Arizona’s Prop 203 appears headed for victory in latest counts

  • by Russ Belville, NORML Outreach Coordinator November 13, 2010
    Legalization, Decrim, Medical, Dispensaries, Hemp, DUID, all in one map (updated)

    Legalization, Decrim, Medical, Dispensaries, Hemp, DUID, all in one map (updated - click for full size)

    The Associated Press is reporting that Arizona’s Proposition 203 is now leading in the vote by 4,421 votes with only 10,000 votes remaining to be counted from Maricopa County (a major metro county comprised of Phoenix and Tempe).  The measure had trailed by about 7,200 votes at the end of election night but counting of absentee and provisional ballots have shifted the count by over 11,000 votes.

    The Marijuana Policy Project is declaring victory and that Arizona will become the 15th medical marijuana state.  The newest medical marijuana state will now protect registered patients from arrest and provide a dispensary system for them to acquire their medicine.  Patients will not be permitted to grow their own medicine at home if they live within 25 miles of a dispensary.  Patients will be allowed to possess 2.5 ounces of marijuana acquired no more often than every 14 days when purchased from the dispensaries.  Patients will not be able to sell marijuana to the dispensaries that are required to grow their own cannabis within highly-secured facilities.  There can only be a maximum of one dispensary for every ten pharmacies, except when to allow at least one per county.  Medical marijuana cards and recommendations for patients from other states will be honored in Arizona, though those patients will not be allowed purchase marijuana in the dispensaries.  The complete text is available from the Arizona Medical Marijuana Policy Project.

    56 responses to “Arizona’s Prop 203 appears headed for victory in latest counts”

    1. adhd says:

      fantastic news, it has won tho hasnt it, it has passed the point needed to insure this no

    2. This is good news although Im surprised considering that this is the same state that wants to criminalise all who even remotely look like illegal immagrants.

      Also, I aint surprised that those in power would want to insure that the pharmacies outnumber the dispensarys.

    3. Chad says:

      It’s soo nice to see more of the American public realize that Cannabis is NOT the problem, it is the CURE for more than the Federal Government will Ever admit.. This is just one more step towards the everlasting cause of true freedom!

      -A Concerned American

    4. Jay says:

      Thanks for the update Russ!

    5. todd says:

      need to push a little harder in wiscosin it passed by 76% in a test referendom in dane county and river falls it needs to go on the ballot so all the people can vote on it and get it passed !!

    6. Bradson says:

      I voted for it but it’s incredibly restrictive and the product will likely be very expensive. The black market will still thrive. Still, it paves the way for eventual legalization when any of us, ill or not, can have access to marijuana at a reasonable price or be able to grow our own.

    7. Ben Smokes Pot says:

      Regulations are tight. Hard to believe that many ppl would vote against that.

    8. Chris Joynt says:

      Truth Has Prevailed!

    9. Michelle says:

      I worked on this campaign with AZ4NORML (Tucson chapter of NORML) and we heard the good news last night and it really is the silver lining in continued battle to legalize marijuana.

      Running ballot initiatives in a mid-year election is the tougher road but we prevailed. Now the hard work begins to implement our Model initiative which is a hybrid of Michigan’s medical marijuana act. We’re going to have approximately 124 non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries located in our state so these licenses will be very sought after. Also we have a reciprical agreement with all the other 14 medical marijuana states that will allow visiting patients to bring their medicine with them and use it. Visiting qualifying patients will not be allowed to use the dispensaries which won’t be up and running until late 2011 I predict.

      For any NORML folks reading this, please consider having the annual conference in Tucson, Arizona. After all it was Tucson and the efforts of AZ4NORML that really helped this measure pass. Tucson brought in 43,000 votes on the YES column and that was the strongest showing in the state. We are a lovely place to be in September and there are so fabulous hotels here with plenty of space to host a national conference. Arizona can be the shining model for all our future efforts as we march slowly forward to end our failed WAR ON MARIJUANA. My new policy is to call it the WAR ON MARIJUANA not the War on Drugs since that’s the truth.

      Our motto for the 2011 conference should be: