NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of Aspen Legal Seminar

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 9, 2010

    Aspen LogoIf you haven’t been able to make your way to Colorado for the NORML Aspen Legal Seminar, you can still catch much of the highlights online on our live webcast, NORML SHOW LIVE.

    We normally air live at 4pm Eastern / 1pm Pacific every weekday with news, talk, interviews, information, music, comedy, and rants for responsible adult cannabis consumers.  We also feature live chat and webcams for interaction with the community and a 24-hour rotation of independent musical artists from all genres who support marijuana legalization.

    Log in to http://live.norml.org on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday between 9am – 4pm Mountain Time for our coverage of these events.  This coverage is provided free to you as an educational service of the NORML Foundation, but if you’d like to donate to to help defray our webcast costs, make a secure online donation or purchase an item from the NORML Store.

    10 responses to “NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of Aspen Legal Seminar”

    1. Wow, Aspen, Colorado! This should be very nice and interesting! I wish I could attend in person!

    2. SamRam says:

      “Wisdom does not mean knowledge but experiential understanding. Wisdom helps you change radically your habits and perceptions, as you discover the constantly changing, interconnected nature of the whole of existence.”
      ~Martine Batchelor

    3. Rick says:

      I asked an adult who is several years older than me, a question a few days ago that I thought was interesting. I asked him if he had coffee, tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana as (LEGAL) alternatives for recreational use, would it be enough? He said yes. His response made me feel better about his future, as I recalled his past alcohol and stimulant abuse history and battles with bipolar disorder have rightfully branded him as a bit of a “loose cannon”. In knowing the direction of marijuana reform legislation, I hope this is the case with the majority of poly-substance abusers, addicts, and alcoholics out there. 🙂

    4. Nic says:

      re: the whole of existence

      Have you looked around?

      what about cannabis

    5. Nic says:

      Mr. Moderator

      you are slow

      have you seen ‘The Drug Clock


    6. nobodyreally says:

      Thank you for the footage from the legal seminar. I have found itvery interesting and informative. I look forward to listen to the parts I have missed in the archives as I have been listening from work and often get interupted. Thanks again Russ and i hope you have a great time and safe trip home.

    7. Nic says:

      I can’t believe this bs


      It seems that Calvina Fay and her parasitic treatment group are making Florida the last bastion..

    8. Bighare1 says:

      You people in Colorado should wake up and realize that after your government gets all of their moritoriums against your dispensories in place that the only dispensories left standing will be run, owned and operated by some corrupted government officials wife, brother, uncle , cousin, son or daughter or some other government scumbag that is determined to reap all the benefits of operating a dispensory! Why do you think the prices of (1) oz. of bud is being sold for some outrageous price? GO FIGURE!
      NO WONDER WHEN YOU GO INTO ONE OF THEIR SHOPS AND STUPIDLY PAY YOUR LOCAL POLICEMANS WIFE OR KID $300.00 OR $400.00 for some mediocre bud that some government dorf who obviously doesn’t know much about quality or how to get it, gives you a big dirty smile (called a shit eating grin) as they take your hard earned money when you walk out the door!!!
      Should we allow this moritorium scandal to continue?
      Otherwise the government monopoly on marijuana will continue, and those of us who deserve fair treatment and the right to a natural herbal remedy for stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression, etc. will be denied forever as long as we allow them to have their way.
      Wake up people!

    9. Bighare1 says:

      Well MA, I’m headed down to the old roadside produce stand and pick up another pound of Maria Ju Ju herbal remedy for $25.00 and give another $5.00 toward the government taxes to help out the under nourished families out there! Be back in a jiffy! Hey, that’s approximately 16.66% tax. Huh, that seems fair to me!!

    10. eura says:

      Your normal shoe live coverage of Aspen Legal seminar is very nice and interesting.
      Thanks for organizing seminar…………

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