From the Family of Jack Herer: The Hemperor would Support Prop 19

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator August 17, 2010

    From the Family of Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes

    Van Nuys, California, August, 2010

    Dear Friends of Hemp and Cannabis,

    Our father, Jack Herer, was a man of leadership, compassion and idealism. He worked relentlessly for decades to achieve his dream of legalizing Cannabis hemp in all its forms, personal, medical and industrial. He wanted Cannabis to be free and open, and to be given full respect for its enormous economic, environmental and cultural benefits.

    As an idealist, Jack was adverse to half measures. He originally opposed Prop 215 because it stopped at medical use only. He initially opposed Senate Bill 420 because it set limited quantities as a safe harbor. Over time, however, he came to appreciate the freedoms they created, and took pride in the role he played in inspiring those changes. Jack’s great fear about Prop 215 and SB 420 was that people would accept those limits, become complacent and stop working for full legalization. He feared we would be stuck with medical use forever.

    Likewise, Jack railed against Tax Cannabis 2010, now Proposition 19, and its plan for limited legalization and local authority to tax and regulate marijuana sales to adults 21 and above. It falls far short of what he wanted. Jack ‘wanted it all,’ and Prop 19 is just a part of that dream. Unfortunately, Jack passed away before Prop 19 made the 2010 ballot; so many people think he would still oppose it. We don’t believe that, and we ask that everyone stop saying he would cling to that position as we move toward the Nov. 2 vote.

    As his family, we want the world to know that the last thing Jack Herer would want is for Californians to vote to keep Cannabis illegal. He was smart and had the political savvy to know that once a measure is on the ballot, the time for bickering has passed. That is why he campaigned for Prop 215 despite its shortcomings. That is why, were he able, he would now be telling voters to rally around and Vote Yes on Prop 19.

    Does that mean he would want everyone to stop and be happy with the modest changes that Prop 19 affords? Absolutely not! What Jack would want us to do right now is to support Prop 19, and come Nov. 3 he would be right back again, telling you to renew your commitment to bring a comprehensive California Hemp and Health Initiative to the voters in 2012 or some future date. Jack Herer would ask – no, he would demand your yes vote on Prop 19, along with a pledge to continue fighting for the plant, the people and the planet.

    It is true that Prop 19 does not fulfill our father’s dream; but it takes us much closer to achieving it than we are now, and for that reason we, his family, endorse Prop 19 today.

    Please vote yes on Prop 19 Nov 2, but do it with the dedication to keep working toward complete legalization in Jack’s honor.

    Sincerely, Dan Herer et al.

    48 responses to “From the Family of Jack Herer: The Hemperor would Support Prop 19”

    1. Shawn S. says:

      That is a nice way to look at it, I think 19 will be good and yes we should go forward after it and demand more… I am glad this came out from Jack’s family in a nice way like this… I am sure he is proud 🙂

    2. Mark says:

      Yes we must honor those who have worked so hard. May your father rest in peace and we must never be satisfied with political compromising. But we need to vote this step into law, then keep moving forward for “Freedom for All or No Freedom at all”

    3. This is great news! I’m happy the Herer family came out in support of Prop 19.

    4. DB says:

      Much respect to Jack and his family.

      I hope Californians do the right thing on Nov. 2 and votes YES on Prop 19.

      I pray that there is enough sanity left on this planet so that this bill may pass.

      We’re all waiting…

    5. Undignified says:

      Rest in peace, Jack, and know that those of us who’ve read your book have had our eyes opened. We’ll carry on your dream, just like you did because it is ours now, too. I read Jack’s book not too long ago. Found it sitting on a shelf in books-a-million. I’d already been a supporter for the legalization of cannabis for a while, but that book showed me the real reasons it was illegal and so many more uses that I never knew about. If Jack’s family reads this, know that your father changed my life for the better. Adding hemp to my diet will enable me to live longer and get more out of life, which (I got the feel from his book) was what he wanted for people. Happier, better lives.

      Were I a Californian (which I plan to be in a couple of years after finishing college), I would vote yes on prop 19. For now, living in Florida, I do my best to find out as much as I can to convince my family and friends that marijuana does not deserve the stigma of “the devil weed.” It’s my hope that these small talks with potential voters will help make the change, because in the end, it’s the people who spur our government into action.

    6. A Concerned American Citizen says:

      We all need to spread this information. I have seen far too many arguments against prop 19 based on the premise that “Jack didn’t like it”. Let us all do our part and link to this page in any social networking groups, comments sections, political forums and similar websites. We are responsible for ensuring prop 19 passes.

    7. claygooding says:

      Too continue the policy we have now,even in CA’s mostly lax atmosphere just to wait on the perfect law would be unforgivable and destructive for the momentum our movement has gained from this issue.
      Medical marijuana is still only protected by a memo,people,and all it takes to remove that questionable protection is another memo.

      And the lax enforcement of marijuana laws you enjoy today can change with a new DA in office or a new Police Chief that wants more government blood money from the feds.

      Please help America to end this insanity,start the
      process by legalization with Prop 19 and other states will follow.

      We will take our right to use cannabis back away from our government. And we have to do it exactly as the state of CA is,by the people because there are just too many industries and government agencies against it for our legislators to act.

      If our elected representatives can ignore the fact of medical marijuana and keep it as a schedule one drug
      even with 80% of Americans supporting m/m legalization,
      there is no hope of them admitting they made a mistake 74 years ago and they will continue digging the hole until they are removed.

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    9. moldy says:

      Thank you Dan Herer and family! The movement really needed this!