Where is America’s Cannabis Capital?

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 22, 2009

    Because of the numerous media reports and typical Hollywood hype many close observers would immediately place the city of Los Angeles as America’s cannabis capital. Or maybe they’d guess that ever-cannabis tolerant San Francisco must be it. Possibly, ‘Oaksterdam’?

    But, they’d be wrong.

    Based on the size of the populations and number of reported medical cannabis dispensaries by each city’s respective City Council, America’s cannabis capital is….drum roll please….

    Los Angeles – 1,000 dispensaries for a population of 9,862,049 = 1 dispensary per 9,862 people

    Denver – 198 dispensaries for a population of 598,707 = 1 dispensary per 3,023 people

    98 responses to “Where is America’s Cannabis Capital?”

    1. James says:

      always knew it was called Mile “High” for a reason, go Denver!

    2. marc G. says:

      im from, the los angeles area but ill go with that. respect to Denver

    3. CannabisTV says:

      Awesome. We need to expand the number of states with dispensaries, including Oregon’s I-28 bill. Check out info and videos about cannabis and hemp at CannabisTV.org

    4. Ben says:

      *insert obligatory “mile-high city” pun here*

    5. Alcohol sales are down .

      See ; ” five thirty eight Politics done right ; Beer no longer “……

      In particular beer with revenues being slashed by a whopping 14% percent . Instead of telling you the TRUTH that Marijuana usage is increasing ar record levels they will tell you lies . They will say things like ” that’s because breweries are increasing their prices ” ( lies )or they will say ” there is now a shortage of hops ” . They will tell you everything but the ,
      ………………….TRUTH .

      It seems like they love their lies .

      Driving accidents are also decreasing & they will say this or that is the reason why but , what they WILL NOT tell you is the TRUTH . Marijuana , although i am not advocating nor have i ever advocated it’s use since some people can react differently to being under the influence , can actually make you a better driver by decreasing aggression levels .

      Increasing Cannabis usage is also a factor in decreasing drunk driving use putting better drivers on the road . In other words Marijuana does not make you a ” drunk driver “.
      Ever heard of someone ” driving under the influence of marijuana ” ?
      WE all know what driving under the influence of Alcohol is . It is a danger to yourself and others .

      So now we have decreasing violent crime rates , less drunk drivers on the road resulting in fewer accidents & fatalities . As a result of better drivers on the road insurance rates will utimately decrease putting more of that money into your pocket .Henceforth – Less lawsuits resulting in savings to insurance Companies .

      What you will do with that extra money is buy things . This increases
      productivity and manufacturing of goods which increases employment .

      THE TRUTH DOCTOR has already told you that D.A.T. is the real force behing Marijuana prohibition and i told you these things in advance .

      Jerry Droz THE TRUTH DOCTOR

    6. T-bone pickens says:

      man ive been telling everyone that denver was the pot capital for ever! they always said no way its cali bro! but i am right! hahahaha!

    7. Adam says:

      The great city of Denver…Im so proud to be born there.

    8. Get the message out says:

      Well, I’m sure this article was correct when it was written. However, the population probably grew to three times this overnight and tied with San Francisco afetr the publication of this article.

    9. Get the message out says:

      I can spell “after”..but my fingers didn’t get the memo.

    10. Brandon says:

      Yea! way to go CO! born and raised with CO pride! we are leading the charge against this modern day prohibition. Legalize and regulate.