Marijuana Prohibition Era Cartoon Par Excellence: Hemp’s Notorious Cousin

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director January 8, 2011

    Thanks to the GlobalMana Foundation and the design group Northshorecartoon for publishing a very creative, funny and spot-on political commentary in the form of a short cartoon focused on the costly absurdity of the U.S. government banning the domestic production of industrial hemp.

    Most all other countries (Canada, France, Great Britain, China, Switzerland, etc…) do not allow the lawful use of cannabis for non-medical purposes, yet, they allow for the production of one of the most utilitarian and environmentally-friendly row crops that humans have been cultivating and prospering from for thousands of years.

    Regardless of whatever happens in state and federal governments with ‘marijuana’ laws in future regarding medical access, decriminalization or legalization, the US government must stop trying to enforce a complete and total blanket prohibition on all forms and uses of the amazing cannabis plant—notably, like other major countries have done regarding industrial hemp.

    63 responses to “Marijuana Prohibition Era Cartoon Par Excellence: Hemp’s Notorious Cousin”

    1. michael says:

      So True

    2. our founding fathers,GREW HEMP!the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE as written on HEMP!! gust saying.blessed B

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    4. Thomas Chong says:

      This cartoon can and will save the world. Cheech and Chong have been preaching this message for forty years now and we are still preaching and teaching. It will happen sooner or later. Toke up and relax because eternity is a long time and thats all we have…tc

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    6. Cat Cassie says:

      That was great and spot on. I think when Hemp said he could be used as fuel at 50 cents a gallon is a major reason why it will never be legal. There is just way too much money being made keeping it illegal. Big oil companies would not stand for that.

    7. mark says:

      I have shown “hemp for victory” to my high school environmental science classes for 10 years now. I also have a copy of Hemp Horizons on my book shelf. I have students who bring me copies of “the emperor wears no cloths” several times. This school aged generation, with all their internet knowledge, know the truths and lies the govt has pertraded for years. I only hope they vote.

    8. w000t311 says:

      Relegalizing the manufacture of hemp is the neglected child of the entire marijuana law reform community despite it being the easiest sell to the public and politicians. I understand the urgency of getting patients their medicine or preventing non-violent “criminals” from going to prison, but since the Number 1 concern on most American’s minds these days is JOBS JOBS JOBS, I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a major push by these organizations to lift the ban on industrial hemp. The lopsided support only bolsters detractors who claim marijuana law reform is just about wanting to get people high. If the movement is ever to win over mainstream support across the board, hemp should be the first priority, not last.

    9. Chet says:

      Keep on fighting the good fight Tommy Chong!