New Jersey Patients Will Have To Wait — Lawmakers Delay Implementation Of Medical Marijuana Law

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director June 29, 2010

    State lawmakers voted yesterday in favor of legislation to delay the implementation of the New Jersey Compassionate Medical Marijuana Act, which was slated to go into effect later this week.

    As amended, the measure will not become law until October 2010. The act, which authorizes the state Department of Health to establish regulations for the licensed production and distribution of medical cannabis to authorized patients, is not anticipated to be up and running until some time in 2011.

    According to the Associated Press report, “The delay allows health officials to write regulations. It also may give politicians time to consider a different model for the program.” Republican Gov. Chris Christie requested lawmakers postpone implementing the law, which was signed in January by his predecessor, Democrat Gov. Jon Corzine.

    Governor Christie has also suggested that lawmakers consider amending the law by limiting the production of medical cannabis to a single supply source, Rutgers University, and by restricting the drug’s distribution to authorized hospitals.

    NORML and other allied patient groups strongly oppose these amendments, which if enacted, would make New Jersey’s law totally unworkable for patients.

    If you reside in the Garden State, please consider visiting NORML’s ‘Take Action’ page here to contact your state lawmakers and urge them to reject any further amendments or delays to the New Jersey Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act.

    For more information please visit NORML NJ or the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey.

    32 responses to “New Jersey Patients Will Have To Wait — Lawmakers Delay Implementation Of Medical Marijuana Law”

    1. Mike Stroup says:

      It is inhumane and Unconstitutional to deprive people of treatment that works for them. If medical cannabis implementation is to complicated for New Jersey state government, simply leave it to physicians, patients and providers. I bet they could figure it out in a New York minute.

    2. Tennessee Activist says:

      It’s all about making money off pot smokers
      It’s all about controlling pot smokers
      it’s all about everything but the pain and death endured by patients. Cruelty beyond belief here folks but pot smokers will not back down now or anytime in the future. Victory is sweetest when laws have been earned and this is going to be the sweetest of all States.

      New Jersey we love you, your freedom fight is amazing.

    3. always something... says:

      dont smoke things it will decrease penis size…if you are consuming marijuana eat it or use it as an oil….you can thank me later true fact…..smoking anything will damage blood vessels

    4. Pennsylvania Activist says:

      I propose that we have only one manufacturer for beer, wine, liquor or tobacco in each state. These products must be manufactured by each state university and distributed to the hospitals. LOL

      New Jersey, unfortunately for the sick and dying patients is the laughing stock of medical marijuana. First of all it is a very restrictive law and leaves out many medical conditions. At this point, the patients should just grow their own and not pay any taxes to these bozo clown legislators.

    5. Rob says:

      Told everyone that Christie was going to make a loop hole.

      Fuckin New Jersey is so dumb they might actually let him go through with this.

      Now we’re just known for Jersey Short and a obese governor with an extremely tight ass when it comes to smoking a little pot.

      Chris Christie. GO FUCK YOURSELF. Keep patients OFF death beds, not on.

    6. Retired Navy says:

      Hang in there New Jersey. John Hancock had to overcome and wait out the British. All you have to do it wait out your elected officials! NO MOUNTIAN FOR A CLIMBER.

      I am with you.

    7. […] official; New Jersey’s new medical marijuana law will be delayed while politicians haggle some more over its details. As The 420 Times reported recently, New Jersey was considering a delay in implementation of the […]

    8. Smokey Joe says:

      This has gone to far. It’s time to take a stand.

      I propose an national act of civil disobedience that will cripple prohibition and force these out-of-touch politicians to either bend to our will or face the consequences.

      This 4th of July, every toker in America should blaze up in public. The cost to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate every one of us would be ENORMOUS and place these out-of-touch with reality laws under intense scrutiny by the taxpayers. Peacefully, mind you – there’s no reason for anyone to be physically harmed, but make sure to have your cell-phone cameras at the ready to document any jack-booted thugs acting inappropriately.

      It’s high time for us to be truly heard, folks. Who’s with me?

    9. mark godfrey says:

      New Jersey, you lose.

      Get rid of this Chris Christie, and start anew.

      Your window has closed.

    10. Mike Stroup says:

      To 3. always something… re: smoking pot will decrease penus size.
      Thanks for the info as there are several women who would likely appreciate the relief. Sorry to hear about your problem.