Saginaw Cops And DEA Reflexively Destroy Medical Marijuana Patient’s Property

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director May 22, 2010

    Unfortunately, what happened to medical marijuana patient Edward Boyke, Jr last month in Michigan is hardly an aberration as NORML still receives calls and emails nearly every day from lawful medical marijuana patients being terrorized by local and federal drug agents, often destroying their legal supply of medical cannabis and cultivation equipment–effectively making the arresting cops prosecutor, judge and jury.

    Thankfully, in Saginaw Michigan, post this embarrassing incident with Mr. Boyke, police seem to now ‘get it’.

    Only patients and advocacy groups (like the nearly 30 NORML chapters in Michigan and other pro-reform organizations in the state, such as Americans for Safe Access) are working to keep law enforcement honest and respectful of the needs of medical cannabis patients.

    Question: Is the Saginaw County Sheriff’s Department and DEA going to compensate Mr. Boyke to the tune of $7,000 after they illegally destroyed his private property?

    Medical marijuana grower releases photos of basement after police visit; Saginaw County sheriff’s officials say destruction policy will change

    By Gus Burns
    The Saginaw News

    May 20, 2010

    Photo taken by Edwyn W. Boyke Jr., 64, of Saginaw Township, after police raided his home and destroyed his grow setup.


    SAGINAW — In response to the new medical marijuana laws, Saginaw County sheriff’s deputies will discontinue their policy of destroying grow equipment when they serve search warrants at the homes of medical marijuana patients or caretakers, Saginaw County Sheriff’s Detective Randy P. Pfau said.

    “Instead of destroying property, we’ll take everything in a forfeiture and let a judge make a decision on whether they’re allowed to have that property back or not,” Pfau said.

    The second look at the policy is a response by the department to the public concern regarding action taken by deputies and federal Drug Enforcement Agency agents in the basement of the home owned by Edwyn W. Boyke Jr., 64, of Saginaw Township, Pfau said.

    Police raided Boyke’s home on April 15, because they say he violated drug laws, and destroyed his grow operations, which Boyke said cost him $7,000.

    “It’s so new to us, this new law, so we’re acting on protocol that’s been in place… forever with manufacture of marijuana,” Pfau said.

    Pfau said the old norm was to take a portion of the grow equipment to present as evidence and document with rest with photographs and inventory sheets, so they didn’t need to confiscate sometimes large setups.

    Because the possession and farming of marijuana is no longer inherently illegal, due to the new state medicinal laws, Pfau said deputies will adjust their procedures.

    92 responses to “Saginaw Cops And DEA Reflexively Destroy Medical Marijuana Patient’s Property”

    1. Ben says:

      It really is coming to a point where “law enforcement” is a euphemism for “Legally sanctioned armed thugs”.

    2. cjd says:

      a lot of hoopla over a harmless plant.

    3. Philo says:

      True JUSTICE would dictate that Mr. Boyke should now be allowed to incur $7,000 of damage to the homes of each of the officers involved, perhaps the judge’s, too…

    4. fishcreekbob says:

      What He said they might start folling the law

    5. Randy says:

      Isn’t this what the Obama Administration said they would NOT do!!???

    6. Baker says:

      America is not what it was intended to be. We are now living in a communist country. THEY decide what we can and can’t do. THEY decide who’s a criminal, THEY decide what our children will learn in text books. THIS LAND IS NOT FREE! And anyone who decides to stand up and fight for our rights as Americans and Humans is now called “terrorists”. Sure, there are the real ones out there, but be careful what you say and do….Big Brother is watching.

    7. Renead says:

      Are you kidding? Coming to a point? They have been doing this for YEARS! The problem is no one cares until it’s THEM or someone very close to them. People need to stop being lazy and get involved before it’s too late.

    8. Jake says:

      The laws need to change. Our people are being harassed by the government and it makes it worse that he was COMPLYING with the law.

    9. Sarah says:

      I second what Ben says 100%. You couldn’t have said it better!

    10. Mike Stroup says:

      Just because someone has a gun and a badge, does not mean they are not a criminal. All this could be avoided if people would simply re-read the Constitution of the United States and comply with God’s will for people to live in freedom with liberty as acknowledged and cited in that founding document. Freedom and liberty must extend to the point where free exercise thereof violates like freedom and liberties of others. Otherwise, we are at best marginally willing slaves in a police state. Don’t those police have any crimes to solve where there are actual victims?