Boston Freedom Rally For Marijuana Legalization: 21 Years And Counting!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director September 18, 2010

    At one of the cradles of the American experience with First Amendment principles of peaceful protest, petitioning the government for grievances and political organizing, the 21st annual Boston Freedom Rally will take place today from high noon to 6PM on the historic Boston Commons.

    If you live in Massachusetts or the surrounding states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island or Connecticut, come on out to a great day of music, speeches, vending and protest on the Boston Common!

    30 responses to “Boston Freedom Rally For Marijuana Legalization: 21 Years And Counting!”

    1. Laurie Stuart says:

      I wish you much luck today with the rally. Medical Marijuana should be available in ALL 50 States, we should be protesting the Pharmaceutical Industry … pharmaceuticals are killing people at an alarming rate… I know this first hand because prescription meds almost killed me … I moved from FL to CA because of the Medical Marijuana laws and for the first time in years I got a clean bill of health from my primary doctor … no meds anymore … only medical marijuana. It has helped tremendously with arthritis, migraines & severe back trauma. I wish you many blessings with trying to get this passed in Massachusetts.

    2. Just Legalize It says:

      leaving for boston in a couple hours… cant wait!!

    3. Nick Dion says:

      Why do you have this event on yom kippur when half of your supporters will be at temple

      [Editor’s note: FYI…about 2% of the US population appears to practice Judaism…not 50%. The Boston Freedom Rally has been held on the third Saturday of September for 21 straight years regardless of religious holidays or east coast hurricanes. For many participants attending today’s rally Yom Kippur was both observed (no eating until sunset tonight!) and celebrated from the stage.]

    4. somedude says:

      Didn’t they start sending undercovers to the Boston event to cite and hassle smokers, for the first time EVER, in the past couple of years? Like, despite the fact that Mass. also decriminalized in the past couple of years??

    5. […] Freedom Rally For Marijuana Legalization: 21 Years And Counting! Boston Freedom Rally For Marijuana Legalization: 21 Years And Counting! September 18th, 201 / Allen St. Pierre / 09,18,2010 At one of the cradles of the American […]

    6. Rebel with a Cause says:

      He who resorts to civil disobedience obeys the laws of the state to which he or she belongs, not out of fear of sanctions, but because he or she considers them to be good for the welfare of society. But there comes occasions, generally rare, when he or she considers certain laws to be so unjust, as to render obedience to them, a dishonor. Her or she then openly and civily breaks them and quietly suffers the penalty for their breach. Gandhi

      Prohibition goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appitite by legislation and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.

      That is why – it is with the greatest pleasure that I inform each and every pot-phobic prohib hypocrite that whil they are up on their soap box, spewing their God awful shit all over the o]place, their bodies are producing endogenous cannabinoids (anandamide) all by their self. That’s right! their bodies are little pot factories – and – there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it – because – God has made it so! I’m laughing so hard, I’m about to pee my pants. The fact of the matter is – God created us with a cannabinoid system, cannabinoid receptors, and cannabis itself. So! who can argue with God? Right! pot-ohobic prohib hypocrites. Enough said! The truth be to God! Amen

    7. Nic says:

      What is going on at NORML?

      In the meantime, there are so many people-human beings in prisons for inhaling, tell me again, who enjoys the little visions that cannabis bring

      I wonder about my ‘little’ soul

    8. Paul Revere says:

      Hopefully Prop19 passes in California in November and Rallys like these will be a thing of the past by this time next year.

      Viva Prop19

    9. tyrone says:

      i was there today it was crazy i wont miss anotha one went last year went this year and im goin next year