NORML Deputy Director Speaks About The Failure Of Prohibition On Fox News’ Freedom Watch

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director May 28, 2010

    Below is the video from my most recent appearance (yesterday) on the Fox News.com broadcast Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano.

    Judge Napolitano has long been one of the mainstream media’s most vocal and consistent critics against the so-called ‘war on drugs.’ In recent broadcasts, he has profiled how U.S. marijuana prohibition is fueling violence and murder in Mexico, and has called for the arrest and prosecution of several police officers involved in a violent SWAT raid in Columbia, Missouri.

    In this segment, Judge Napolitano questions the White House’s recent call to expand so-called ‘drugged driving’ laws to punish non-impaired, former cannabis consumers (and he is no doubt the first national commentator to do so), and asks whether the war on marijuana consumers is less about pot, and more about expanding budgets and job opportunities for law enforcement. (Answer: Absolutely!)

    You can watch our full conversation below.

    66 responses to “NORML Deputy Director Speaks About The Failure Of Prohibition On Fox News’ Freedom Watch”

    1. Ryan says:

      This was so beautiful it made me cry! Finally got to say what you wanted to say on national TV without some heritage foundation windbag interrupting you with tired comments.

    2. Philip says:

      I am glad to hear that at least parts of the media are finally talking some sense concerning drug laws.

    3. Pot Nero says:

      I’m truly amazed at the tone of this segment. It’s almost a real discussion with real information being exchanged, and on FOX news nontheless. Now we just need to put Judge Napolitano in office.

    4. Ethan says:

      I wish the web team would of made it to where you had to go to Fox’s website to view the video so that they would see all the web traffic coming over from this site..

      Visitors/web traffic = money. Might make them actually wake up and realize that there is a large audience who is interested in this issue.

      Anything to get the main stream media to give more coverage and discussions re: cannabis.

    5. Doad says:

      Glad to see people in the news that are aware of the reality and also have the sack to speak the truth.

    6. rae says:

      I’m so freaking disappointed with this. It’s just ridiculous. Of course, what the people say doesn’t matter because this is all just a game to them.

      Ridiculous. We should all just meet up, and have the biggest freaking rally on the planet. Like, get EVERYBODY and march, and I’m talking, EVERYBODY.

      Let’s keep on writing our congressmen, etc. We can do it!

    7. C. says:

      Judge Napolitano is my hero. Here is someone who is not afraid to stand up for what is right, and actually has intelligent discussions on important issues instead of just feeding us the same of crap that the rest of the MSM loves so much.
      Napolitano for President 2012!

    8. Since the beginning of time, man has the inherent necessity to control & conquer. Slavery, Native American Indians, Spanish Conquestedors, Hitler, could go on for days. Bottom line is, the aggressive, I am taking what I want/ I am forcing you to do things my way or you will pay severely has always been man’s M O and they have always failed, regretted their actions/inactions and the poor & the innocent suffer & or die as a result. I have just about given up on humans as a majority, I stick with animals. They are loyal to no end, they don’t lie to you or treat you like they are better than you and even the most dominant of males doesn’t want to conquer & kill, they just want to co-exhist. Just like every human being in this world that smokes Marijuana. We have been doing it since the beginning of time as well, peacefully, I must add, and what has happened so terrible? The war on drugs has 100% failed. Caused thousands of lives, took thousands of fathers from their children throughout their childhoods, being incarcerated, likely caused the National debt housing each non violent offender annually costs somewhere around $30,000 each. Not to mention all the severely violent offenders getting away while police harass a human being for smoking Marijuana. The economical benefits are astronomical 4 times the products at 5times less polution to aquire the products we get from trees to use hemp trees instead, fuel included. Stop being scared and conquerers. We need to all pull together as equals and do what’s right for our world. It cannot and will not ever be stopped. The only war is the government keeping themselves out of the loop, making it an underground market, adding the element of danger and making it the most accessable drug to minors possible. Please let me be able to say I am a white woman and I am proud. All of the white men in history have wipped out civilizations and species’ with their selfishness and society sees the big picture as wrong. Be a decent, honest white man and protect your people from the foolish persecutions of a misguided history of mistakes. Stop fighting this civil war against our people and come to a mutual agreement that benefits everyone. i know you can do it, if each good man/woman would just please stand up. I am.

    9. cjd says:

      Great job Paul!!!!!!!!!

    10. Mike says:


      Great clip. I dislike faux news, but glad to see Napolitano speaking sense. Seems too many people in this country still have faith in the ‘war on drugs’ efficacy.

      But, my more important point, well question…is: in the video it was mentioning the recent Obama admin suggestions on per se drugged driving laws expansion. Because of the long half life, the metabolites stay forever from cannabis…so on.

      Would it be possible to get a blog post with some fair, objective scientific and medical data about why cannabis has such a long half-life? What this may signify? Could it be considered a negative aspect of the drug? Is cannabis so natural that the body doesn’t fight it with all of its might to expel the toxins like say nicotine, caffeine, valium, etc?

      I was wondering if my assumption (which I have no idea if it is true or not) would be another ultimate irony in this if true?

      I would love to hear some authoritative info on this if possible?

      [Paul Armentano responds: Carboxy THC is one of several metabolites (byproducts) of THC. It happens to be lipid soluble so it has a longer half-life than it would if it was water soluble. This is not unusual, as plenty of byproducts of other substances also have long half-lives (e.g., steroids). Since Carboxy THC is inert, it’s longer half-life is not threatening to health, but does allow for discriminatory drug testing practices against cannabis consumers.]