The Hill: It’s High Time To End Marijuana Prohibition

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director April 21, 2010

    We’ve celebrated 4/20; now it’s time to tell Congress to end marijuana prohibition once and for all.

    It’s High Time To End Marijuana Prohibition
    via The Hill

    By any objective standard, marijuana prohibition is an abject failure.

    Nationwide, U.S. law enforcement have arrested over 20 million American citizens for marijuana offenses since 1965, yet today marijuana is more prevalent than ever before, adolescents have easier access to marijuana than ever before, the drug is more potent than ever before, and there is more violence associated with the illegal marijuana trade than ever before.

    Over 100 million Americans nationally have used marijuana despite prohibition, and one in ten – according to current government survey data – use it regularly. The criminal prohibition of marijuana has not dissuaded anyone from using marijuana or reduced its availability; however, the strict enforcement of this policy has adversely impacted the lives and careers of millions of people who simply elected to use a substance to relax that is objectively safer than alcohol.

    NORML believes that the time has come to amend criminal prohibition and replace it with a system of legalization, taxation, regulation, and education.

    Read NORML’s full commentary here.

    The Hill’s ever-popular Congress blog ‘is where lawmakers come to blog.’ It’s also where lawmakers come to gauge the pulse of the public. It’s 4/21; tell your member of Congress that it is time to replace prohibition with legalization and regulation. You can make your voice heard by leaving your feedback here.

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    28 responses to “The Hill: It’s High Time To End Marijuana Prohibition”

    1. Dakin says:

      “drug” dude this is a plant and a beautiful one at that!

    2. amused says:

      It is high time prohibition ended. The “stay the course” mentality” of our federal government is irresponsible. Thanks norml.

    3. mtlasagna says:

      mussolini prefered calling his political ideology corporatism rather than fascism.

      the top cops like the wall st bankstas will keep rolling unless met by a power greater than their own.

      our congresscritters are long compromised.

      the question is: how do we impose our will on them?

      can’t vote ’em out ’cause another slimeball is eagerly awaiting his shot at fame and fortune.

      how does the justice dept deal with the truth that cannabis has medicinal value and, by the csa standard, is actually legal? (tell that to the marines).

      why can’t we force the justice dept to back off on the state raids where good people like thc minister roger christie get busted for gestapo reasons?

      and so forth

    4. mtlasagna says:

      we still have here in hawaii fed funded dea backed operation green harvest.

      the whole thing is police state tactics and sucks.

    5. johnnysmoker23 says:

      damn right fuck the govt if are founding fathers were seeing this shit they would be pissed and demand action.

    6. thomas says:

      Hey awesome people at NORML,

      you may already have downloaded your free copy. But if not. Just saying that you can for a few more hours.


      (make fun of it now, before it’s done and tighter than a drum.)

      Keep up the fight!

    7. Sean says:

      If you guys check out CNN and search for a woman by the name of Calvina Fay and her articles about keeping marijuana illegal, she claims she has read legitimate research that “has linked naturally produced marijuana to health issues, including schizophrenia.” I have been smoking cannabis for years and I don’t feel schizophrenic yet, how do you guys feel? She also makes a bunch of other bogus claims. These claims are just to set fear in the hearts of those who are at the least undecided between whether cannabis is bad or not so bad. I thought that those who use fear for power over others was textbook terrorism. Well if thats the case then she’s just that.

    8. Manford Mantis says:

      QUESTION: How many are there in [your] county that
      1. Believe in God.
      2. Honor the Holy Sacrament.
      ANSWER: There are 3,141 counties in the United States of America. If [only] one (1) person [in each] of those 3,141 counties, believes in God and his gift of Holy Sacrament, this belief [is] represented by 3,141 Genesist colonies that bear the name of that county. [That number] is the “might and vitality” behind the trust and belief in the faith of Holy Sacrament as a religious right. This Constiyuyional right secures its protection in the first amendment as an inalienable right, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993-RFRA, and the International Declaration of Human Rights.

      What we [do] know is, there are 3,141 “Genesist colonists” in the U.S.

      What we [don’t know] is, how many more there are.

      What we [do] know is, “A 3,141 Man March,” made up of colonist fellows representing the voters in each of their respective counties and states, should cause a light bulb to go on. Lightbulb hell! A flood light should go on. Hell! a whole stadium of flood lights should go on.

      QUESTION: Better yet! how many, reading this now, believe in God and the gift of Holy Sacrament? Well! There ya go!

      To be frank, we Genesists, can’t ever remember giving up the right of Holy Sacrament. We! most certainly didn’t ratify any acts of prohibition. So! it’s more important to us that government [come forward] with eveidence of science to substantiate or justify why our Holy Sacrament is prohibited, and show cause why government is [not] violating our first amendment right.

    9. Recovered Addict says:

      Thank You NORML. I want My America back, where we dont make war on our own people. I dont and wont use drugs even if its legal. My concern is with the cars I see being searched by the road, and “SWAT” teams aka: Military units loosed on civilians, and cops with dogs everywhere. That stuff used to only be in movies of Nazi Germany. Please continue your efforts to end this senseless war and accept my thanks. My children and grandchildren deserve an America sans the police state trappings. I cant give it to them, but you can.

    10. Kristin Kutz says:

      I grow marijuana in my backyard. I’m 16 years old, I smoke every day before school, I am a B student in honors classes and I intend to go to college.
      I’m also technically a criminal according to marijuana laws. I would rather go to jail than quit smoking. Getting stoned reduces the pain in the ulcers in my stomach and all along my esophagus. Marijuana cured my eating disorder. So many horrible things have happened to me in the past two years and weed is the only thing that’s kept me from killing myself. So can we PLEASE end this prohibition bullshit for once and for all?