Confirmed: Marijuana Legalization To Be Discussed Today On ABC News

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director May 17, 2010

    NORML has been invited to appear this afternoon (Monday, May 17) to participate in a debate, ‘Should Marijuana Be Legalized?’, on the digital channel ABC News Now, which is also broadcast online.

    [Editor’s note: Archived video of the debate is now available free online here.]

    The discussion will air live from 12:30PM-1PM (eastern) with portions possibly re-broadcast tonight on ABC’s Nightline.

    Check local cable programming re ABC’s digital channels or go online here.

    149 responses to “Confirmed: Marijuana Legalization To Be Discussed Today On ABC News”

    1. mike says:

      c’mon guys its up to u to educate everyone on national tv!

    2. Antonio says:

      Way to go Norml! Represent the movement.
      Spread Truth. End Prohibition.

    3. Z32TEUFELHUNDEN300ZX says:

      Legalization = HTFU and do it!

    4. Ricardo Colon says:

      Argument? I can predict this show. The pro legalization side will give a good comprehensive argument, the anti legalization group will say the same lazy stupid ignorant comeback of: it leads to heroin, we don’t know about marijuana, it will destroy our nation, it is mind altering and our kids will smoke it, duh duh duh. I’ve seen this before I just hope in five to ten years we aren’t asking the same question.

    5. Tido says:

      What channel is this supposed to be on on DirecTV? Can’t seem to find the listing ANYWHERE!!!

    6. AJ King says:

      bad time to run it, no one will see it

    7. Alex says:

      I’m having a little trouble finding a link for the live feed. Time Warner in my area doesn’t have ABC News NOW.

      Can someone post the live feed link? Thanks!

    8. Natalie says:

      good luck!!!!

    9. Taylor N. says:

      hopfully they will discuss more in depth on the nazis who killed that dog over paraphernalia

    10. thirdeye says:

      will be watching