Unconventional Views: Race Relations And The War On Some Drugs

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 19, 2010

    Among the three subgroups of Americans that need special attention from cannabis law reformers—women, seniors and minorities—recently, John McWhorter, a lecturer at Columbia University and author of many books, and formerly a scholar at Berkeley and the Manhattan Institute, gave an interesting talk on “Race Relations and the War on Drugs” at a Cato Institute seminar in New York.

    In future, it would behoove the current public discourse regarding ‘Reefer Madness and Race’ to get Mr. McWhorter and NAACP’s Cailifornia director Alice Huffman on stage together because whether African Americans are conservative or liberal the war on some drugs disproportionately impacts minority communities by readily creating remarkable social, economic and legal disparities that ending Cannabis Prohibition can certainly help to address and outright alleviate.

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    1. Nic says:

      GOD Bless Alice Huffman

      Where in Hell is Michelle?

      Black folk don’t want any problems with whites.

      ~Jim Crow

      Soon it will be okay to serve in The Army if you are Gay.

      Soon it will be okay to inhale.



      Veterans for Peace White House Civil Disobedience to End War


    2. Krause says:

      It’s amazing how people think it’s unfair that minorities are arrested more for crimes and stuff. The reason isn’t racial profiling, it’s because they commit more crimes. Ghettos teach their inhabitants to commit crime. Unfortunately those bad neighborhoods are populated by minorities. It’s unavoidable.

      [Editor’s note: What is really amazing is how ignorant some people can be about race…’they’ (AKA blacks) don’t commit drug ‘crimes’ more than ‘we’ (AKA whites). In fact law enforcement disproportionately harass, arrest, prosecute and incarcerate ‘them’ at rates way beyond ‘their’ population level and drug use rates (ie, in NYC 90% of those arrested for cannabis offenses are minorities!).

      Apparently you didn’t listen to either McWhorter or Huffman…as both described that law enforcement can certainly abate and ‘avoid’ targeting minority communities, but only with an end to racist-inspired and implemented laws like those under Cannabis Prohibition.]

    3. Jed The head says:

      This prohibition is based on racism. In the 1930’s the people working to prohibit cannabis linked it to minorities in order to vilify it. Obviously it worked and the result is we now have a President of color and he supports this totally racist law. Go figure. It’s got to be about the money.

    4. fishcreekbob says:

      More proof that our legal system is corrupted by hemp laws. NARIJUANA is the smoke screen to hide the hemp field. Where do we get most our oil from? We are made to be the greatest funders of terrorism and criminals for wanting to fund American farmers.

    5. Wayne Reiss says:

      I LOVE ALICE HUFFMAN!!! Watching that video I kept yelling at my computer screen, “Tell it, Alice!” It’s so heartening to know there are still voices like Alice’s telling the truth in this country. Alice, you give me hope that this nation may see a brighter future.

      Thank you, Alice. You are a blessing to me and to this nation. I wish I could give you a big bear hug.

    6. AfraidinCt says:

      I am a white male that has a lot of Minority Friends. I find that there are Major Inequalities toward not only towards my friends, but Minorities as a whole sickining. My friends are some of the best people I know. Just sick and tired of being singled out more often than not.

    7. Cat Cassie says:

      Thank God for Alice Huffman. It seems this video was prior to Nov 2nd. If so why wasn’t it brought out before this? She is a good speaker. I hope to hear more of her in the future.

    8. Nic says:

      A Christmas Present


      Jury Pool In Marijuana Case Stages Mutiny; Won’t Convict

      “In what could grow into something much bigger in future cases, potential jurors in Missoula County District Court staged a revolt Thursday, taking the law into their own hands and making it clear they would not convict anybody for having less than 2 grams of marijuana.”

      Music to my ears, Thank you Montana.