This Thursday: US Senate Committee To Debate Reevaluating The Drug War!

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director November 30, 2009


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    This Thursday, December 3, members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee will debate Senate Bill 714, The National Criminal Justice Commission Act of 2009. The time and location of the hearing are available here.

    Senate Bill 714 will establish a `National Criminal Justice Commission’ to “undertake a comprehensive review of the criminal justice system … and make reform recommendations for the President.” The lead sponsor of this measure, Democrat Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, has remarked that this review ought to include a “very careful examination of all aspects of drug policy. … I think everything should be on the table.”

    It’s been many years since a federally appointed commission has taken an objective look at American criminal justice policies, and it’s been nearly 40 years since federal lawmakers have undertaken a critical examination of U.S. marijuana policy.  Please take time today to urge your United States senators to support Senate Bill 714. If your senators sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, then it is especially important that that they hear from you.  For your convenience, a pre-written letter will be e-mailed to your members of Congress when you enter your contact information here.

    After you have written your senators, please take a moment to write or call Sen. Webb and thank him for raising this important issue.  You may contact him here.

    Thank you for assisting NORML’s federal law reform efforts.

    127 responses to “This Thursday: US Senate Committee To Debate Reevaluating The Drug War!”

    1. Stephen says:

      This is amazing news.

    2. gnosisistic says:

      thanks for the heads up and making this convenient 🙂

      [Paul Armentano responds: You’re welcome. On a related note, the Pennsylvania legislature will be holding their first ever hearing on medical marijuana this Wednesday. They will be
      broadcast/webcast by the PCN network. Visit Philly NORML for all the info.]

    3. RevRayGreen says:

      set the ganja prisoners FREE FOREVER !!!!!!

    4. steveyboy says:

      Da, How many idiots does it take to screw up a light bulb ? Hmmm , betcha they find even more ways to oppress and control us ! How many E-ons do we debate this ! They aint listening ! Remember this war ! And they aint winning ! Smoke on yaul !

    5. chuck says:

      maybe its finally going to happen. it sure has taken damn long enough for our government to realize there is something wrong with our criminal justice system. who knows maybe they will get around to updating education in the next decade.

    6. James Crosby says:


      It’s happening! I hope this goes well! Thanks for the report!!

    7. Phil E. Drifter says:


      Don’t come here until AFTER you’ve already told them what you want! They’re YOUR employees! You’re the boss, YOU tell them what to do!

    8. Dan says:

      We are making history as we know it. Keep it up NORML!

    9. Jon says:

      1st smile I have had on my face all day!!!! Thanx so much for keeping us updated

    10. MatterofLiberty says:

      While I know this wont result in legal cultivation or even possesion of Cannabis, I do hope that maybe a national decriminalization could be a potential outcome of this. I think if this happens it would go a long way in helping our cause. Many many many people who consume Cannabis wont speak up about it because they are afraid of negative consequences to their job/property/liberty. But if these same people are only subject to a fine and no chance of jail time, I think we will start to see people coming out in droves to help support Norml and the like!!!