World Record Set By United States Marijuana Patient

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director November 21, 2009

    November 20, 2009 Irvin Rosenfeld, a Florida stockbroker, set the world record for the consumption of cannabis cigarettes.

    The United States federal government has supplied Rosenfeld and three other US citizens for decades with a smokable cannabis medicine. Irv Rosenfeld has received his medicine for 27 years and is the longest known cannabis patient.

    One of four patients intensely tested  in 2001 by Patients Out of Time as part of the “Missoula Study” Irv was found to be in excellent health for a man of his age. All physiological systems were examined by neutral investigators since the US federal government had never required or requested such a complete overview to discover the efficacy of the plant product they were medically administering under the “Compassionate New Drug Program”of the FDA.

    Irv will consume his number one hundred and fifteen thousand  “joint” or marijuana cigarette sometime on November 20, 2009. All 115,000 cigarettes have been prescribed by US federally approved medical doctors from cannabis plants grown at the University of Mississippi in a test location and prepared for consumption in the research triangle area of North Carolina.

    Speaking as a cannabis patient and Director of the cannabis patient advocacy organization Patients Out of Time Irv stated, “I cannot fathom the reluctance of my federal government to allow the use of medical cannabis for the sick and dying of the US. My experience of use, the calming of my negative symptoms, that has allowed me to be a useful, contributing member of society must be extended to all the ill based on the judgment of medical professionals and not guided or restrained by the dictates of law enforcement who have no empathy for the ill nor the education to appropriately enter into doctor-patient relationships and treatment options.”

    115,000 and counting. When do the sick not named Rosenfeld, receive their cannabis medicine?

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    1. Robert Lee says:

      Hello Irv, how are you buddy? I got a problem I have multiple sclerosis/seizures and marijuana is the only medicine that has helped me in the last 15 yrs!
      When is our goverment gonna stop the suffering of all us people who marijuana helps??I really got a dilema here in Ohio because not even the goverment will at least let us have no rights to the herb!What are they scared of that more people will wake up and know we are right?Maybe put the pharm. companys out of business?? I do not care about that ,all i care about is living with a quality of life that marijuana brought back to me!! 🙂 Please write back if you can,It would mean so much to me!!

    2. James says:

      Ive said it once ill say it again, Irv is the MAN

    3. Don says:

      Our own Government has Been protecting Big Pharmacy and Health Industries long enough, Glad to see the truth is finally coming out, Should NOT have taken this long though, Now that the AMA has changed it`s position, It is NOW time to put pressure on those that can make final Legalization Happen,The SAFEST and most Useful Herb on the face of our Planet needs to be put to good use. Groups are already pushing for Eco-Friendly Hemp Building materials,Insulation and Concrete “Hempcrete”.
      Let`s keep pushing!

    4. fla activist says:

      does irv get a buzz from so many bones a day? if this herb comes from the government, they have done something to alter it? if i huffed all that herb,well, i just could not even imagine how chewy id be….glad your in good shape irv man! burn some for us.

    5. Mike says:

      If you were a minority black or hispanic you surely would have never been allowed to have your medicine. I’m amazed that minorities in this country don’t revolt!

    6. Winder says:

      Mr. Rosenfeld is a walking, talking billboard for the efficacy of marijuana to effectively allay the symptoms of a particularly painful, potentially paralyzing or life-threatening malady.

      While his condition is rare, patients with a plethora of diseases who obtain significant relief from their debilitating symptoms are not rare at all…

      The anecdotal evidence of literally hundreds of thousands of people in pain and otherwise suffering the world over who report significant relief from its use, and empirical evidence from more than 17,000 studies indicating cannabis’ potential for medicinal applications, are there for us all to see.

      Yet the ONDCP, DEA, NIDA, FDA (but not the AMA, hurray!) et al still stubbornly cling to misguided, outdated, distorted facts; dis- and mis-information regarding this helpful herb with so many benefits to humanity. We’ve been blindfolded and lied to for decades by our own government.

