Marijuana Pedal Power: Grassroots Cyclists Takes Root In Iowa

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director June 16, 2010

    Hello all, if you do not recall I contacted all of you a few months ago asking permission to use logos from each organization to create a team cycling jersey for the Des Moines Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI).

    We have decided on “Grassroots Cyclists” as our team name and we have an initial order of jerseys in hand. We will be completing a reorder so I wanted to contact all of the organizations to see if anyone within would like one.

    Would each organization kindly distribute this message to see if there is any interest?

    The jerseys are $50 a piece. I am paying $40; the additional $10 will be used for shipping and to make custom koozies to hand out on the road; it will be our way of putting a tiny billboard in people’s pockets… or on their beverages. The jerseys are a 3/4 zip down 135 gram micro-polyester (wicks away moisture)

    Attached are photos of myself and my girlfriend sporting the jerseys. ASA and SSDP logos are on each sleeve and NORML as you can see is on the side panels.

    For jersey sizing or if you just want to see the company we are ordering from click this link:  http://www.v-gear.com/Sizing

    For anyone interested I need a name, contact #, desired size, and desired cut no later than June 20!!! (cut and size can be determined from the link above). Payment will be figured out while the order is processing. Email me at address below to place an order.

    Thanks for everyone’s support,

    Colby Fangman
    Grassroots Cyclists

    38 responses to “Marijuana Pedal Power: Grassroots Cyclists Takes Root In Iowa”

    1. SophistiHippie says:

      Would LOVE to wear this cycling around Manhattan. Who to contact?

    2. Neven Singleton says:

      This is an awesome shirt I would love to wear it out on the town. It is a great icebreaker at a crowded bar. I can spread the word and inform people. I would love to purchase a XL cycling shirt. Thank you please contact me.Keep up the good work, WEed NEED CHANGE!!! OH and FREE MARC EMERY!!! Now if only we could get a soccer shirt… Hmmm

    3. Anonymous says:


    4. Tommy says:

      Great idea! The shirt that wicks away moisture is a downside for me though… otherwise I would be supporting this.

      The point OF sweating is to cool the body. When you wick the sweat away, you have less water on your body to cool it, thus making your body lose most of its water much more rapidly.

      I do love the idea though, and I’m glad you are giving support for legislation through very interesting means!

    5. I want one, how do I contact you

    6. Garrison Potter says:

      So how do i get one of these sweet thangs?!

    7. Bradley Baker says:

      I am interested in buying one, but the link from NORML seems not to bring to the purchesing option.

    8. Gaia says:

      This is a brilliant idea! The design is absolutely stunning– I love the MLK quote. I wish you guys luck on your ride!

    9. I want one, size Large

    10. ck30 says:

      Damn, how much for just a koozie? I proly could afford one of those.