NORML: Give Thanks And Praises!

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director December 24, 2010

    December 24, 2010

    Dear NORML Members and Supporters,

    Social change doesn’t happen overnight – but it does happen. This is the message we took away from the November 2010 election, an election that will influence NORML’s work in 2011 and beyond.

    California Legalization Initiative: Prop. 19
    I’m sure that by now you know the news. Forty-seven percent of Californians voted in favor of Proposition 19, which made the possession, cultivation, and sale of cannabis lawful for adults. No legalization initiative in any state has ever received so much voter support, nor has any effort generated such positive national discourse. In fact, by the end of the campaign even our staunchest opponents had to concede that America’s present criminal prohibition is an unequivocal failure. They recognize that the question is no longer, ‘Should we legalize and regulate marijuana?’ but, ‘How should we legalize and regulate marijuana?’ This marks a monumental shift in the public and political debate over marijuana policy.

    But that’s not all. Let us remember one of the tangible and significant victories of the campaign: The signing into law of Senate Bill 1449 reducing the adult possession of up to 28.5 grams of marijuana from a criminal misdemeanor to a noncriminal infraction, punishable by a $100 fine—no court appearance, no court costs, and no criminal record. Passage of this law, which arguably would not have happened if it were not for advocates’ stepped up lobbying efforts regarding Prop. 19, will spare tens of thousands of Californians from criminal prosecution in 2011 and beyond.

    Am I disappointed we failed to gain the support of 50 percent of California’s electorate?

    Of course.

    But I am proud of the progress we made, and of the broad coalition of political and civil rights organizations who endorsed our efforts, including the California NAACP, The Latino Voters League, the SEIU (one of America’s largest unions), and the Black Police Officers Association. That is why I remain confident that we can – and will – bring about the legalization and regulation of cannabis for adults in California in 2012, and that is why I believe that we can extend these same freedoms to the citizens of other states in the years to follow.

    Elections Matter; Threats Ahead
    Yet when I view the ever-changing political landscape nationwide, I recognize there are many significant hurdles before us. This fall’s resurgence of Republican-elected officials in both Washington, DC, and throughout the nation threatens to undermine many of our recent gains. As I write to you today, U.S. Senators are in the process of confirming Michele Leonhart – who has ordered more than thirty raids of state-sanctioned medical marijuana providers – to head the Drug Enforcement Administration, and House members are likely to promote Texas Republican Lamar Smith – arguably the most reefer-mad member of the U.S. Congress – to head the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives.

    At the statewide level, New Mexico’s newly elected Gov. Susan Martinez has threatened to repeal the state’s three-year-old medical cannabis law, which so far has licensed 17 dispensaries to produce and provide marijuana to nearly 3,000 authorized patients. In Michigan, incoming Attorney General Bill Schuette has also pledged to roll back the state’s popular medical cannabis law, which voters overwhelmingly approved in 2008. And in Montana, lawmakers are planning an all assault upon the state’s six-year-old medical marijuana law, despite its passage with over 60 percent of the vote.

    Drug warriors are emboldened by the statewide initiative defeats of medical cannabis proposals in Oregon (regarding the regulation of state-licensed dispensaries) and South Dakota (regarding the legalization of marijuana for medical purposes), and advocates’ razor thin margin of victory in Arizona (which became the fifteenth state to authorize the medical use of marijuana since 1996), but NORML remains unbowed. We will continue to forge ahead with our push for full legalization in states like Colorado, Washington, New Hampshire, Oregon, and Rhode Island. Rest assured, we have not lost our momentum, and we do not intend to let our opponents roll back even one of the many statewide victories that we – and all of you – have worked so hard to achieve.

    “What Does Not Kill You Makes You Stronger”
    In fact, according to the most recent Gallup national public opinion poll, momentum in favor of adult legalization and regulation has never been stronger. According to the October survey, a record 46 percent of voters nationwide now support making marijuana legal, and only 50 percent support prohibition (an all-time low.) To put these percentages in proper perspective, consider this. A decade ago, fewer than 30 percent of Americans said that they backed ending cannabis prohibition and a whopping 70 percent supported it.

    This is why our opponents are running scared, and it is why they have targeted 2011 as the year they strike back. They have no other choice. They are aware, just as we are, that public opinion is moving exponentially in favor of marijuana law reform, and that this trend shows no signs of abating. We may have lost a battle in November, but we are clearly winning the war – and the drug warriors know it.

    NORML: Putting The ‘Grass’ Into Grassroots Since 1970
    As we approach 2011, our prohibitionist opponents are keenly aware that they have lost the hearts and minds of the electorate, and they are preparing to wage one final stand. We plan to meet them head on – and defeat them. Will you support our efforts? Your continued financial support will assure that we hold the line in 2011, and it will allow us to continue the national dialogue that is turning a record number of Americans toward cannabis liberation. Victory is at a hand, but only if we keep the pressure on – and only if we have the resources to fight back when necessary.

