NORML’s Upcoming Just Say Now! National Conference in Portland, Oregon

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 16, 2010

    Dear NORML Members and Supporters,

    The National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws invites you and your like-minded friends and family members to attend the organization’s 39th annual national conference in beautiful, cannabis-tolerant and hemp-friendly Portland, Oregon, Thursday, September 9 – Saturday, September 11.

    The national NORML conference is America’s largest and oldest gathering of cannabis law reform activists.

    With the call to legalize cannabis growing stronger and louder every year in America, this year’s apropos conference title and theme: Just Say Now!

    The NORML 2010 conference is convening at the historic landmark The Governor Hotel in downtown Portland, right in the middle of the ‘free ride zone’ for the City’s famous and efficient transit system.

    Like all previous NORML conferences, leading cannabis law reform activists, elected policymakers, lawyers, doctors, medical researchers, business leaders and educators will deliver speeches, papers and presentations regarding numerous aspects of cannabis.

    You can review some of this year’s cutting edge conference topics here. Also, you can view past NORML conferences here.

    Good News, Bad News Situation…
    Bad news first… so popular are NORML’s national conferences that a single alert from NORML in March effectively sold out the entire large block of the host hotel’s discounted rooms.

    The good news however is that steeply discounted hotel room rates have been negotiated for the overflow with a nearby, NORML-supportive hotel ($99/night as compared to $160/night at the host hotel).

    Whether traveling from afar or from the greater Eugene-Portland-Seattle area, to make sure that you can attend this year’s Just Say Now! national conference, please register online. This year’s conference — based on how fast The Governor’s rooms sold out — looks to be another sell out, so please do not delay registering for the conference online or by calling toll-free @ 888-67-NORML.

    Jack Herer Memorial Expo Hall And Conference Sponsorships Available
    Vending tables and unique conference sponsorship packages are available. Check out the information online, call the toll-free number or email norml2010@norml.org for more details.

    Previous NORML conferences have been sponsored by physicians, lawyers, accountants, cultivation experts, medical cannabis wellness centers and delivery services, insurance companies specializing in medical cannabis, cannabis education centers and ‘colleges’, medical delivery device makers, hemp and clothing retailers, as well as pro-reform organizations.

    Learn, Love, Enjoy and Focus
    Lastly, September 9-11 is a most propitious weekend to convene a NORML conference in Portland, a city with great nightlife (the Northwest Music Festival will be going on when we’re in town), a-m-a-z-i-n-g local microbrews and wines, wonderful eateries, arts & crafts and scenery.

    Speaking of scenery and local color, September 11-12, Oregon’s largest pro-cannabis public event, Hempstalk, is also happening at a nearby state park on a large lawn, surrounded by 100-foot tall evergreens, at the confluence of two mighty northwest rivers, creating a lovely setting for a large pro-cannabis festival and celebration (featuring speakers, music, vendors, food and crafts). Our out-of-town guests may want to stay an extra day to attend Hempstalk.

    Worried about the cost of renting a car, getting around Portland, parking and gas prices? Don’t be as this is one US city where a car is absolutely not necessary — from the airport to hotel to around town events — Portland’s transit system removes much of these concerns and costs.

    Whether as a not-to-be-missed yearly cannabis law reform activity, a professional junket or part of one’s annual vacation to see amazing places, with really kind folks, please register ASAP for NORML’s 39th annual conference in Portland, Oregon this September.

    Kind regards,

    Allen St. Pierre
    Executive Director
    NORML / NORML Foundation
    Washington, D.C.

    14 responses to “NORML’s Upcoming Just Say Now! National Conference in Portland, Oregon”

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    2. DB says:

      Sounds like time and money well spent. Wish I could go.

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    4. BusGreg says:

      I wish I could make it to Portland. Used to live there. But SoCal ain’t bad….

      Yes on 19.

    5. revsleezy says:

      Holy Smokes! Maybe Mayor Sam will declare September Hemp Month.

