Marijuana Prohibition Video Worthy Of Virality

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director July 31, 2010

    A few years ago NORML sponsored a contest for the best short video clip in support of cannabis legalization. The time limit for the submitted cartoons and videos was 30 seconds. However, a gentleman submitted a unique and highly allegorical video entitled ‘The Flower’ that ran nearly 3 minutes long, which disqualified it from consideration. Over the ensuing months the artist contacted NORML a number of times with amended versions, never quite right with the narrative or pacing of the story he was trying to tell.

    No more.

    He’s nailed it and we’re all the better for it.

    105 responses to “Marijuana Prohibition Video Worthy Of Virality”

    1. Kyle says:

      when the users are being arrested you should arrest the medical marijuana user too

    2. corey e says:

      loved it

    3. Kathy Jo Rudnicki says:

      This is so cool and I’m old, i just Loved it…

    4. AlawaysVigilant says:

      Brought tears to wifes eyes. All i can say is genius and ive posted it on my facebook

    5. Mitch says:

      Love the vid. perfectly captures the struggle to end prohibition in a way anybody can understand

    6. Kari Sioux says:

      Beautiful! just, Beautiful. Now run the thing!!!

    7. Ben says:

      to whomever made this video, keep fighting the good fight, and we appreciate the contribution

    8. Catherine says:

      wow now that was incredible…. packed a powerful punch…. and I loved the graphics My husband and I are graphic artists… so graphics like this excite me… but his message needs to be seen by all… we have been fighting this war on drugs since our teen years… I know legalization is nearing us just wish it would happen soon… when it becomes legalized here I will be able to heal myself without any legal BS

    9. Meredith says:

      I love this video clip.!!

    10. Janelle says:

      What a wonderful, poignant, beautiful video!