NORML Conference: Key Speakers, Agenda and Earlybird Discounts Concluding

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director August 27, 2010

    Key Speakers At 2010 NORML Conference in Portland, Oregon: Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Best-Selling Travel Author and TV Host Rick Steves

    There are three important components in this 2010 NORML conference alert:

    -Key Speakers

    -Early-bird Pricing For Registration Is About To Expire

    -Conference Agenda and Speakers Announced

    -Key Speakers-

    NORML is honored and proud to have the former two-term Governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson (R) address the 39th annual national NORML conference on Friday, September 10 at the Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon.

    Gary Johnson became the first sitting governor in 2002 to speak at a NORML national conference in Washington. To date, few elected policymakers—and no governor in American history—have been more politically supportive of ending cannabis prohibition than Governor Johnson. As New Mexico’s term-limited governor from 1994-2002, Governor Johnson championed numerous drug policy reforms, including legalizing medical cannabis.

    Governor Johnson, a man of both big political ideas and financial means, is an early and declared candidate to be the next U.S. president in 2012 (running a decidedly libertarian-leaning campaign as a Republican) who favors substantial changes to America’s longest and most expensive war—the war on some drugs.

    Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D) is a long-serving member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Oregon, who is a co-signer of current federal legislation that would reschedule cannabis to allow its medical use by qualified patients.

    Rick Steves, a best-selling travel author and NORML Advisory board member is a longtime supporter of cannabis law reform based on his travel experiences and personal observations, who, in 2008 hosted an ACLU television program called ‘Marijuana: It’s Time for a Conversation’.

    -Early-bird Pricing for Registration Is About To Expire; Register Now, Save Money-

    After a one month-long period promoting early-bird discount pricing to pre-register for the conference, prices are about to take a turn upwards. Register now to save, especially if you’ve already reserved a room at the sold-out Governor Hotel, overflow hotel Red Lion or live in the greater Portland area. Discount pre-registration pricing ends at midnight (Pacific) Sunday, August 29.

    -Conference Agenda and Speakers Announced-

    The 39th annual NORML conference, ‘Just Say Now!’, continues the tradition of inclusiveness, expertise, passion, devotion, experience and celebration of all things cannabis-related—where over fifty speakers from across America will speak on matters ranging from legalization, medicalization, hemp, history, politics, science, law, business and culture.

    Don’t delay if you want to be assured a seat at America’s oldest and largest pro-marijuana conference, as it will likely sell out soon (the host hotel and overflow hotels already have…).

    Sponsorships and vending tables are still available. Deadline for sponsorships is Aug. 30 and vendors Sept. 7. Check out more conference details or pre-register at www.norml.org/conference

    I hope to see you this September in Portland!

    Discount pre-registration pricing ends at midnight (Pacific) Sunday, August 29.

    8 responses to “NORML Conference: Key Speakers, Agenda and Earlybird Discounts Concluding”

    1. Millard Trammell says:

      open your minds and hearts Amerika

    2. I just wrote , Gary Johnson a nice email because i saw your mention of him . He either refused money from these Corporations or I’ll bet he did not get any money from them because he’s Pro – Cannabis & i hope he’ll mention this in Portland so we can get the truth out there why Marijuana is illegal & whose the force behind it .

      U.S. CongressChange

      * Guide
      * Bills
      * Legislators
      * Interest Groups
      * Contributions

      Interest Groups
      Examples: oil, telecom, tobacco
      Industries Contributions 06/04/08 – 06/03/10 Bill Positions during 111th

      Pharmaceuticals/Health Products
      Pharmaceutical manufacturing $9,683,756 28
      Medical supplies manufacturing & sales $3,719,655 10
      Biotech products & research $1,644,435 13
      Pharmaceutical wholesale $1,554,158 2
      Health care products $709,781 6
      Nutritional & dietary supplements $319,817 1
      Personal health care products $163,170

    3. Hi says:

      I want to show my support but don’t have the resources to fly across the country to visit this event. Is there any way I can virtually show my support? I want my voice to be heard and the world to know that there is one more person that agrees with NORML but I can’t drop every and travel.

      [Editor’s note: The 39th annual NORML conference will be broadcast to the internet via NORML’s Stickam account.]

    4. todd says:

      we all hope for the best. i love marijuana!

    5. Hi says:

      Thank you! I am fresh out of college, full of steam, and ready to support what I believe in!