NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES 1st Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator June 19, 2010

    If you’re unable to make it to the first ever HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco, you can still catch NORML SHOW LIVE’s coverage of Saturday and Sunday’s events live streaming on the web.

    Just visit http://live.norml.org between Noon and 10pm Pacific this weekend. We’ll have coverage grow seminars by Nico Escondido, Danny Danko, and Jorge Cervantes plus all of the speakers and performers. At 2:30pm both days we’ll be bringing you a condensed version of NORML SHOW LIVE, with federal medical marijuana patient Irv Rosenfeld as our guest Saturday and medical marijuana pioneer Dr. Frank Lucido as our guest on Sunday.

    NORML Founder Keith Stroup and NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville will be there tabling for NORML as well. Stop by our live stream, create yourself a Stickam account, and ask your questions of our host and guests. It’s the next best thing to being there!

    26 responses to “NORML SHOW LIVE coverage of HIGH TIMES 1st Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco”

    1. Tennessee Activist says:

      With all the freedom of marijuana now, how could it NOT be legalized in California this November?

    2. lori says:

      and the event is being held at what location????

    3. Anonymous says:

      For all of you guys outside of California . Keep your earings & bellbottoms at home . Yeah , i know your trying to look cool & it’s really hip where your from but earings went out of style here in 1990 . Bellbottoms in the 80’s . You’ll just be identified as an outsider or tourist trying to look ridiculous rather than cool .

    4. Nic says:

      Look what they have done to my brain

      Look what they have done to my only soul

    5. Nic says:

      As I understand my place in this universe


      I wonder about Dublin

    6. Tommy says:

      Hey… #3 poster… why can’t I dress the way I want to? 🙁

      Maybe next you’ll tell me I can’t smoke weed??

    7. Pain-fully Stressed says:

      New york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york new york, we smoke way more here and we approve support marijuana legalization. 70% to be exact. what about new york ?

    8. Nic says:


      “approximately 3,000 agents and officers .. a 22-month, bilateral investigation..2,200 individuals on narcotics-related charges”

      I’m not a math professor, but if I add it up it averages out to less than 1 individual per agent. Seems like very, very little return on my tax dollars.

      I guess this War On Drugs is very expensive.