Fake Medical Marijuana Advertisement Used To Promote Anti-Cannabis Mayor’s Brewery In Denver

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director May 31, 2010

    In what has to be one of the more unique advertising campaigns currently found in the United States, a notable Denver brewery takes great advantage of the changing mores and values in Colorado that have ushered in hundreds of medical cannabis dispensaries throughout the state.

    Kudos to the Wynkoop Brewery (and their ad firm) for seizing upon the current cannabis reform zeitgeist in the country, and for not necessarily being threatened by the presence (and competition) of commercially available retail cannabis sales in the greater Denver-area.


    BTW, ironically, Wynkoop Brewery was founded by Denver’s anti-cannabis mayor, John Hickenlooper, who, after Denver’s voters overwhelmingly approved a 2005 voter initiative that would have reduced the penalty for possessing one ounce of cannabis from a $100 fine to zero, decided to stiff the voters and not implement their will. Mr. Hickenlooper is no longer an owner of the Wynkoop Brewery.

    Currently, however, Mr. Hickenlooper is running to be the next governor of Colorado. Voters there should remind Mr. Hickenlooper (and the media) of his supreme arrogance towards the will of voters and hypocrisy regarding his parochial views of alcohol use vs. cannabis use. Apparently, in his mind, it is ‘OK’ to own and operate a drug-making business regarding a dangerous and addictive product like alcohol–but not cannabis (which, unlike alcohol products, cannabis can’t deliver lethal overdoses and does not cause any where near the same degree of physical and mental impairment, addiction, cravings and withdrawals).

    72 responses to “Fake Medical Marijuana Advertisement Used To Promote Anti-Cannabis Mayor’s Brewery In Denver”

    1. Jim says:

      Hickenlooper – I will try to remember that name!

    2. Zach VanDreumel says:

      Just goes to show the ignorance running rampant about the effects of marijuana. 50 some odd years ago and gov’t and establishments still using the good ol’ scare tactics. Classic!

    3. adhd says:

      the fact that he screwed the will of the ppl should bar him from ever holding any form of public office

      i wanna see a big campaign against this swine

    4. Jim says:

      OK, it is kind of funny.

    5. Linda says:

      Mr Hickenlooper as a former owner of a brewery seems to have a serious conflict of interest and should have abstained from using his one powerful vote to override the will of the people. Pity something legal cannot be done to thwart this abuse of power before he enters the upcoming election. The brewery was clever, yes, but is beer really an “alternative healing”, or are they attempting to make a mockery of herb’s true healing properties by saying it is the altered consciousness that is healed? This smacks of deceptive advertising, and prescribing without a license. Cute, but not right, IMHO.

    6. Nic says:

      One would think he would have left town by now..

      New report points to unfairness of nation’s civil forfeiture laws


    7. Nic says:


      Professor David Nutt: Police conjecture boosted mephedrone hysteria

      seems like the UK has the same problem

    8. Toby says:

      I actually feel this is a sort of good point, not just a silly joke on the mayor’s behalf: alcohol has medicinal value. Indeed, alcohol is addictive and potentially dangerous but it isn’t just ‘goofing’ to treat it as medicine: morphine and opium are, like alcohol, potentially useful pain killers in some cases. All modern ‘recreational’ drugs have at least some sort of reasonable medicinal value; I’m skeptical about giving amphetamines to kids, like doctors today so often do, but I can’t deny that there is some small medicinal value to the drug itself in adults (I don’t wish amphetamine addiction for my ‘worst enemy’ and I don’t recommend the drug).
      The mayor was trying to offer serious critique in a funny way (SNL-style) except, I actually feel it can be taking without the irony: if your heart is aching (the muscles are aching) then a small amount of alcohol really does the trick… it depresses the CNS and allows the heart to relax and that is totally acceptable modern medicine. Alcohol for every ailment is not ok, but in small doses it has benefits. In closing, cannabis has many more benefits than alcohol, alcohol has many more down-sides but both should be sold legally without prescription and regulated by a responsible governmental body… warning labels & education is called for, not prohibition.

    9. Ryan says:

      I’m sorry is their something here that I’ve missed. The people voted on referendum and passed something into law. I didn’t know the Mayor somehow had the ability to outright disenfranchise voters. In a state where HST was almost elected county sheriff on the Freak Power ticket, if this man somehow becomes governor I suggest colorado succeeds from the union with texas and arizona.

    10. Randy says:

      Denver and Colorado voters should take note and REMEMBER COME NOVEMEBER the IDIOT that disregarded the will and voice of the people. He would do on a much larger scale as Governor what he did as Mayor, implement his own will instead of that of the people.