensely speedy reclassification of cannabis which was entirely symbolic because the police in most areas of the country are going to remain lenient to the extent they can. In other words drug policy with respect to cannabis has in fact changed in the UK despite the Brown government’s wishes and actions.

      And God knows what Barry McCaffrey is doing right now except for being a paid consultant who doesn’t like marijuana. Remember he made medical marijuana patients remain fodder in the war on drugs during his period of time in office, also against the pleading advice of those underneath him.

      And when Barry McCaffrey talks about arrests, he very carefully indicates only the federal system, whereas we know most arrests for possession are made by local officials in various states, as the various drug laws are mostly state matters.

      So he can in fact deny that there are nearly 775,000 people arrested every year for the last 16 years, or since 1993, when he came into office, arrested on to possession of marijuana charges alone.

      Those people in the state systems.

      He talks about Marinol, recognizing that it doesn’t work very well, but not recognizing that Marinol is not equal to cannabis.

      But the overwhelming thing to recognize which is significant about these clips here McCaffrey is how absolutely full of rage and anger he is. This man realizes the war has been lost, and he has been one of the main strategists for the war. He selected medical marijuana is the focal point to get rid of, and look what’s happened… it’s gone from California’s proposition 215 in 1996 to 14 states and several more coming up. He lost. He lost big. That means they lost. That means they are all very very unhappy in their little meetings where they drink booze probably now in order to console themselves.

      I just wonder how Barry McCaffrey knows that we will never legalize drugs? 15 years ago the situation in California was unimaginable. Five years ago debate about cannabis legalization within the California legislature, which happened this week, would have been unimaginable. Five years ago, a citizen initiative on the ballot was a concept. Today assuming that enough people sign the petition, this is reality.

      As recently as a year ago flying with your medical cannabis was difficult, dangerous, risky, and nearly impossible. Today the TSA, transportation security administration, has a policy that properly documented medical marijuana patients will not be harassed.

      so it’s easy to see why McCaffrey would be angry, why the UN drug office officials feel so threatened for their jobs, as people are actively even speaking of the existence of a single conventions on narcotics, and whether or not they’re a good idea. Active questioning of undying allegiance to prohibition is a huge part of the world debate at this point, which is why or at least one reason why governments hate the Internet so much… news organizations too. The BBC, for example, is a strictly prohibitionist organization and does not want prohibitionist ideas to be discarded and prohibitionist ideologues out of office, any office, from dog catcher to federal water master to the UN secretary general

    5. devildog4 says:

      McCaffrey is a lying PIG!!!

    6. TheOracle says:

      I know that McCaffrey lies through his teeth. He has lied on television about cannabis since he has been drug czar so he has no credibility. I haven’t believed anything he has said. I don’t know why they bother to have him on anymore.

    7. R.O.E. says:

      De facto legal, is he seriously that stupid to think we believe that shit? Come on down to my town McCaffery , I got a number of friends that would like to talk to you. I have a number of friends whos lives have been ruined by an arrest of very small amounts of cannabis. Pull your head outta your ass McCaffery and stop the LIES!

      And this crap of saying the feds dont harrass med cannabis patients…WTF! Havent your heard of Television or internet? People like you have no buisness in government of any kind.

      So what else have you told bold face lies about over the years McCaffery? Any thing concerning military?

      The day you disappear from public view the better.

    8. jason says:

      great final comment. although 24/7/365 news still cannot probe long enough. Wow ever since JonStuart made that script, and we’ll leave it there.

      But, all drugs are currently unregulated and that is bad for police and the live or whatever he said… That is profound! Nice job given the horrible free speech media.

    9. mr reuben says:

      “Intellectual dishonesty” I’ve noticed McCaffrey uses that slogan all the time now.

    10. mr reuben says:

      And as for the second video. 200 kg or more my ass. In my state an ounce or more can get you a federal conviction.