Georgia NORML wants YOU!

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 8, 2010

    From our chapter in the Peach State and Executive Director David Clark:

    When Barack Obama, a former pot smoker, was elected President, I was hoping for great things. Decriminalization! Legalization! And then…

    Obviously, waiting for Obama was not going to work, so I contacted NORML and asked about setting up a state chapter here. I knew legalization was a long shot here in the Bible Belt, but we should at least have a voice!

    A year later, I am proud to say that GANORML has raised awareness, emboldened many who were in the closet, and re-established a beachhead for marijuana reform in Georgia. We raised $5,000.00, sponsored a successful legal seminar, engaged the media, and grew our mailing list.

    I have enjoyed every minute of it, but it’s time for a new leader. We have opportunities politically because of the upsurge in Libertarian activism nationwide. Our issue can have a high profile in the upcoming statewide elections. Our videos can get exposure in Georgia. Our bills could get the all-important legislative sponsor. Since I’m not a Libertarian, someone else should be in charge.

    I am calling a general meeting open to all interested persons for July 10, 2010 at Kavarna Cafe in Decatur (707 East Lake Drive, Decatur, GA, 30030). I will ask the Board of Directors to elect a new Executive Director at that time. Anyone interested in assuming a leadership role in GANORML please email me GANORML420@gmail.com.

    I’ve received a few emails from people in Georgia looking to get involved… now here’s your chance!  You don’t have to step up to be Executive Director, just show up to the meeting and get to know others in Atlanta and surrounding areas who feel like you do that marijuana should be legal for all adults.

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    1. Robin McCormack says:

      Hi! I am in Columbus, GA. Let me know what I can do.

      Robin Williams-mccormack

    2. kyle eddy says:

      I am a libertarian and i am a political activist and an avid pot smoker but i curently live in tulsa but i can do my part hear because oklahoma as well is in the bible belt so things arent going good here either but i cant do it by myself so please send me information on how i can help hear in oklahoma as my email always gets overloaded with spam and i dont want to risk deleting this important messege please send all info to my address at 4647 hartford ave tulsa oklahoma 74126
      and thank you for everything you are doing to help the decriminalization and lagalization of a wonderful plant that helps so many i beleive it to be my obligation to do my part as well so please let me know how i can i cant realy donate money because times a hard right now as you know and i have a family to suport but i will help in any other way possible

    3. Hi my name is Joseph from Jimi Rays LunchBox. I’ve been followong the events of NORML’s activitys the best i can.I would love to be a part of the organazation one way or another. But Really wanted to propose an offer to put a fundraiser event involving some of the best bands i know and then some.I was able to put one together in less than a week for the march of dimes that raised over a 1000$ with only 3 bands. Im sure we can do better than that. Just tell me where and how to get started.

    4. Jim Lunsford says:

      The soil and climate are perfect for growing marijuana in this state; especially the southern part in which I live. And, like most Georgians, we don’t really care much what the government (or the law) says we can and cannot do. It’s grown all over here, as it should be. It should be grown WITH seeds though, so that it can be spread all over. Pot smokers have messed up that overgrow campaign with their insistence on growing sinsemilia. It will never be overgrown into the realm of ridiculousness that it needs until that is corrected. And that is exactly what is needed as our government is far too corrupt to ever care what we, the people truly want.

    5. Earl says:

      Yaaa boiiiii

    6. ck30 says:

      In my opinion YES it SHOULD be legal medically AND REC use, its no different than Alcohol or someone that wants to take pills to get high for the night or someone that wants to do both, because that’s what people are doing these days not to mention dying along with it, well i dont wanna die i jus wanna get high.

    7. Ga Sunshine says:

      I will spread the word!.

    8. Tennessee Activist says:

      No worries Georgians! I’ve been an activist here in Tennessee and no has ever come to my house as a result. I stay in contact with Senators and Congressmen constantly, run ads in the opinion section of my home town and organize local seminars. At the very least, I hand out fliers with recent events in the news about legislation and where and how to take action. Hiding in closets will only get you more time in passing new laws. Don’t wait till your busted and then wish you’d done more later. Step up to the task or be considered a coward, selfish, inconsiderate and uneducated on the issues. Be active or send money to support those who’ve taken a bold stand!

    9. Rhayader says:

      I don’t see why capital-L Libertarians are required to lead the charge for marijuana reform. In fact, I’d say that strong support for reform among the two major parties would be a more valuable asset. I’m a small-l libertarian, and I don’t see much political hope in the Libertarian Party.

      If anything, I think it will be libertarian Republicans in the Ron Paul/Gary Johnson mold who will end up doing the most for the cause from within the government. Either that or Democrats who finally get a little backbone for once and stop pandering to tough-on-crime BS.

    10. Paul Felices says:

      I wish to put in my efforts and FREEdoms as a human BEing to live out my rights as a native of planet Earth to be able to have respectful interaction with every seed bearing plant. EARTH, WATER, LIGHT…hold no evil…only when mans free will coupled with greed and lust can something natural be manipulated to a society and the world to not see that the plants are no different then we are for they breath air, drink of the same waters, absorbe the same sun as we do.

      Paul Felices