Facebook Billionaire Gives Money to Legalize Marijuana in California

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director October 6, 2010

    I think it hard to imagine that other rich supporters of cannabis law reform are not going to follow Dustin’s lead and make a sizable donation in these last few weeks of the campaign as…everyone loves a winner!

    An irony here is about a month ago Facebook refused to take FireDogLake’s ‘Just Say Now’ pro-cannabis law reform ads…blessedly, karma exists.

    From Forbes:

    Dustin Moskovitz confirmed tonight that he has recently given $50,000 in support of Proposition 19, which is seeking to legalize marijuana in California this November. He had previously donated $20,000 to supporters of the act, which would allow people 21 years old or older to possess, cultivate or transport cannabis for personal use and would permit local governments to  regulate and tax commercial production and sale of the substance. (Update: Dustin explains why he backs Prop 19.)
    Not too many other billionaires have come out in favor of legalizing pot but one who has is Peter Lewis, who donated $12,800 to Oregon’s medical marijuana ballot this November, according to my colleague Clare O’Connor. (Read her September post). Lewis, who was arrested for drug possession in New Zealand a decade ago, has been a longtime supporter of the issue; he apparently smoked marijuana for pain relief after his left leg was amputated.

    Moskovitz, who is now the America’s youngest billionaire and who is played by actor Joseph Mazzello in the just released Facebook movie “The Social Network,”  had no other comment at this time. Moskovitz left Facebook in 2008 and started Asana, a software company that allows individuals and small companies to better collaborate. The company, which has several of the same early backers as Facebook, lists some of its values as pragmatism, chill-ness and being a mensch. For now, we estimate that his entire $1.4 billion fortune comes from his 6% stake in Facebook.

    31 responses to “Facebook Billionaire Gives Money to Legalize Marijuana in California”

    1. The facts says:

      I couldn’t agree with you any more , Dustin .

    2. James says:

      Love this! Prop 19 is going to pass! It is doing so well! I have great hopes. =)

    3. Dr McNasty says:

      what’s prop 19?

    4. keydet46 says:

      Thank god for a true American the is smart enough to REALLY care about protecting the kids, figting terroism, saving the tax payers billions of dollers, racist Jim Crowe enforcement, etc. The list of why to votes yes on prop 19 goes on and on.

      He is smart enough to not believe all the lies that the people that are profiting from the war on drug have fed us all these years.

      Thank you Dustin. You are a true patriot that cares about civil liberty.

      Above is what I wrote on Forbes Blog

    5. Spiff says:

      Awesome!! Thanks Dustin your the man!!!

    6. First says:

      Wow, a least we know that one of these guys knows what is really going on in the modern world and, not just some corporate jack off. It’s really great that this donation will be there to, help the campaign. And to also get more ads out there in this last month before the vote. We’re getting some good polling results now. 50% and climbing.

    7. CT says:

      The reason facebook blocks those images is because so many folks look at it at work. FB would lose millions of hits if it was determined NSFW! It is okay for HR to use FB as a poor man’s background check, but lord forbid it support something that is against HR’s bladder police!

    8. Brandon C says:

      Sean Parker, another Facebook co-founder, was generous enough to donate another $100,000! Thank goodness for the generational shift! Our time is coming!

      [Paul Armentano responds: Yes, indeed. You can read more about his donation here: http://www.celebstoner.com/201010074987/news/celebstoner-news/social-networks-sean-parker-donates-100k-to-yes-on-19.html%5D

    9. Holly says:

      GO Dustin Moskovitz! You Rock! If only I wasn’t still in college I could donate more 🙁

    10. peter says:

      thank you !