NORML Aspen Legal Seminar: Audio from Day One

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 11, 2010

    Presentations from Thursday at the Aspen Legal Seminar are now available for online streaming or download from the NORML Stash Blog.  See the Agenda from Thursday for the line-up.

    17 responses to “NORML Aspen Legal Seminar: Audio from Day One”

    1. Thanks NORML! I wish I could have been there in person!

    2. Tennessee Activist says:

      These initiatives in Cali projected to pass or fail by just a few percentages is stomach wrenching business. The whole damn world is watching Cali, do your best! DON’T FORGET TO REGISTER, THEN VOTE.

      It’s like baseball, I don’t ever want to loose by one run, I’d rather loose by a large margin or win by a large margin but never the one or two percent margin of win or loose at the polls. Maybe the closet voters will come out that day. Good luck California NORML.

    3. Nic says:




      Who was the main speaker?

      I have to confess

      I crack my egg in the middle

      If I inhale will I die

      If I inhale will I dream

      If I inhale will taxes go down

      If you wonder about Eternity

      Truth Justice and Liberty

      your best eye with your best hand

      raise your crippled hand for Freedom

    4. somedood says:

      action not aspen…

    5. Nic says:

      If you are wondering about Eternity

      Your place in the Food Chain

      you should use cannabis leaves

      on your grave

      if you inhaled

      did you wonder

    6. Nic says:

      about The Place

    7. James Strong says:

      I wonder what kind of legal defense we can muster if somehow we get it forced down in classification. What if we get it debated? What if we can ask why Doctors in one state can prescribe medical marijuana for pain and Doctors in another state dont have the training involved to prescribe medical marijuana for pain. If your house gets invaded should you have to provide proof of a toothache? Should you have to prove that you have trouble sleeping? If I live in a state that allows medical marijuana should I have to prove to anyone what my medical conditions are? If I get arrested with marijuana and I have a prescribtion for it should I have to prove that I dont have AIDS, Cancer, Cronic Pain, sp. Glucouma. I wonder if I have a prescription for loritabs or oxycoton why dont I have to prove my medical condition to a policeofficer

    8. James Strong says:

      Should my employer have to know my medical conditions? If I have an medical condition that requires medication that might prevent me from doin my job to the ability they expect I should tell my employer and they should test me for it. If I am treated for a medical condition that does not affect my job performance should I have to tell my employer and should they be able to test me for it. If I dont smoke marijuana at work should my employer have to know. Does my employer have to test me for sleep medication if I dont use it at work? I have a prescription for medical marijuana if you dont want me to use my medication at work if you think me bein high affects my work you can fire me. Dont randomly test me if my job performance is the lowest and someone has to go then let me go. What if 50% of America walked into their job Monday went to personnel and handed this card to their employer.

      This is my notice that I will not be randomly fired from my job for smokin weed at home, on weekends, during my 1 and only week vacation.
      I will take away all legal rights for my termination if you tell me I sux. If you tell me this is no place for a stoner.

      Job performance is a reason to get fired. What you do on your days off is not a reason for termination.

    9. Nic Mail (will not be published) says:

      Do you wonder, have you been tagged ?


    10. Nic Mail (will not be published) says:

      In My Place in The Kali Yuga

      I say cannabis is good medicine