Prop. 19 Continues To Lead In Latest Poll

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 17, 2010

    A majority of Californians continue to voice their support for Prop. 19 — which would eliminate penalties for the private possession and use of marijuana by adults, and allow local governments to regulate retail cannabis production and sales.

    According to the most recent Survey USA poll (conducted August 9-11), 50 percent of likely voters in California say they are certain to vote ‘yes’ on Proposition 19 versus 40 percent who say that they will vote ‘no.’ These totals are the same as reported by Survey USA one month ago, and indicate that voters’ support is holding steady despite increased attacks and propaganda from our opponents. (NORML Outreach Coordinator Russ Belville has just posted an excellent rebuttal to many of our opponents’ more outrageous claims here.)

    According to the latest polling data, voters age 35 to 49 are most likely to back Prop. 19, and African Americans and self-reported Democrats are more likely to support the measure as compared to other groups. (To read why self-proclaimed ‘conservative’ voters ought to vote yes on Prop. 19, please see my recent op/ed in the Orange County Register here.) On Friday, leaders from the Latino Voters League held a press conference in Los Angeles announcing their support for Prop. 19, joining the state NAACP which had previously announced their ‘unconditional support’ for the measure in June.

    Predictably, many members of law enforcement continue to speak out against the measure. Yet, as you can see in my recent rebuttal to three Bay area police chiefs, their rhetoric rings hollow. In fact, even those in the media who oppose Prop. 19 are beginning to question the rhetoric and tactics of LEOs.

    Fortunately, editors at several prominent California papers are giving ample editorial space to getting out the facts regarding Prop. 19. Recently, I’ve had op/eds published in the San Jose Mercury News (“Critics of Prop. 19 on marijuana rely on fear, not facts“), The Los Angeles Times (“Feinstein’s misguided opposition to marijuana legalization“), and The Ventura County Star (“Media’s coverage of report spurs reefer madness“) setting the record straight.

    Bottom line: The status quo in California for non-medical patients is an abysmal failure. California lawmakers criminalized the possession and use of marijuana in 1913 yet right now in California, the federal government reports that one out of 10 people annually use marijuana and together consume about 1.2 million pounds of it. Self-evidently, cannabis is here to stay. Let’s address this reality and end the practice of arresting 70,000+ Californians each year for minor marijuana possession and/or cultivation charges, and lets stop ceding control of the commercial marijuana market to unregulated, untaxed criminal enterprises and put it in the hands of licensed businesses. Proposition 19 is a first, significant step in this direction.

    37 responses to “Prop. 19 Continues To Lead In Latest Poll”

    1. mike says:

      It’s going to be so funny, smoke a joint and break the law, go vote, smoke a joint and abide by the law…. free at last.

    2. ck30 says:

      That has to be the GREATEST feeling in the world once it passes.Just hope it sweeps the nation faster than we all think.

    3. Jonesy says:

      I hope it passes but it wont, young people just will not go to the polls, its that simple. Another 10 years and the prohibition is over….if we are around that long.

    4. C says:

      That’s great news!

    5. Christian O says:

      We need to make sure we rock the vote in November. Polls are one thing, but voter turnout is another entirely. It is time to stop funding cartels, losing revenue, letting dealers sell to minors, and imprisoning non violent cannabis consumers.

      Please do whatever you can to get the word out!

    6. proudcalifornian says:

      the biggest part is swaying the votes who are already planning on voting against it… they need to be re educated by their own kids and grandchildren. along with everyone getting their asses out there and voting!!!

    7. Nick says:

      I was looking forward to hearing conservatives start with the “death panels” of marijuana legalization and how the proposition is “socialist”, but it’s getting so popular even ultra conservatives like Glenn Beck are coming out of the closet to offer support. It’s too difficult to complain about government spending and not consider a plan that will provide the economy with much needed cash. This is a “yes” vote for both sides.

    8. Demonhype says:

      Problem is similar to post WWII. You remember those guys whose job it was to hunt down Nazi war criminals? Well, they ran out of war criminals and so their jobs were in jeopardy, so they started in on anyone they could find who could be linked to having been even a private in the Nazi army–anything to maintain your power and prestige, as well as your job!

      Same thing here. The DEA has failed. The Drug War has failed. But it has unfortunately produced a structure in which some very dishonest control freaks have been installed in positions of power and prestige, and now their jobs are jeopardy. They won’t give over that power easily, and they will never admit to the failure that has become apparent to anyone with half a brain. Wannabe fascists never do admit it, but this isn’t really about protecting anyone from “teh drugs” anymore, is it?

      Sounds just like my brother’s girlfriend–she’ll give up any and every right and freedom if it means her damn untrustworthy neighbors will be monitored day and night. And her neighbors think the same about her.

      God bless America, I guess.

    9. ray christl says:

      Can NORML-Rich Lee Brain trust get out the YES vote.? Need a media budget,so get Willie Nelson in rural areas. The inner city is Snoop Dog…will some big donor step up.Godspeed !