Willie Nelson After His Most Recent Pot Arrest: Let’s Start A Tea Pot Party!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director November 28, 2010

    American music legend and NORML Advisory Board member Willie Nelson was busted, again, for possessing cannabis on Friday by a US Border Patrol outside of Sierra Blanca, Texas…about 30 miles from the nation’s border with Mexico. NORML warned cannabis consumers a few years ago about these roaming road blocks.

    Willie’s tour bus had to pass through one of these ‘border’ checkpoints, and after law enforcement claimed to have smelled cannabis, Willie was busted for possessing six ounces of cannabis.

    In his first public interview post arrest, Willie tells CelebStoner: “There’s the Tea Party. How about the Teapot Party? Our motto: We lean a little to the left.”

    For years NORML’s founder Keith Stroup has admonished cannabis consumers—the tens of millions of cannabis consumers in America—to stop voting for politicians who support arresting cannabis consumers.

    If enough cannabis consumers get politically active and organize under Willie Nelson’s ‘Tea Pot Party’, voters in future may have a choice to support bona fide office seekers who support ending Cannabis Prohibition as Willie has just started a Facebook page announcing such.**

    **And thereby ending the historical harassment by law enforcement of great musicians from coast to coast.

    121 responses to “Willie Nelson After His Most Recent Pot Arrest: Let’s Start A Tea Pot Party!”

    1. Yvonne says:

      it’s like busting him for being a certain race or something

    2. addie says:

      This is just amazing! Wasting their time on arresting Willie Nelson! What is the purpose of this? He’s going to continue to smoke weed so what’s the point? When will this country understand that people smoke weed and there is NOTHING wrong with it! It’s NOT a “gateway drug”! It’s CAN’T, and shouldn’t be, compared to cocaine, heroin, or any other drug for that matter! The WORST thing that happens when you smoke weed is you want to eat! Other than that you laugh, love and basically hang out! So, GET OVER IT ALREADY! Leave Willie Nelson Alone!

    3. Dillon Greenthumb says:

      Lets go Willie.

    4. Joe says:

      National Pot Party – YES! But either have a complete platform or co-exist within all the other parties as an advocating caucus! We’d actually get somewhere instead of being another “protest” candidate or 3rd party going nowhere! By doing so, we could influence candidate selections & party issues.
      But Willie aren’t you a Medical MJ card holder?? You should stand your ground and defend your right to possess your medicine regardless of another state’s prohibition. Being a traveling performer by trade you should be able to carry your medicine with you at all tiimes. At 6 ozs. you are 2 ozes below your legal entitlement in Calif.
      This would be a good stand/ legal position to take Willie.
      And everybody back up Willie!!!

    5. Bob says:

      It’s time for a nationwide movement to legalize Cannabis and Hemp in all it’s forms.

      Count me in.

    6. Constructive possession is hard to prove! Unless someone admits it was his pot, how can they prove whose it is? maybe the mechanic left it in there when working on the vehicle…etc.

    7. Shawnathan says:

      Evening to all, just last night this idea was floated on MichaelMoore.com by a blogger support for the idea is beginning and today I read Willie Nelsons idea. I will copy and paste the comment as it was written. ”

      Michael Moore,

      What I am proposing may seem naïve, but I believe that within the next two years Progressives must organize under one umbrella. We did it here in Kansas City in the 80’s under the name of “The Coalition against Non-intervention in Central America”. Gay rights organizations, unions, farmers, peace groups, those who supported the legalization of marijuana, teachers, students and many others. Today’s umbrella group would be called the coalition to remove Republicans from office and push forward our progressive agenda. It will take a lot of work, but as Republicans run the Government into the ground organization should be easier.
      I am asking for your support, I have been sending notices to the progressive groups in Kansas City. You reach across America. We must do this to ensure that there is not a boot on the head of unorganized groups attacking right wing extremists all on their own. Under our Umbrella group the man who pinned the female Move On worker who was knocked to the ground and then stomped on would have been defended by a fierce group who work for peace but are not pacifists. We must not sit idly by and take this abuse any longer. A boot to the head gets a blow to the noggin.
      Will you please help organize this group calling upon all progressive groups to join under one flag, a flag for jobs, peace, education, a public option, unions, NORML, NARAL, and constantly denouncing the two percent who control the 80% of the wealth, denouncing tea party elected Reps and Senators on their home court without fear? We are still the majority and together if we get out more than 31 percent of registered voters as in Kansas City then the house will belong to progressives an the Senators who come up for re-election will have to finally take us seriously.

      Thank you,

      Steven Addison
      Kansas City. Missouri”
      Its time…. we must unite and join together with a plan of action, policies to reform the nation and make it whole.

    8. NagaSadhu says:

      I’m now a member of the Willie Nelson “Tea Pot Party”, I just hope I clicked on all the right spots.

    9. ray christl says:

      The DIMS and RIPS are a false paradigm…with my guess of 60 million pot smokers in last 18-24 months…we have some low-hanging fruit someone will pick. NORML says that the Govt. says 29 million smokers now…I’ll come down to 50 million,yet we can’t galvanize in a police state.

    10. Rev. Darren Courtney Aka; Dagweed Budhead says:

      Yup! Time to round up Willie, Seth Rogen, Cheech & Chong, Woody, and the rest of the supporters to get this long overdue, serious movement going on! Hell, I have the time! I’m an unemployed actor (Bloodwood Cannibals-2010) in between gigs and would love to help stir up the pot!
      I was just telling friends a few weeks ago there needs to be a movement like this. Get that hemp fuel burning bus, a convoy of supporters (just like the dead head followers back in the day) and this will be a huge impact. First stop DC then the bible belt and beyond!
      Have Willie step up as the driving force and key speaker for the movement just like….(whats that chicks name again from Alaska?! LOL!)
      Rev.Darren Courtney