We Are Less Than 48 Hours From Marijuana Becoming Legal In California!

  • by Paul Armentano, NORML Deputy Director November 1, 2010

    Californians are less than 24 hours away from making history.

    On November 2, tens of millions of voters will enter the voting booth and decide ‘yes’ on Proposition 19 — which re-legalizes the adult, non-medical possession, use, and cultivation of cannabis in California. For the first time in 97 years, marijuana will be legal under state law to possess, use, and grow in California. This will be the vote heard around the world.

    If you live in California, imagine waking up Wednesday morning and knowing, for the first time since 1913, that marijuana (when possessed or grown within limited quantities) is legal under state law.

    That is why it is so important that you and your like-minded friends take to the polls tomorrow. According to the latest Survey USA poll, which sampled voter’s sentiment through Sunday, October 31, Proposition 19 is in a statistical dead heat: 44 percent ‘for’ versus 46 percent ‘opposed’, with ten percent of voters undecided! In short, we are within striking distance, and victory is achievable — but only if you act on Tuesday.

    I realize that some of you may still have lingering questions regarding Proposition 19 — how it will, and how it won’t change the marijuana laws in California. That is why NORML has posted a word-by-word analysis of Prop. 19 here. Or you can read specific sections of the measure here, along with detailed replies to frequently asked questions here. Finally, you can watch the latest ad in support of Prop. 19 here.

    Proposition 19 is endorsed by an unparalleled coalition of social justice, law enforcement, civil rights, and drug policy reform organizations, including: NORML, The Drug Policy Alliance, The Marijuana Policy Project, DrugSense, StoptheDrugWar.org, the ACLU of Northern and Southern California, the California Libertarian Party, the California Green Party, the National Black Police Association, the National Latino Officers Association, the California Council of Churches IMPACT, the California National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the California League of United Latin American Citizens, the Latino Voters League, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, and the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), Western States Council. These organizations, and many others, believe that November 3 will mark a new beginning in California — and around the globe.

    Help make history on November 2 — support Proposition 19.

    59 responses to “We Are Less Than 48 Hours From Marijuana Becoming Legal In California!”

    1. Jon says:

      Make your voice heard and VOTE

    2. Just Legalize It says:

      everyone will be getting ounces and grow equipment for christmas

    3. Tomorrow it’s the important day for all of us..
      i do beleive that we will win but even if we lose i beleive that its a new era anyway.. the next day win or lose will find you all together very aware that half of the population has a specific way of life and we should respect..
      this election does not make sence because we call half of the population to deceide about the way of life of the other half.. we call people that never found out what cannabis is, to deceide ..
      it seems like cannabis is for the half of the population.. the other half doesnt smoke and will never touch it even if you put it in their mouth and close their nose ..
      i expect everybody to undestand this, go to the polls now that it’s set but respect us from now on..
      i would like to call on all of you not to relax even a mimute if you succeed but immediately mind all us that still suffer..
      be carefull because they say that big farma got a great win when any !!!!! herb will be forbidden in Europe .. only cure available will be with the chemicals of the big farma..
      if the big farma lose you guys they will turn to us and in stead of freedom we will see the big brother 1984 version 2010..
      over there grew up this mentality to grab everybody and dominate the world and you nice people must help ..
      personally i dont beleive that they forbid the cannabis because they are ignorant..
      i beleive that they know it, they give it to their people (taking care of them if they have law prolems) and they fight so hard to keep it forbidden because they want to be the only ones (and their helpers) to have it.. they realized what magic and wonderfull plant it is and they reacted as expected.. they forbidded it for everybody else just to have its amazing powers just for them and have the advantage.. they didnt surprise me..
      free yourselves and us nice Californians..

    4. rick says:

      i dont know if we will win i hope so. i live in ohio and hope it passes and catches on across the whole usa thanks norml and all of the legalization movement.if prop 19 loses at least you guys opened the eyes of people all over the usa.i have been smoking for40 years and i have never seen so many debates and polls for its legalization,we are at 46 percent for legalization across the whole usa so if it doesnt pass i feel confident that it will at least in my lifetime go cali please legalise so we arent criminals anymore

    5. Igor says:

      This is a historic opportunity. It should be seized. Prop 19 can be the beginning of the end of Prohibition not only in the United States but the entire world.

      The world is watching, California…

    6. ck30 says:

      Im gonna be keeping an eye on prop 19 Go Cali lets make history an take our Freedoms back

    7. ck30 says:

      i’ll have my t.v on CNN all day long watchin an waiting for the results

    8. peacefull solution says:

      this is a no brainer i can drink and smoke my way to death and abortion is legal but i cant smoke flowers?

    9. mike says:

      Vote yes on prop 19. You’re so lucky to be in CA dammit!!