Tell CBS That It’s Time That They “Change Their Morals!”

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director February 12, 2010

    As NORML has previously reported, representatives from the CBS Corporation and Neutron Media Screen Marketing recently rejected a paid advertisement from the NORML Foundation, the educational arm of the National Organization of Marijuana Laws (NORML), that was intended to appear on the CBS Super Screen billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

    The fifteen-second ad (Watch it here.) asserts that taxing and regulating the adult use and sale of marijuana would raise ‘billions of dollars in national revenue. It was scheduled to appear on CBS’s 42nd Street digital billboard beginning on Monday, February 1, 2010, where it would have been viewed by 1.5 million people a day.

    Earlier today NORML’s friends at the online advocacy website Change.org established an online petition targeting the CBS Corporation and demanding the network to reverse their decision.

    You can sign the petition here.

    Change.org intends to present the CBS brass with your petitions next week. It’s up to us to make sure that they get the message. (For those keeping track, this is the second time in six months that NORML has negotiated a paid contract with the network, only to have CBS abruptly and arbitrarily cancel the deal in the final hours.)

    Major media corporations like CBS have no problem airing programming that allows them to profit off the public’s interest in marijuana and marijuana law reform, such as Showtime’s hit series Weeds and the CBSnews.com online series ‘Marijuana Nation.’ Yet these same corporate entities balk at airing media that calls on reforming America’s criminal marijuana policies – policies that have led directly to the arrest of over 20 million Americans since 1965.

    Tell CBS that it’s time they, and not NORML, “change their morals.”

    41 responses to “Tell CBS That It’s Time That They “Change Their Morals!””

    1. Brian says:

      Signed. CBS is full of it on this one.

    2. Jed The head says:

      If the people at CBS have any morals they would support cannabis reform. This is the most racist law on the books. It is not applied equally to people. The majority of people spending time in jail for cannabis are minorities. The vast majority of people that consume cannabis are euro-american. Equal justice when it comes to cannabis does not apply. Shame on CBS and anyone that supports prohibition.

    3. law enforcement is the real enemy says:

      i thoought it was nbc that has the show marijuana nation

    4. RastaMoses says:

      Signed. Now I’m heading for any SeeBS blog I can find.

    5. ckdk30 says:

      I signed it Norml is the shit cbs Suks

    6. ckdk30 says:

      Money for more prisons? they my’swell cuz theres gonna be alot of cannabis users in there, o an put some cable tv in there too were gonna be in there awhile

    7. John says:

      Signed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    8. aqng53 says:

      I’ve signed as well. I’d also like to make clear that unless they apologize in a big way for this slight, dare I say personal insult, CBS corporation will have lost my eyes, ears and dollars. Those of my family as well, we’ll have no more of that garbage in this house until the day the ad airs.

    9. LLLou says:


    10. AngryReptileKeeper says:

      Oh, they’ll show a pro-forced-birth ad for Focus on the Family, but not this? Cowards, the lot of them. I never watched CBS, but now I never will, knowing what kind of company they are and what kind of social agenda they support.