    Supporting NORML and NORML Foundation is both simple and rewarding. If you want your donation to be employed for political purposes, such as for lobbying state and federal policy makers, please direct your donation to NORML. If you’d prefer a tax-deductible donation, which will be used for education, litigation, advertising and social organizing, please direct any cash or stock donations to the NORML Foundation.

    Many of NORML’s members and supporters generously donate to both!

    Social change doesn’t happen overnight – but it does happen, and it is happening. That is why NORML needs your support now more than ever. 2011 promises to be a battle, but with your continued financial contributions I know that we will emerge victorious.

    NORML @ 40-Years-Young
    Lastly, as the collective calendar is turned, NORML—a remarkably enduring and resilient hub for a now sprawling social justice movement and medical cannabis industry—embarks upon it’s 40th year of representing the interests of cannabis consumers by, among other services, providing legal assistance and moral support to the many tens of thousands of consumers, growers and sellers (our brothers and sisters) arrested and incarcerated annually because of our nation’s antiquated Cannabis Prohibition laws.

    NORML provides both in-office and 24/7 online support services for medical cannabis patients; citizens facing drug testing concerns; the victims of civil forfeiture; students researching papers; also, NORML’s staff provides over 3,000 local, State, national and international media interviews annually. On the tightest budget in the drug policy reform movement, NORML produces the most popular cannabis-centric conferences, as well as the most popular cannabis-related webpage and daily podcast on the Internet.

    None of this is possible without the support of thoughtful and engaged citizens like you!

    Again, your end-of-the-year donations to either NORML or NORML Foundation is proof positive of your stakeholdership in a really important 40-year-old Washington, D.C. institution among public interest organizations.

    Here’s to a safe and hemp-filled holiday and New Year to all! Thanks, as always, for caring and sharing!

    Cannabem liberemus,

    Allen St. Pierre
    Executive Director
    NORML / NORML Foundation

    *Have you seen some of the unique ‘thank you’ gifts for members and donors?

    27 responses to “NORML: Give Thanks And Praises!”

    1. Jeff Hodge says:

      Merry Christmas to all! Yes even those people who oppose Norml’s views. Unlike the prohibisionist’s, the greedy people who profit from unjust laws, and those too bigoted in their views to see the truth….everyone deserves to have a Merry Christmas!
      I hope Norml does a banner year in 2011. I even plan to donate if I find another job. Perhaps I should not have said that. The anti marijuana crowd will just say There goes another one of those pot smoking, lazy, good for nothing Hippie bums spouting off even when he has no job! The lazy bastard. They will conveniently forget that I just wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

    2. rick says:

      thanks norml for all you have done for the marajuana legalization movement,we wouldnt be close to any kind of legalization or public oppinion support without you.i do hope to see marajuana legalized in my lifetime but like you say the prohibitonists are not going to give up and i no longer see a way to beat them when they wont even admit to logic that the only way is to legalize thanks for all you do

    3. CDXX says:

      Let’s do put things in its proper prospectus. Let’s do that by asking one question. That is…”How many individuals have used or continue to use cannabis?” The answer is…”That’s how many individuals these prohibs have to do battle with!” If your percentages are anywhere near correct…it’s 46% or better nationwide, or 50/50. You can safely bet your ass that more than 50% have practical knowledge of cannabis. These pot-phobic prohibs are going to lose more than the hearts and minds of the nation. Their jobs are in jeopardy as we speak. They can bend over, grab their ankles, and kiss their reputations good bye. I guess they don’t mind being laughed at. They didn’t learn a damned thing from the elections, nor the fact that cannabis has always headed the concerns of the voting public – and – I don’t suggest that the concerns of the public lean their way. Oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    5. We (Mile High NORML) will be feeding homeless folks on the Colorado State Captital steps in Denver CO on Christmas Day…. We’re not only fighting to end marijuana prohibition…. We’re fighting hunger… come join us and help feed hungry folks on that most special of giving days

    6. Maryjanesuncle says:

      God bless and merry Christmas to all..Santa you know what I want for Christmas….Legalization..

    7. Well said, Allen and we couldn’t of gotten this far without the fine & supportive staff of N.O.R.M.L. and people like myself who are brave enough to say ” Yes, i use Marijuana ” and its been a blessing .

      To you & the wonderful staff at N.O.R.M.L. ;

      Wishing you the best in the New Year.

      The truth doctor

    8. David762 says:

      Please accept this greeting in the manner in which it was intended —
      Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year! 😉

    9. ck31 says:

      merry canabix…………..lol had to say it

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