Prop 19: Support Legalizing Marijuana In California

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director June 30, 2010

    If you haven’t heard, California’s Control & Tax Cannabis campaign just got assigned the proposition number 19.

    That’s why, today, we’re asking all NORML members and supporters to step up and chip in $19 to the Yes on 19 campaign. Help California become the first state to legalize marijuana today!

    In the last few days the NAACP of California and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson (R) have endorsed the Yes on 19 Campaign.

    Celebrate the Fourth of July’s independence and patriotism early by donating $19 to the Control & Tax Cannabis Campaign!!

    68 responses to “Prop 19: Support Legalizing Marijuana In California”

    1. Bay Boss says:

      Im supporthing this.. i was soo hoping we get assign number 20… 🙁 yes for (4) 20.. killer slogan.. 19 will work too.. :/

    2. JJ says:

      hey Norml, is this the same Gary Johnson that went on the Colbert Report and did a 30 minute section on why he is going to LEGALIZE once he WINS PRESIDENCY in 2012? if so, i think we need to point this out, get the agenda out to right hand conservatives and such so we can get the campaign going for Mr. Johnson for President in 2012

    3. Nic says:

      Do we have solidarity ?

      I haven’t heard from The ACLU, imagine 19$ American dollars stands between cannabis, Justice and Freedom.

      I place my Trust on the millions of voting citizens in California.


      A YES that will Ring the Bell, that can be heard throught this planet.

    4. ck30 says:

      Really wish i could but my unemployment run out….DAMN IT

    5. Don_M says:

      Okay everyone – I just donated my $19 to the campaign. Now I ask that all of you do the same. I’m not a rich guy but I am serious about helping to get cannabis legalized! So please donate even if it means skipping a meal or not buying the latest DVD… I think we will all have a major reason to celebrate when California becomes the first state to legalize. I’m in Virginia and am hoping that we could be next in line… Probably not though…

    6. VOTE YES FOR Prop 19!

      Also, please donate whatever you can! I did!

    7. Casey says:

      Send that cash! This is our best chance ever!

    8. DonnaM says:

      Bay Boss,

      How about:

      “Vote 4 19… if you’ve got a minute” 😉

      har har har

      For reals though, already donated to the cause and am spreading the word on FB too. let’s DO THIS! 😀

    9. scott says:

      I donated $19…I also donated the same about a week ago. Lets all watch how Cali gets it legal! Then it will spread like wildfire!

    10. Scott Meacham says:

      Great prop for Cali, donoting money regarding it is the dumbest fuckin thing ive ever heard.

      [Editor’s note: OK…keep supporting prohibition, arrests, prosecutions, incarcerations, forfeitures, etc…talk about “the dumbest fuckin thing ive ever heard”.