National Pot Radio

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director February 11, 2010

    Want more proof of mainstream media paying closer attention to cannabis prohibition?

    Check out not one but two interesting National Public Radio programs that feature stories looking at aspects of cannabis prohibition:

    Jorge Cervantes ‘comes out’ of his smokey closet on NPR’s Tell Me More. Jorge gives a frank and honest interview about his life as a best-selling cannabis cultivating author and traveling the world reseaching the cannabis plant.

    Planet Money’s David Kestenbaum takes a second look at cannabis in a week (‘Stoned Economist‘ was last week’s offering) when he tries to figure out ‘how can an ounce of pot cost $1,200?‘.

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    1. J. Shaffer says:

      Even Reader’s Digest is getting into it (sort of).

      There is feature called, “Outrageous,” and in the March 2010 issue, it is titled “Terror in the House,” too many cops are breaking down the wrong doors in their quest for arrests.

      The first example is Cheye Calvo & family. . . also mentioned is Kathryn Johnston. . . and others. . .

      Alas, they don’t come to the obvious conclusion – this is an artifact of the Drug War. But at least knowledge of the abuses has reached the more-or-less mainstream media. . .

    2. Dizzle says:

      Marijuana reform is very much at hand. It is especially close in Washington state where Sensible Washington has filed an initiative I-1068 to remove ALL penalties for possession, sale, and cultivation of marijuana.


      Check it out and support your vanguards on the fight to repel marijuana prohibition. If you’ve got digg, stumbleupon, reddit, ect. please add the site and vote it up.

      If you’ve got facebook here are some more simple ways to show support,

      Sensible Washington(Fan Page): http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sensible-Washington/250965900741?ref=mf

      I Support I-1068 to Legalize Marijuana in Washington State in 2010(Group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=311855214024

      Please support I-1068

    3. claygooding says:

      It is very hard to predict the pricing of legal marijuana
      because there are too many unknowns. The amounts of taxes that politicians will put on marijuana is one of the biggest factors. Common sense would be to keep the price low enough to remove the black market,but it has been a long time since common sense and politician can be used in the same sentence,unless you are noting the lack of.

    4. Lucas T Marshall says:

      This just shows that NPR is and will be the real News force of America..

    5. disvet13 says:

      How can an ounce of pot cost 1200.00? that’s the point, after the lawyers and politicians get their slice of the pie. and if we all get the petitions for complete legalization? it will cost you pennies. but the drug nazi’s won’t have a job, the prison guards won’t have any prisoners, big lumber won’t have paper mills, big oil will have a bio-fuel competitor, carbon sequestration will clean the air better than trees, big alcohol will lose customers, big tobaccco will lose customers, big pharma will lose customers, and big government will lose face. we all now know how and why they have kept marijuana criminalized, but when it’s proven marijuana heals and helps pain and suffering, who’s the criminals?

    6. Andrew says:

      Nice… where are all the comments? Test, 1, 2, 3.

    7. A. Goldsworth says:

      In response to J. Shaffer: That is ridiculous!!! I’d sue the cops or something if they broke down MY door under false arrest! That’s just wrong!
      Dizzle: Also, another great site is MPP.org (Marijuana Policy Project) for more sign-ups. Also, NORML (you can find your state and get updates e-mailed to you or on your FaceBook). I get my updates from VA NORML for my FaceBook.
      Personally, I enjoy keeping myself updated with these sites to learn all I can about marijuana and medical marijuana so I can find sites that misunderstand the uses of marijuana and debate what they are saying and better inform them about the truth. 🙂

    8. A. Goldsworth says:

      Why SHOULD we have to be “in the closet” about smoking while alcohol and tobacco are freely advertised?

    9. Jim says:

      Bad weather in Washington, DC – they have had record snowfall. Also here in Philadelphia – nearly 71″ thus far with more coming next Monday!

    10. A Concerned American Citizen says:

      Both were fairly decent interviews, and I especially enjoyed listening to Jorge Cervantes. However, I have to point out the flawed logic in the Stoned Economist. In his estimate of tax raising revenues he failed to incorporate or consider the tax money that would be saved by ceasing to arrest and house cannabis consumers. He also failed to consider all the other taxable hemp products that would accompany full scale cannabis legalization such as paper, fiber, plastic, fuel, construction materials, and food. We must never forget those other important commodities.