It’s Ladies Night at NORML SHOW LIVE as we discuss “Women & Marijuana”

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator December 11, 2009

    This weekend on NORML SHOW LIVE, we take a look at the rising influence of women in the movement to end adult marijuana prohibition. In 2009, the Gallup poll found the support for legalization of marijuana among women rose by a whopping 12% in just four years! We’ll examine the trends that are causing women in greater numbers than ever before to support marijuana law reform.

    Medical marijuana has certainly been part of the trend. We’ll visit with Dr. Julie Holland, author of the New York Times bestseller “Weekends at Bellevue”, her tale of nine years working in the psychiatric emergency room of the famous New York Hospital. Dr. Holland has been an effective advocate for medical marijuana recently on the NBC Today show.

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    Then we speak to Mieko Hester-Perez, a recent guest of Diane Sawyer’s on Good Morning America. Ms. Hester-Perez talks about the miracle medical marijuana has provided for her severely autistic son and the complications of treating him with a very controversial medicine.

    We continue the discussions, looking beyond medical marijuana and into the so-called “Stiletto Stoner” phenomenon of young professional women who prefer marijuana over martinis when it comes to socializing and relaxing. We also cover the increasing number of mothers who are calling for an end to prohibition as a means of protecting their children from the harms of an unregulated black market.

    Our panel of NORML Women from coast to coast includes:

    These accomplished women will tell us why they’ve decided to join NORML and why other women should, too.

    You can hear the show live this Saturday night, from 6pm-8pm Pacific Time (9pm-11pm Eastern) by visiting http://live.norml.org or by clicking this player. You can also listen on your mobile phone and ask your questions to the panel by calling 347-994-1810.

    37 responses to “It’s Ladies Night at NORML SHOW LIVE as we discuss “Women & Marijuana””

    1. not drinking the kool-aid says:

      Excellent. Thank you for the video

    2. claygooding says:

      Now that more closet tokers are coming forward,the polls say over 1/2 of the American public favor legalization,not decriminalization but legalization of marijuana. I believe that the number of tokers in this country is actually much higher than even the government estimates,which could be propaganda or some of their skewed statistics they are famous for. I’m sure the ONDCP wouldn’t want Americans knowing if the majority of Americans already smoke pot. It is going to tear up their budget when they lose marijuana as their whipping post.

    3. fla activist says:

      seemed to be a decent interview. we need lots of those decent reviews about regular, normal people who use canabis responsibly. thanks to the people of norml for continuing to step out for the cause!

    4. General-Jake says:

      Hey NORML i was discussing the whole stilletto stoner topic with my wife and we believe more accomplished intelligennt women need to sound off. So my proposal is this: my wife is EXTREMLY hot. Im not just sayin that either im literally the envy of my friends. (hella smart and a good mother too.) so if norml will fly us and pay for hotel you guys can take as many pro-marijuana bikini pics you want. (if i can talk her into some topless ones thatd be good for our cause too.) Golden skin, beautiful eyes, perfect body and very well read! The beer guys sell WAY more beer with their hotties and we can sway many minds with a fine honey holdin a bong and a legalize it sign. Think about it…..

      [Russ responds: Tell ya what, General, send in a few non-topless pics to stash ‘at’ norml.org and we’ll post your better half as Marijuana Mom of the Month. 😉 ]

    5. Kat says:

      I agree with this guy above me. You need hot, smart women give me a call. I’ll pose with a bong (:

    6. General-Jake says:

      Russ it would be an honor. She just got home from work and i showed her the reponse and youll have a pic a.s.a.p.

    7. Xandra says:

      The more people have the courage to step forward and say “I’m a responsible user,” the more likely it is that the stigma associated with marijuana use by responsible adults will be eliminated. Our behavior proves the plant is non-toxic and a boon.

    8. Kayla says:

      Hey I love this article it brings a new light onto pot smoking in general. I’m not a business woman or anything like that,but none the less I am a woman that loves to smoke at the end of the day. I think the next venture should be mothers that smoke. Dealing with the kids, cleaning the house, making dinner, tending to thier husband, just the everyday things that most mothers do. I think it would be a great piece that a lot of other women would enjoy.

    9. Jed The head says:

      I absolutely love the idea of marijuana mom of the month. How many candidates do you have so far? An online video interview would be great. They could explain why they think it is so important to repeal cannabis prohibition. The more of these intelligent, honest and wonderful women we here from the better.

    10. LeaOne says:

      Really excited to hear Mieko. Her story took a piece of my heart when I heard it awhile back. Wonderful news for her son and on the other hand better news for her. Can anyone who doesn’t have an autistic child imagine the relief and loss of stress now in her life?