Planet’s Largest Pro-Cannabis Rally Needs Our Help!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director August 14, 2010

    In exactly one week an amazing annual event in the long struggle to reform cannabis laws comes to the fore.

    NORML Advisory Board Member and Best-Selling Travel Author Rick Steves Addresses Hempfest's 100,000 @ 4:20

    Below is an important message from the Seattle Hempfest. You can either donate via Hempfest.org, or participate in their new ‘Fundraising Crew’.

    There is no hyperbole when one states that the now 19-year-old Seattle Hempfest is the largest pro-cannabis rally on the face of our good green earth. Over 200,000 anti-prohibitionists pour into a beautiful, mile-long park that faces Puget Sound for two days of speeches, education and music in support of ending America’s longest war–the US government’s 73-year-old war against cannabis consumers and the plant itself.

    (To place this in some perspective: I grew up in a small town on Cape Cod that has a population under 6,000…to see over 200,000 citizens peacefully gather in protest annually has been truly an awesome and informative experience I encourage others to have as well.)

    Over 850,000 Americans will likely be arrested this year on cannabis-related charges in America–90% for possession only. How many people will likely be arrested at the Seattle Hempfest despite massive, protest-driven and open cannabis consumption? Likely, not a single adult.

    The Hempfest has helped pave the way for medical cannabis laws in Washington State, the virtual decriminalization of cannabis under one ounce in Seattle and is setting the stage once again for big changes in cannabis laws: a state-wide legalization ballot initiative, as well as legislation to both decriminalize and legalize.

    What does it cost to see over 30 bands on three stages, get educated and motivated by the most active cannabis law reformers from around the world, have access to over 200 booths that sell glass and hemp products, eat great food and use cannabis without fear of arrest?

    Zilch. Zip. Nothing. Nada. Free.

    That’s right. No kidding. Free!

    This entire massive two-day ‘protestival’ is put on entirely by volunteers–hundreds and hundreds of volunteers.

    Does it cost money to lawfully, safely and responsibly stage a small city for nearly a week?

    You bet it does!

    Well over $100,000 for all of the leased staging, lighting, sound equipment, tents, booths, over one hundred ‘Port-o-Johns’, security, communication equipment fencing, event insurance, police overtime and even t-shirts for the hundreds of volunteers who manage the entrances, security and stages.

    Take it from someone who has convened large concerts, conferences and protests–The Seattle Hempfest does it right and they need our support to make this AMAZING event in the history of cannabis law reform continue to happen until cannabis has been effectively legalized.

    Then, after over 20 years of self-sacrifice and hard work, when cannabis is legal, there will be one last Seattle Hempfest…to celebrate the hard fought battle for personal freedom, autonomy and freedom. I’m really, really looking forward to that notable Hempfest celebration!

    But until that soon-to-come day occurs, please join NORML and me in lending support to the great all-volunteer effort that it will take to stage next week’s 19th annual Seattle Hempfest.

    National NORML along with numerous NORML chapters from around the country have booths , so come on by and say ‘high!’

    As always, thanks for caring and sharing.

    Cannabem liberemus!!

    * * * * *

    An Important Request From Seattle Hempfest Organizers:

    Please join our new Hempfest Fundraising Crew this year to help raise a million bucks for cannabis. 250,000+ enthusiasts will be at Hempfest

    August 21-22. We have a plan to ask each of them to donate to the Hempfest organization. If they give an average of $4, we’ll raise a million bucks for cannabis! All we need is your help building a team big enough to reach them all.

    There will be an orientation party the Wednesday before Hempfest and we graciously and urgently request your attendance.

    What: Volunteer orientation party for Hempfest Fundraising Crew

    When: Wednesday, Aug 18, 7PM

    Where: Myrtle Edwards Park, south entrance near the fountain, Seattle


    And…: Snacks and refreshments provided

    Contact: Ezra Eickmeyer, 360-301-1842, ezra@olypen.com

    If you can’t attend the Wednesday orientation party, please let us know which days you can volunteer at Hempfest (Aug. 21-22, 10AM – 8PM) and at which times. 4-5 hour shifts are requested.

    Finally, please recruit friends and family to come help as well. We’ll need as many as 60 volunteers per shift to make these efforts work, which means 240+ volunteers rallying together for the cause over one weekend. We still need over 100 volunteer shifts to be filled, so e-mail and call everyone. Thank you!!!

    In Solidarity,

    -Ezra Eickmeyer, Coordinator Hempfest Fundraising Crew ezra@olypen.com

    22 responses to “Planet’s Largest Pro-Cannabis Rally Needs Our Help!”

    1. Bill Hartsock says:

      Newspaper article from The News Journal, Wilmington, DE’s Gannet owned “news” paper.


    2. AlwaysVigilant says:

      Absolutly great. And though im usually pessimistic i too have become more and more conviced that the legal inequality called prohibition can end and we take our place others as law abiding citizens with nothing to fear.

    3. Ben says:

      What is there left to say that hasn’t been said about cannabis prohibition? We are always “on the brink” of legalizing marijuana. At least we have been for the last 30 years. What can the speakers here say? Especially on deaf ears since the only people who show up to Hempfest are the same ones that read your awesome blog and know everything current anyway.

      We need to stop looking for excuses for getting together and getting stoned and rather spend the money on something like an ad campaign in California to pass the ballot initiative this fall.

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    5. ray christl says:

      The mainstream media is going broke,yet their propaganda control is neverending…The Stash blog is the neo-hyper media that we crave. Radman Russ and sweet Ganja John have me mezmerized daily with the best entertainment-education on the net. Thanks NORML for the “professional left” that is hated by the ruse in the White House. I feel so “dirty” for believing in democracy during the campaign of Obama (Rape of the body politic)–back to normal atheistic ideology ,to the phony DEM-REP paradigm

    6. Eric says:

      I find it odd that it has taken so long for pot legalization to begin its course in human history. It’s good to know, of course that medical pot is the catalyst… yet… something seems askew, if, we are all to ‘understand’ we’re all one, and all that….

      So, my query is, just how ‘safe’ can we feel when advocating the legalization of pot when we are not doctors, etc.? Hmm?

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    8. jim says:

      Legalizing Cannabis is about doing what is right and doing the most good for the most people. People supporting the cause are standing on the moral high ground and should be applauded for doing the right thing and speaking out against the unjust prohibition policies.

    9. Eric says:

      Again, legalization efforts by just anyone certainly seems to be a dangerous undertaking. In our area it is okay to light-up in public, but purchase is still a criminal offense. So, in other words, you can smoke, you can possess under an ounce with no fine for smoking, a small fine for under an ounce possession. But, pot sellers are arrested still, and they are imprisioned. So, speaking out on the issue is still a dangerous thing here. I’m putting my vote and my dollars toward medical efforts to legalize and large organizations that can help bring about change. I still think for the average ‘joe’ it’s best we bide our time.