Prop. 19 Increasingly Popular Among California Voters

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director September 30, 2010

    More than half of Californians now say that they will vote ‘yes’ this November on Proposition 19, which would legalize the private adult use and cultivation of limited amounts of cannabis, and allow local governments the option of regulating its commercial production and retail distribution.

    The latest poll of 2,004 likely voters throughout the state by the Public Policy Institute of California reports that 52 percent of Californians back Prop. 19, versus 41 percent opposed and seven percent undecided.

    Prop 19 is more popular than any candidate or incumbent

    Of the statewide propositions polled, only Prop. 19 possessed majority support among California voters. In fact, the same poll reports that a greater percentage of voters now back Prop. 19 than support incumbent Democrat Senators Barbara Boxer (42%) and Dianne Feinstein (44%), Senate Republican challenger Carly Fiorina (35%), Gubernatorial Democrat candidate Jerry Brown (37%) or Gubernatorial Republican candidate Meg Whitman (38%).

    Historically, ballot initiative campaigns lose support in the months prior to election day. But Prop. 19 is bucking this trend, as recent results from the Field Poll, Survey USA, and polltracker.com clearly show that marijuana legalization is maintaining, and in some cases gaining, voter support as we approach November 2, 2010.

    Proposition 19 is endorsed by a broad coalition of divergent and powerful interest groups, including the California NAACP; the Latino Voters League; the Service Employees International Union (SEIU); the National Black Police Association; the United Food and Commercial Workers, (UFCW) Western States Council; the California Council of Churches IMPACT; Firedog Lake; the California Green Party; and the Republican Liberty Caucus. These organizations, along with millions of Californians, agree that it is time to end criminal marijuana prohibition in California.

    If you live in California but are not registered to vote, you can do so by going here. Help make history on November 2!

    52 responses to “Prop. 19 Increasingly Popular Among California Voters”

    1. Pot Nero says:

      I’m pulling for ya, wish I lived there, you’d have my vote….It only makes sense…amilla. GO CALI.

    2. Yoni says:

      When prop #19 passes I want to see some live video stream of NORML headquarters with people popping champagne bottles and going crazy!

    3. Ben says:

      That’s hilarious that Prop 19 is more popular than Feinstein. What a prude she is. I’d love to see her get voted out in 2012 on this issue. I blame her for the cluster-F when I had a ticket to see Obama’s inauguration, but the crowd control was so pitiful, we never even got close to the security gates.

    4. cactus says:

      Go Prop 19

      [Russ responds: 18 “o”s should be more than enough, eh?]

    5. raul says:

      It is morbidly depressing that the American ppl’s third eye is clouded by this sacred plants smoke-screen ur “Uncle Sam-Dnt giva Damn” is toking as we speak!!This is once again a repeat of history;a ploy by the Aristocratic,Big Wig,High-brow,Monopilists oops I mean beast-like Corporate square thuggs,oops I mean Capitalists to manipulate our ill-informed,deceived civilians into rushing to vote “Yes”..using our emotional passion against us rather than our logical ration!We would have been just fine(practicing patience)with prop215&Sb420 and creating initiatives/laws mutualy beneficial to “THE PEOPLE” and…govt!Now prop19 will over-ride prop215,eliminating most if not all rights for medicinal patients and allowing “Walmartization” to develop rapidly by the hands of the SAME PPL judging,scrutinizing,prosecuting,incarcerating us all these years!!The picture they paint looks like a beautiful oasis in the mirage..but it’s starting to look more n more like a facade!!!It looks inevitable at this point so rather than just gripe and do nothing;Pass 19 on Nov.2(we celebrate life)..but on Nov.3 We peacefully protest at our city halls and WE FIGHT FOR OUR RIGHTS!!!JACK HERER(RIP)revised initiatives NOW not 2012!!!

      [Russ responds: I think it’s more a ploy by the makers of spell check to allow the 3rd-grader-ization of written English. Babylon Irie ganja, mon, I’n’I Rastafari and such…]

    6. sharon Ravert says:

      I am moving and spending all of my vacation money there until I can move!! Nice job Cali we are all hoping that you can make history again with the Change we all really want.

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    8. Nic says:

      Have you put it together

    9. Nic says:

      Proposition 19 is The End Of The World

      Imagine a world filled with dope smoking queer people paying the last requests at my grave

      [Russ responds: I don’t think many of us would visit your grave, Nic. We’ll be too busy smoking legal pot to notice your death.]

    10. Richard says:

      If this passes I’ll seriously consider moving to California. Vote yes, all of you! Then tell your friends to vote yes, and tell them to tell their friends. Etc. etc.