CBS News: “Pot Measure One Step Closer To California Ballot”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director January 29, 2010

    As a general rule, NORML tends not to publicize or comment on ballot initiative drives — including campaigns we are involved in — until they have officially qualified for the ballot. But in this case, we (and the mainstream media) just couldn’t resist.

    Pot Measure One Step Closer to California Ballot
    via CBS.com

    An initiative to make marijuana legal, and open to local taxation and regulation, is one step closer to getting on the California ballot this November.

    Backers of the initiative on Thursday turned in nearly 700,000 signatures to state officials to place the measure on the state ballot, according to reports — far more than the 433,971 valid signatures required. California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has until June 24 to certify the initiative, the Sacramento Bee reports.

    The measure, if approved by voters, would allow anyone over 21 years old to possess up to an ounce of marijuana or grow plants within a limited space for personal use. It would also allow local jurisdictions to tax and regulate it.

    [Author’s Note: There is a clause in the initiative that allows for municipalities, if they desire to do so, to establish regulations governing the retail distribution and sale of cannabis. Personal, non-commercial possess or cultivation of marijuana would not be subject to taxation under this initiative.]

    … An April Field Poll found that 56 percent of California voters supported legalizing marijuana, and Mark DiCamillo, the poll’s director, said the initiative had a 50 percent chance of passing, the Los Angeles Times reports.

    Next week, proponents of a statewide measure to legalize medical marijuana in South Dakota will also turn in signatures to the Secretary of State’s office to place the proposal on the November 2010 ballot. Petitioners claim that they possess nearly twice the number of signatures necessary to qualify for the ballot.

    Separate ballot drives are under way in several other states, including Washington and Oregon.

    75 responses to “CBS News: “Pot Measure One Step Closer To California Ballot””

    1. Cameron says:

      Let my people go!

    2. Joshua says:

      you guys keep me happy!

    3. A. N. says:

      Here we go! The kettle is starting to overflow! Cross your fingers, because once California goes the rest of the west coast will quickly follow. And once people realize that what they have been lead to believe would happen by their own government isn’t going to happen after all, things are going to change all over the country very quickly.

      Now only if the secretary of state for Washington State would assign a number to the marijuana initiative pending there! Feet have been dragging . . . . . http://www.sos.wa.gov/elections/initiatives/people.aspx

      I am personally rooting for Washington to be the first to take a commonsensical approach to marijuana, but we’ll see! Those who feel their careers depend on prohibition but would never admit it seem to have a loud voice these days.

    4. AZ Too!!! says:

      AND IN ARIZONA!!!! We have almost twice as many signatures as required to get MMJ on the ballot in November, also. This time… WE’RE DOING IT RIGHT!!!

    5. Just me says:

      Its QUICKLY becoming political suicide NOT to support drug law reform. Its only going to take ONE state to ignore federal law, then the dominos will fall hard and fast.

    6. Just me says:

      People need to know…We as states..can through out our laws that comply with federal laws. thats the beauty of our constitution folks. Fedral laws and government is nothing without our support (states). We give them power , if so desired , we can just as easily take that power away. Just think about it. where do they get their funds to operate? US, via tax laws. If all states ignored tax laws , they would stop functioning. That just one example . The same can happen with prohibition. They can’t arrest everyone under their federal law , they dont have the funds ,man power or space. Nor would the states react well to OUR laws being violated.

      I just have one question for our federal government…At what point will you give in and just remove the prohibition on cannabis and work with us, WE THE PEOPLE, on something much more sensablie than ruin our people..our country…?

      You in the federal government know all too well…the only ones making money off drugs are the drug dealers/cartels/terrorists…and yes…law enforcesment and those connected with law enforcement. The rest of the country is paying the price of your profits.

      The people are learning real fast , seeing your hypocrasy . Federal government..Do you want to be respected by the people or do you want to FEAR the people? The choice is yours…We CAN make you impotent.

    7. Anonymous says:

      Is the certification by the California Secretary of State the final step that needs to be taken for this measure to end up on the ballot ?

    8. CannabisTV says:

      This is a good sign. The tide is turning and we need to pickup speed in this new direction.

      Share the great information about cannabis and hemp by having friends, family, and potential MMJ patients check out the Cannabis TV website at CannabisTV.org

    9. P.O.W says:

      We need reform in indiana, but i admire those states that are working to give thier citizens more of the freedoms of choice that all americans deserve. Im temped to move to a better state (when Im not a POW anymore), but I know that Indiana needs people to work on making the changes it’s citizens well deserve, and abolish our outlandish/ ludicris laws. Everybody remember it takes everyones effort to change the worlds propaganda based veiws. Keep doind what your doing.

    10. ray says:

      I think the only way to legalize is for the people to vote for it. We might get a few minor victories like the one recently in California but I think in the long run politicians won’t have the balls to do it on their own.