NORML SHOW LIVE from Oregon NORML’s Cannabis Café TONIGHT

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator November 21, 2009

    NORML SHOW LIVE provides you with exclusive access to Oregon’s world-famous Cannabis Café, this Saturday Night from 6pm-8pm Pacific.

    Cafe Logo

    You’ve read about it on the Reuters wire, New York Times, the Times of London, and even Al Jazeera, USA Today, and the Associated Press will be bringing you the story soon, but only “Radical” Russ can get you inside the first café exclusively for Oregon’s 21,000 medical marijuana cardholders.

    Madeline Martinez from Oregon NORML and the NORML Board joins us to describe how her vision of a cannabis café has become a reality. We also speak to the patients in the café enjoying cannabis liberty in a way few outside Amsterdam enjoy.

    We’ve upgraded to the latest 4G WiMax wireless technology to bring you the best remote audio possible from the café.  Cannabis Karri will be screening your calls from back in the studio and Cousin Kenny will take your questions online via our live chat window.

    It’s two hours of live talk radio from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. Hosted by “Radical” Russ Belville, NORML SHOW LIVE features a recap of the week’s top stories in medical marijuana, consumer cannabis, and industrial hemp; interviews with the top cannabis activists, politicians, scientists, doctors, actors, musicians, and comedians; and your calls live at 347-994-1810.

    35 responses to “NORML SHOW LIVE from Oregon NORML’s Cannabis Café TONIGHT”

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    2. A rope leash says:

      Ya know what NORML? Ya know what you are forgetting?


      Pot is a really good aphrodisiac. You should make more of this fact. Maybe doctors could prescribe weed for sexual dysfunction. You’re trying to sell the world on the logic of legalizing weed, right? What sells better than sex?

      Come on. Sex it up a little. Once people get it in their minds that pot makes sex better, nothing will stop the legalization train.

      Think about it.

    3. R.O.E. says:

      Man you guys rock. Online cafe cannabis talk. Whoo hoo…times are changing.

    4. General-Jake says:

      Im a jealous s.o.b. Hope you guys enjoy smokin your love in a way i can only dream about…. bastards.

    5. fla activist says:

      im really hopin that this building is plenty big enough cause, it is goin to get reeeaaaal busy in there..ha…awesome!

    6. Deff Shepard says:

      to #2 a rope leash

      this is true, but you have to be careful on how you present it. We want to have adult discussions about marijuana, but unfortunately, there are a lot of people who can’t take things like sex seriously. even though sex is a natural and healthy part of life, some people just can’t bare to talk about it.

      smoking marijuana has allowed me to see sex as a special and beautiful thing and not just a random act to seek satisfaction.

      So I agree with you, but we just need to be careful about it

    7. Responsible Advocate says:

      you know , i agree about the sex sells part. weed does get me more in the mood, plus i feel more zoned in on everything about my lady. try it out norml.

    8. ripvanwienkle says:

      NORMALE i been a member off and on since 1974 or erlyer the first time i was framed i was asked to role a joint out of the narks bag a pot i got 3 years in the 70 s now in louisiana there using the same illeagle fram up s to entrap smoker s only there using two people as there needs to be a wittness this is so derty i moved to a new state that has mistormener posesion laws as i was framed 8 years a go in a elaboret scam run by calf cops i was first busted at 13 by a best friend turned rat ill send money when i can but i dont think standing up for our wrights will put any more heat on us buy wearing t shets ex cetera as MADD rats on everybody not just drunks an i dont like drunk drivers nor wemon sticking there noses in my ass at the store the speed freeks caused most of our trouble as did coak addicts there is a new drug problem called synthetic s the coumpound prescribed drugs an methadone desrow peoples blood organs and mind there s no cat scan deteryeration from pot as i been studying and corecting my ill health from synthetics i have vary important information in mic ro biolagy i sent to dpa allready organics wount help if there is a synthetic berreyers in a persons blood thuse ill health it does take a synthetic acid to brake doun the berryers then a good diet will work it would take too much space to explain now but will keep in touch at age 8-9 i was assalted in the head and pot was the only thing i could get as the docktors didnt want me addicted erly in life they also didnt want me pain free ither

    9. ripvanwienkle says:

      as for sex and drugs most addicts that use hard drugs leave there mate for anyone who has the hard stuff when there mate only smokes smokers need to stay in colaberation and refrain from methamfetamines and coakain as it will destroy your mind body and love where pot holds us together ripvanwienkle

    10. Oh , i found it . You seemed to have moved it but , other posts have been deleted .

      Anyways , the Drug Pusher ” Gene Burns ” so far this morning has not has his Saturday show on KGO Radio ( San Francisco )pushing the consumption of Alcoholic
      beverages .

      This sends the wrong message to Children .

      He did still do another advertisement for Brandy at about 8:30 A:M:

      He calls Marijuana a D-R-U-G in a demeaning way . I can almost hear him ” snicker ” as he says the word D-R-U-G .

      Please keep your calls and emails up to KGO Radio of San Francisco ( found online ) . If we can save the life or the neglect & abuse of even one Child from an alcoholic drunk our effects will be worth it .

      Thankyou .