      The Rev.sLeezy
      The Universal Life Church of the Holy Smokes
      Potland, OR

    6. Here’s something Californians should know about the
      ( Dictator ) candidate for Governor , Meg Whitman & it’s shocking ; Not actually written by , THE TRUTH DOCTOR .

      In the past, I was very upfront about being a marijuana activist, and that I operate a pro-marijuana website. As you can imagine, that probably turned off a lot of conservative politicians. When one asks a conservative to participate in a logical, factual based conversation about marijuana, they tend to duck and dodge. This last week I pretended to be one of ‘their own,’ when I called Meg Whitman’s campaign headquarters. I said my name was Bill, I lived in Eastern California, I have ALWAYS voted Republican, and I want to know what Meg Whitman is going to do if the marijuana legalization initiative passes.

      The answer was shocking. I already knew that Meg Whitman opposed the marijuana legalization initiative. What I didn’t know is that she plans to NOT SIGN the initiative if it passes. That’s right – if she wins the election in November, and voters approve the initiative, she plans on defying the will of the voters and not signing the initiative into law. Her campaign staff told me that they don’t care how much the voters want marijuana legalization, and it doesn’t matter how large of a margin of victory it obtains in the election; she will act as if it never happened.

      I don’t know about the readers of TWB, but I think that’s pretty stupid, if not outright illegal. I can already see it now; the initiative passes and Meg Whitman says, “It’s illegal under federal law, so my hands are tied.” I would like to remind Meg Whitman well ahead of time THAT HER JOB IS TO BE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA, not the Governor of the federal government. If she was a true conservative, she would cling to state sovereignty and state’s rights, and not cling to false propaganda she heard growing up.

      If she is willing to state ahead of time that she will defy the will of the voters on this issue, what would stop her from defying the will of the voters her entire tenure as Governor on any issue she sees fit? Didn’t we kick out the British hundreds of years ago because America believes in democracy, not a dictatorship? Who does Meg Whitman think she is, the ‘Queen of California??’ I know the alternative choice isn’t exactly a marijuana sympathizer, but when I called Jerry Brown’s campaign headquarters they talked to me on the first try, and I didn’t have to pretend to be anyone. His campaign office told me that while Mr. Brown doesn’t believe in marijuana legalization, his administration would sign it into law and respect the will of the voters. Which candidate would you rather vote for??

    7. Phil E. Drifter says:

      JUST SAY “KNOW”!

    8. william tucker says:

      Anybody know if there is transportation for wheelchair attendees with a slight buzz on?

    9. THE TRUTH DOCTOR says:

      The NATION of CALIFORNIA is doomed without proposition 19 passing or Whitman not endorsing the will of the people should it become law .

      CA Prop 19: Legal, Regulated Marijuana Favored 50%-40% in New Poll

      California’s Proposition 19, which will legalize, regulate and tax marijuana, is currently winning, 50 percent yes to 40 percent no, according to a new SurveyUSA poll of likely voters sponsored by CBS 5 KPIX-TV.

      SurveyUSA 7/8-11
      Prop. 19:
      Certain Yes 50
      Certain No 40
      Not Certain 11
      (Note: Because of rounding, poll does not always add up to 100 percent)

      This is an automatic poll of 614 likely voters with a margin of error of 4 percent. The poll shows a substantially higher preference for marijuana legalization than other recent surveys from Field Research and Reuters/Ipsos , which both had the measure losing narrowly.

      Digging deeper in the numbers, not surprisingly, we see that young voters, 18-34, overwhelmingly support Prop. 19 by a margin of 70-22, while voters over 65 oppose it 50-37. Republicans as a whole oppose the initiati

    10. Jed The head says:

      You folks at NORML rock! I don’t know if this years event will top last years but your choice of cities is outstanding. What great timing. There is so much going on in Oregon that weekend you can’t help but have a great time and learn a lot in the process. Great job of planning! See you in Portland.