CBS rejects NORML legalization billboard, but accepts “Black Children are an Endangered Species” anti-abortion billboard

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator February 15, 2010

    This fifteen second Flash animation from NORML touting the economic benefit of marijuana legalization was too objectionable to CBS, who canceled NORML’s contract to place the following on the giant “Super Billboard” in Times Square:

    We also noted the hypocrisy of telling us that NORML’s ad was too contentious an issue ad for the billboard while running – on Super Bowl Sunday – the controversial Focus on the Family anti-abortion ad featuring college QB Tim Tebow and his mother:

    Now courtesy of Huffington Post we can show you another acceptable advertisement for CBS Billboards in Atlanta:

    CBS Atlanta Billboard

    ...but this billboard in Atlanta is perfectly acceptable

    It does not matter which side of the abortion debate you lie, you can certainly agree that abortion is one of the most contentious and controversial issues of our times. NORML, Focus on the Family, and the African-American anti-abortion outreach group Life Education and Research Network that funded these latest Atlanta billboards are all non-profit advocacy organizations lobbying for very controversial issues.

    However, the anti-abortion groups seem to have no trouble getting their message out on CBS airwaves and billboards, while NORML is denied four times in two years the opportunity to pay to use the same airwaves and billboards.

    I also find it interesting that the groups whose messages are accepted by CBS are trying to criminalize a legal activity (abortion), a policy position only supported by 42% of the American people surveyed in the latest Quinnipiac University poll; whereas NORML’s message of legalization rejected by CBS is a policy position supported by 44% to 53% of the American people surveyed lately by Gallup and Angus Reid. Even more interesting when CBS itself polled support for legalization at 41%.

    85 responses to “CBS rejects NORML legalization billboard, but accepts “Black Children are an Endangered Species” anti-abortion billboard”

    1. Kayla says:

      It’s so cute how the pro-lifers are pretending to care about black children. I wonder how many of them support social justice programs so that black children in poor neighborhoods can have access to medical insurance, good food for school lunches, and better education. Since they’re mostly Republicans, I’m guessing not many.

    2. Wolf Larsen says:

      Not only is this situation OFFENSIVE but stupid as well.
      I say boycott CBS. This is a pointless TV company anyhow.

    3. Just Legalize It says:

      i think its boycott time

    4. Calen says:

      Yet another example of pure, inarguable hypocracy. Boycott agreed.

    5. Joey says:

      screw cbs they say their gonna air it and then change their minds at the last minute sounds to me like they have money comming in from people that dont want weed legalized. But its perfectly fine to air ads about ending a babies life.

    6. GS says:

      The underlying message: We (CBS) feel that you (John Q. Public) are too stupid to make decisions for yourself – So we are making them for you…..

      Guess they think the Matrix is real… and believe they should be running it?

    7. Shannon says:

      careful what you wish for… I am all about a boycott, but do you realize you’re not boycotting just one free television station?

    8. pretendperson says:

      How about some contact information for complaining to CBS? I am quite angry about this and would like to vent that upon CBS and let them know that their bias does not go unrecognized.

      [Paul Armentano responds: Please sign our petition to CBS here: http://criminaljustice.change.org/actions/view/demand_cbs_reverse_decision_declaring_pro-marijuana_ad_too_political.%5D

    9. Q says:

      I’ll boycott CBS, but I don’t really watch it anyway because they don’t have any good show on it.

    10. Gary White says:

      I can sure live without CBS and their dumb ass twisted views of whats real and what they try to feed us !
      BOYCOTT !