When Truth Is At Odds With The Law

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 16, 2010

    [Note: Bob Newland will be our guest on NORML SHOW LIVE this Thursday 8/19 – live.norml.org at 4pm ET / 1pm PT.]

    Twelve months ago, long time South Dakota NORML activist Bob Newland was legally barred by a state judge from engaging in any public advocacy for cannabis law reform while on probation for a marijuana possession offense. Newland’s First Amendment stripping sentence was all the more egregious given Bob’s high profile role in this November’s statewide ballot initiative campaign (‘Yes on 13’) to legalize the medical use of marijuana for qualified patients.

    After months of coerced silence, Bob has finally been unshackled and may once again enjoy his Constitutional right to advocate for rational and compassionate marijuana policies. And he isn’t wasting any time. His op/ed below, published last week in The Rapid City Journal, provides details on Bob’s court-ordered exile, and offers insight as to why he continues to articulately and passionately advocate for cannabis liberation. Bob’s comparison to Galileo, the renowned astronomer who spent decades under house arrest for daring to acknowledge publicly that the Earth revolved around the sun, is disturbingly appropriate.

    Marijuana prohibition aids few
    via The Rapid City Journal

    My tongue was bound. My typing fingers were paralyzed. On July 6, 2009, these acts were performed by a circuit court judge because I am a visible and ardent advocate of informed personal discretion regarding one’s choice of intoxicant or medical palliative.

    … Contrary to the beliefs of many, there is plenty of precedent for court-ordered suppression of the truth. Often recalled is the 40-year house arrest imposed on Galileo for pointing out that the Earth revolved around the sun. Millions were burned to death for less.

    I’m 62 years old. For 44 years I have observed the incalculably stupid custom of arresting people for possession of a demonstrably beneficial, easily cultivated herb. During the past 20 years alone, over 16 million people have been arrested on marijuana charges in this country, over 12 million of them for simple possession only.

    My statistics are understated, purposefully, because most people apparently can’t face how destructive cannabis prohibition has been. It’s been estimated that each arrest has cost the taxpayers of its jurisdiction a minimum of $500. If that were the extent of the damage, prohibition would be a bargain.

    It has become common practice for law enforcement to seize peoples’ cash, possessions and children, often based on only an accusation of cannabis use. Those convicted bear an undeserved social and income-reducing stigma for the rest of their lives. No one in government or the financial industry is immune to the lure of the inconceivable amount of cash generated by the prohibited substance trade in general, of which cannabis is the most prevalent. Children find it easier to obtain “prohibited” substances than they do tobacco and alcohol, because the nature of prohibition is to subsidize an unregulated and untaxed market.

    As for every politician who endorses prohibition, every judge who sentences someone for possession, every cop who arrests someone for possession; they all are awash in the blood of the 23,000 Mexicans who have been killed in the civil war over drug turf in Mexico during the past three years, and in the less visible detritus of the lives they have shattered senselessly.

    … In a twisted and particularly cruel way of parsing the matter, which above all else is the hallmark of prohibition logic, it makes sense for government to stifle the truth.

    You can read Bob’s entire commentary here.

    And if you reside in South Dakota, you can join with Bob and The South Dakota Coalition for Compassion by voting ‘yes’ this November on Prop. 13 — The South Dakota Safe Access Act.

    Bob has done — and continues to do — his part for marijuana law reform. Have you done yours?

    31 responses to “When Truth Is At Odds With The Law”

    1. Leonard Krivitsky, MD says:

      Legalization is the only way. This is why I feel strongly that all the NORML friends and fans should unite behind the CA Prop. 19. The people who think that that is “just a California Movement” are wrong: This is a National, if not International Movement to Legalize Cannabis, and especially Medicinal Cannabis, and we only can exist as its Parts by recognizing and supporting the Unity of the Whole!

    2. mark says:

      Thank you Bob!!! How did you keep it inside for a year. I wonder if your case is going further. I wonder if the british told our founding fathers to be silent and in response they created the 1st amendment. the right to petition the govt!

    3. vera patasius says:

      stop wasting tax payers money . leaglize marijuana

    4. vera patasius says:

      reform marijuana laws now…

    5. claygooding says:

      I have often wondered if the world court will attempt to have a war crimes trial for the people that are continuing to expose people to cancers that could possibly have been blocked by cannabis use.
      They even continue prohibition while they are searching for the chemical compounds that do the blocking so denial of knowledge that cannabis blocks and treats some cancers is impossible.

    6. mntnman says:

      I have been told by Alex White Plume that part of his plea bargain after being prosecuted for legally growing industrial hemp on his sovereign land that he is not allowed to speak publicly about industrial hemp,a product that has absolutely nothing to do with drugs.

    7. jimbo,So.Jersry says:

      Legalization is the only way.I totally agree.This is a great chance to start putting an end to all the crimes committed against a large portion of the Worlds Peace loving population.Voting Yes on Prop.19,is a cry out for justice and truth,and FREEDOM.

    8. Vinny says:

      While Medical Marijuana is a great way to “get your foot in the door”, we need to push for legalization. And the best way to do that is to counter the Prohibition Propaganda!

    9. ck30 says:

      Legalize USA!!!

    10. old vet says:

      speaking out in georgia will get you killed by the crimnals who profit the most from marijuana prohabition [the police].dont think so give it a try