Scientific Survey: Ever Been In the Military? Ever Used Cannabis?

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director February 1, 2010

    If you’re a veteran from any era and have some time to answer questions about your experiences, your input could be a huge help.

    A survey from Dr. Mitch Earleywine, a member of the NORML Advisory Board, addresses cannabis, military experiences, and a whole lot more. Responses are completely anonymous and there’s a chance to win gift certificates from Amazon.com.

    Check out the survey here.

    77 responses to “Scientific Survey: Ever Been In the Military? Ever Used Cannabis?”

    1. Brandon Boucher says:

      just filled this out. good survey. hit a lot of good points!

    2. rick browder says:

      i was in air force.went to alaska in 1981.when i got there everyone smoked pot.there was 2 plants growing outside the door to our shop on base.you could smell it walking down hallways in dorms.then reagans policys took effect and everyone starting narcing on eachother to stay out of jail.I was one of the ones that someone narced on then i was sent for pee test.6weeks later came back pos.i was a buck sargent so they booted me out .

    3. Gail2fish says:

      A note about the forgotten veterans from Desert Storm…no big programs, no thanks, no special concerns or benefits. They just followed orders and are a missing component of those who deserve honor and recognition. Just sayin’.

    4. Jared says:

      I have just taken the survey, and best of luck to making this pass. I, as a vetran, need to have this due to damage and mental issues the MILITARY will not help out with. Thank you for what you do and good luck…

    5. Spencer says:

      Hey guys, help us out by voting for ‘Legalize Recreational Use of Marijuana’ in change.org’s 2nd annual ideas competition. Let’s have this idea win every year until the day that it’s finally LEGALIZED!


      may your minds be free

    6. Lies Even in the Instructions! says:

      Lies Even in the Instructions!

      Seems the Gov. Lies Even in the Instructions!

      I was looking just curious about the questions.

      They say you don’t have to answer a question if you don’t want too but it won’t let you to the third page of questions if you don’t answer.
      How amped up you are right now? UGH should have known!

      The US Gov Lies and ALL sub branches of the Gov. Are For Profit Corporations!

    7. somedood says:

      My military career was ended for cannabis use. Sucked. Seems like if it should of been ended for anything it shoulda been alcohol…

    8. High, Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

    9. runlevel says:

      i love that pic


    10. Tony Montuori says:

      I took the Scientific Survey: Ever Been In the Military? Ever Used Cannabis?

      I can’t use in my state, Florida and I used rearly in the military in fear of being drug tested. However, throughout my life when I did use marijuana it greatly assisted my bipolar, PTSD, ADHD and anexity / panic disorders. Thank you.