      When will (this) government admit that smoking marijuana helps thousands of people to cope with a multitude of maladies? They say because the smoke is toxic, but that’s debatable. Sure, vaporization is safer (and less odorous), but not everyone can afford a vaporizer. Consuming edible preparations is another viable, yet relatively more expensive option…

      Just a few puffs brings instant relief to so many –it’s hard to ignore the simple fact that IT WORKS! And no serious side-effects, like with most of the legal pharmaceutically available options for treatment.

      Moneys saved from simply not arresting and prosecuting innocent people for mere possession of our safest alternative to alcohol and tobacco could be used far more productively in treatment programs for those with addictions to substances which actually kill people (like alcohol and tobacco).

      Marijuana has, in its 10,000 year history of human interaction, not killed ANYONE.

      The stigma associated with cannabis use, that stems from outdated discriminatory rhetoric and persists to this day due to corrupt lobbying (i.e., back-room political payoffs from pharmaceutical, petro-chemical, prison industrial complex and other big business interests who fear loss of market share) is slowly eroding. Persons of integrity like Mr. Rosenfeld are bravely speaking out to hasten the process.

      But, we all have our part to do. — Research the history of marijuana prohibition yourself. Talk to friends and neighbors about what can and should be done to end this senseless oppressive prohibition which exposes our youth and our senior citizens in pain, and anyone else who tries to buy what could and should be a legitimate commodity, to the dangerous underbelly of society.

      Prohibition is itself the “gateway” to other drugs in this manner: the very fact that marijuana is illegal puts its full control in the hands of the violent and unscrupulous dealers of heroin, meth, crack, LSD, ecstasy, and on and on.

      When we (officially) separate this plant from these dangerous chemicals, we remove the harms associated with it that face our children and anyone else who tries to buy marijuana from black-market dealers. We will also deprive violent drug gangs of more than half of their funding for further criminal enterprises by this remarkably simple step.

      Besides exposure to actual deadly narcotic drugs, being forced to seek out a comparatively benign substance (marijuana) from unregulated and potentially violent street dealers subjects non-violent cannabis consumers to arrest, incarceration, and a life-time criminal record. The incarceration part can be the most harmful of all, as we all know what can happen in jail and in prison to anyone unlucky enough to find themselves in such a predicament.

      We have, as adults, a basic constitutionally provided freedom to decide what we put into our bodies.

      Stand up, speak out, and re-establish our hold on this, one of the most basic of freedoms, before our government squashes the rest of our rights.

      Thanks Irv, you are an inspiration and righteous role model for us all. Our founding fathers would approve of your dedication and devotion to a plant that they urged Americans to sow and reap with impunity.

      Our new president has a chance to lead the world into a new era of true transparency; to break the chains of ignorance, and tear down this wall of repression that is the modern-day prohibition of marijuana.

      Mr. Obama: Tear down this wall!
      (This IS an appropriate analogy, considering the more than 20 million otherwise innocent Americans who have been arrested for simply possessing marijuana)

    7. David says:

      Irv is living proof that cannabis does a body good!

    8. General-Jake says:

      We need more guys like this. So hes been tokin for only only 2 years less than ive been alive and his overall health is 100 percent? Sweeeeet. Damn government cant nay-say the facts now

    9. cannabis is safer than adderall says:

      I have been diagnosed with adhd for over 30 years and have been on ritlin, adderall and etc. In all those years and through all of those meds the only thing that seems to work for me is cannabis, which was discovered accidentally when I was 12.When you consider the side effects of those prescribed drugs versus cannabis it is clear which is the least dangerous. Unfortunately I can not use it due to the laws and my job. Luckily, I was able to get away with using it in college and I am sure it is why I graduated with honors and numerous awards. I can only hope that the Feds start allowing some clinical trials or something with cannabis and hopefully I can be one of the test patients for the positive effects it has on adhd. I do think we are moving in the right direction as compared to just a few years back when the stigma of cannabis was generally still negative. Many thanks to Norml and the others who have worked so hard to educate others and bring to light the positive effects of this natural herb.

    10. MarsVolta says:

      What negative side affects did you encounter. Has it affected your job. You have been smoking legally for 27 years. Could that ease of frustration given to you by smoking weed, be caused by the familiar comfort of routine and habbit? Do you not think you would be a better Stock broker if you were not a pot smoker?