Emery Prosecutor: Legalize Marijuana Now

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 5, 2010

    Special to The Seattle Times

    By John McKay

    I don’t smoke pot. And I pretty much think people who do are idiots.

    This certainly includes Marc Emery, the self-styled “Prince of Pot” from Canada whom I indicted in 2005 for peddling marijuana seeds to every man, woman and child with an envelope and a stamp. Emery recently pleaded guilty and will be sentenced this month in Seattle, where he faces five years in federal prison. If changing U.S. marijuana policy was ever Emery’s goal, the best that can be said is that he took the wrong path.

    As Emery’s prosecutor and a former federal law-enforcement official, however, I’m not afraid to say out loud what most of my former colleagues know is true: Our marijuana policy is dangerous and wrong and should be changed through the legislative process to better protect the public safety.


    126 responses to “Emery Prosecutor: Legalize Marijuana Now”

    1. the sheldo says:

      “I don’t smoke pot. And I pretty much think people who do are idiots.”

      What a great way to start an article…imagine if this article was written about blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, etc…”I’m not black. And I pretty much think people who are are idiots.” This kind of all-encompassing mentality just screams “ignorant” no matter what context it is used in. This guy is a prosecutor?

    2. MedicalCannibisMan says:

      Medical marihuana is not a farce or a scapegoat. This drug has been proven to cure cancer and slow progressive neurological diseases like parkinson, MS, and SCA among other neurodegenerative disease’s. It IS A VIABLE MEDICINE. And until everyone is educated about this plants true use in our society you are correct we will fail as a Country.

    3. justin says:

      Justin curious how much tax $$$ is it going to cost to support Marc Emery in jail? I bet there goes all my tax earnings I make to not even support a % of him… seriously I am very curious.

      I really can’t believe our government is wasting so much time, energy, and tax $$$ to do this to a harmless man.
      I mean 5 years!!!! come on!!! Rapist get shorter terms than that, much more permanently damaging and sick and twisted offenses get a lesser jail sentence?

      I wish the punishment for a crime would literally be equal to the crime itself, because if that was the case, Marc Emery should deserve a bong hit from every plant that grew from his seeds!

      Amazing how a simple flower could all of a sudden be a demon after over 8,000 years of being enjoyed and loved once the time of racist and extremely biast politicians came into office in the 1930’s!!!!

    4. Bradson says:

      “regulate its sale to adults who are dumb enough to want it” -John McKay

      In order to do this we would need to test any adult who wishes to purchase marijuana. Maybe a standard IQ test would suffice, but what would the cut-off score be? Would anyone who scores average or above be denied the right to purchase and use? And what if, after using, a low IQ person scores better on the test? Would they then be denied any further purchase of marijuana because they’re now too smart?

    5. John says:

      I am pretty sure people who smoke pot think he is an idiot for NOT smoking pot! Yes on 19!

    6. Bob Constantine says:

      Well Mr. McKay, thanks sort of.
      You address some of the issues well and apparently your cognitive dissonance prevents you from addressing ALL of the issues. You see, what another person does with their own body, horrible laws notwithstanding, is ALWAYS their business.

      When we use government force and limit peaceful people from owning themselves, we are promoting what? The real issue isn’t cannabis, it’s whether all people have the natural right to control their OWN bodies.

      You seem to miss that point. But yeah thanks, sort of.

    7. Justin says:

      Why is it that these people who work in law enforcement are willing to say it should be legal. But in the courtroom they wont stand up (using their constitutional right) and refuse to prosecute someone because the law is unjust. It is our responsibility to tell the government what laws we want. I know we have all been screaming for a change for years, but the voice of the people falls on deaf ears. What would really create a change is if jurors, judges and lawyers began refusing to prosecute non violent offenders even though the misguided law says they should go to jail.

      It is sad to know that the person responsible for putting Marc Emery in jail couldve personally taken a step towards what he believes is right by refusing to send an innocent man to jail

    8. jason says:

      as i keep saying: even assuming everything the media says is true (like this guy does) you don’t have any chance of converting potsmokers into wholesome, healthy, safe-driving, puritan suburbanites by sending them to jail and relegating them into a situation in which they can never earn above minimum wage again.

      douche though he is, at least he doesn’t overlook this glaring contradiction in the prohibitionist’s argument, like the rest of the world seems to.

    9. Jim says:

      Very good piece! Too bad he’s prosecuting Marc Emery and I wish he was not. Marijuana prohibition needs to end now.

    10. Anonymous says:

      where does this douche get off saying everyone who smokes are idiots, then tries to defend them?