Prohibitionists Say The Darndest Things

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director August 31, 2010

    Over the weekend the Christian Science Monitor newspaper published the latest installment of their ‘one minute debates’ series. The subject of the debate: “Should California Legalize Pot?” I authored the ‘pro’ argument, which you can read here, and longtime, professional prohibitionist Calvina Fay penned the ‘con’ side.

    Now anyone who is familiar with Calvina already knows of her propensity toward lunacy — Here’s just one example, “Truly sick people who deserve legitimate medical treatment have been duped into believing that marijuana will help them, while in reality it is hurting them.” — but this time, in her vitriol against California’s Prop. 19, she really outdoes herself, arguing that regulating the adult use of cannabis is a threat to… marriage!

    Should California legalize pot?
    via The Christian Science Monitor

    No: legalization means more costs

    … Legalizing marijuana use would substantially increase its already formidable costs to society. That’s because the initiative would allow individuals to possess up to about 120 joints and cultivate 25 square feet of plants, capable of yielding up to 240,000 joints.

    … Legalization would also create an influx in drugged-driving fatalities, more deteriorated neighborhoods, more divorce, more domestic violence, more child abuse, and more addiction!

    Whoa — 120 joints per ounce?! As NORML Outeach Director Russ Belville writes, that’s some fuzzy math. (A more realistic conversion might be 30, or at most 60, joints.) However, such hyperbole is par for the course for our opposition. They are well aware that they can not win this debate on merit, and as a result they now have only the most foolish fear-mongering to fall back on. Fortunately, the polls show that this tactic is also doomed to fail.

    (FYI, for those wishing to weigh in on the CSM debate, you can post your comments on Yahoo News here.)

    And speaking of fear-mongering, I have an op/ed in today’s online version of The Hill rebutting claims of various Prop. 19 detractors, including California Senator Diane Feinstein and Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske. Here is an excerpt:

    Proposition 19 is the right direction
    via The Hill.com

    So then why are Sen. Feinstein and the drug czars so worried about adults consuming it in the privacy of their own home?

    California lawmakers criminalized the possession and use of marijuana in 1913 — a full 24 years before the federal government enacted prohibition. Yet right now in California, the state Board of Equalization reports that some 400,000 use marijuana daily. Self-evidently, cannabis is here to stay.

    It’s time to reject the drug czar’s tired rhetoric, and abandon the failed federal policy of criminal marijuana prohibition. Let’s stop ceding control of this market to unregulated, untaxed criminal enterprises and put it in the hands of licensed businesses. Let’s stop sanctioning adults for private behavior that is engaged in absent of harm to others. …Proposition 19 is a first step in this direction.

    Read NORML’s full commentary here.

    The Hill’s ever-popular Congress blog ‘is where lawmakers come to blog.’ It’s also where legislators and other politicos — such as staffers at the Drug Czar’s office (hint, hint) — come to gauge the pulse of the public. Given that this is a paper of record in these folks’ backyard, why not send a message to those in Washington that their opposition is out of touch with voter sentiment. You can make your voice heard by leaving your feedback here.

    49 responses to “Prohibitionists Say The Darndest Things”

    1. Sam Baldwin says:

      If Christian “scientist” listened to their holy doctrine they might have a very different opinion.

      Douay-Rheims Bible Mathew 7:17
      A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can an evil tree bring forth good fruit.

      Genesis 1:29.
      “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”

      Matthew 7:4 “Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye?

      Ideological point, since Christianity speaks no ill of Marijuana, and is “divine doctrine” is it not safe to say since it never mentions it that since they prophesies the future if it was a problem it would have spoken of it.

      Kill the Temperance Movement!

    2. Joel: the other Joel says:

      Please vote for Proposition 19 and have the truth come out. United States had enough of this cruel and costly prohibition. Let California be the first among the the fifty states to show the world the truth.

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    4. K says:

      “Truly sick people who deserve legitimate medical treatment have been duped into believing that marijuana will help them, while in reality it is hurting them.”

      That makes me so angry.

    5. MsMimi says:

      I would think this uninformative nonsense posted by Calvina would help Proposition 19. She is not giving any factual information, and I think the voters of CA are saavy enough to see through it. Let her keep talking, from my perspective she is helping.

    6. Grandma420 says:

      All and all it’s just another brick in the wall. Obama won’t debate it because there is no argument. And you are 100 percent correct! It is here to stay and its not going away so officials better get used to it.

    7. rick says:

      how crazy are these people they spread thier lies on what they personally believe not on the facts,facts are pot has been illegal for at least 30 years and we dont have the problems she is worried about quit telling your lies pot smoking didnt just start today i have smoked since 1976
      u cant blame the problems of society on pot smoking that god put here to use. my veiws are morerealistic truths than hers the real crime is punishing people for using it please get it legalized

    8. Baby boomer in Texas says:

      #4 – “Truly sick people who deserve legitimate medical treatment have been duped into believing that marijuana will help them, while in reality it is hurting them.”

      I would like to see her evidence and will show her all mine. Can we line this up?

    9. chinchoweed says:

      why the heck do they think I smoke pinners? hay man let make four joints out of this gram .25 is a bowl at most. they dont get it the people that smoke allot like me can get ganja fine and if anything it will weed out the kids that just do it because they think that it is a cool thing tah do yeah know that crowd bullshit!

    10. Matt W. says:

      So let’s see how many holes can be poked in this statement alone:

      … Legalization would also create an influx in drugged-driving fatalities (WRONG! Show me one stoned individual that would actually decide to leave the comfort of their own home, much less get into a car and actually drive somewhere!)
      … more deteriorated neighborhoods (WRONG!! Less gangs, less graffitti and gang tags, more social interaction in the community)
      … more divorce (WRONG! If nothing else, I would argue that cannabis could help to salvage marriages on the rocks!)
      . . .more domestic violence, more child abuse (WRONG! Violence and Cannabis have NEVER EVER been linked!! Yet alcohol, on the other hand. . .)
      …and more addiction! (WRONG!! It’s not even addictive!)

      I would argue that by keeping cannabis and other drugs illegal, the following statement applies:

      (That should get some people’s attention)

      hey, if all drugs were legal I’m pretty sure that Crystal Meth wouldn’t be the scourge that it is today. . .just sayin’)

      End Prohibition. . .LEGALIZE FREEDOM!