NatGeo Revisits Marijuana On Sunday Night At 8PM

  • by Allen St. Pierre, Former NORML Executive Director January 14, 2011

    You may remember Drugs, Inc. from last year, in which the intricate global chain of supply and demand of drugs such as marijuana and cocaine were chronicled. As a follow-up to those four-episodes, National Geographic Channel will be airing Drugged, a three-part series over two nights that investigates the effects of drugs on the human brain and body:

    DRUGGED: High on Marijuana

    In the last year, 28 million Americans have rolled a joint, smoked a pipe, sparked up a bong or eaten a pot brownie. Now, follow an entire marijuana high in an adult from start to finish, beginning with the inhalation of cannabis smoke. Using vivid CGI, see how the chemicals slip through a stoned subject’s membranes lining the lungs and into the bloodstream, then on to the heart, up the spine and into the brain. Find out why users get red eyes and the so-called munchies, and explore the difference in the body when cannabis is eaten rather than smoked. We’ll see what role genetics might play in a person’s response to cannabis, take a look at the mysteries of why a high sometimes turns to a low and learn more from the forefront of current marijuana research.

    “How Marijuana Works” – What exactly happens to your body when you smoke marijuana?

    Most medicines that doctors prescribe, there’s a lot of side effects, there’s a lot of risk and you have to balance out the risk benefit ratio, but with Cannabis it’s very much non-toxic. — Dr. Julie Holland, Author, The Pot Book

    74 responses to “NatGeo Revisits Marijuana On Sunday Night At 8PM”

    1. diaz9b says:

      Legalize it!

    2. Chris says:

      Careful, with information people might become informed. Hehe. Ug, cannabinoids are our friend.

    3. thumbgreen says:

      Looking on my channel guide I noticed that an episode of Explorer is coming on at 7PM on Sunday and that too is about our favorite plant.

    4. AfraidinCt. says:

      At Least it show’s that these people are not the Phyco People that the Media is trying to portray us being. We need to get a Documentry about the average Stoner and how productive, and Peaceful we are. Put a human face to us. All of us not just the Patient’s. And how Law enforcement dehumanize us with their Swat teams.

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    6. Chris Roden says:

      We need to stand up and speak out, not only the pot smokers, but the innocent just as much!!!!! Go to topix.com and vote on the Should Marijuana be legalized debate, in your local area. You can vote only once, and its USA wide. Lets boost the numbers so high, that President Obama HAS TO LISTEN!

      Currently, my city is leading the comments….. here is a link….



      SO far….. 48,269 people support legalization, and only 11,539 oppose. With 6,916 cities reporting.

    7. fishcreekbob says:

      How many cases of bronkidis has it caused

    8. Igor says:

      As far as documentaries about marijuana go, National Geographic is fairer and more accurate than Horizon, which tends to over-dramatize. I hope more people tune into this show than tuned into Horizon’s Prohibition propaganda.

    9. Dibz says:

      haha how many cases of bronchitis? It’s amazing how people still cant spell even though…you’re currently on the internet….anyways, ive smoked since i was 16 and have never once had bronchitis, although when i was in high school kids got it all the time….although i remember non smokers getting it more often….maybe people just happen to get sick and we should quit living by the creedo of correlation=causation.

    10. mark says:

      I wonder what the side affects include? no headache, no stomach ache, no aches or pains. In 20 years of daily smoking, the only side affect that i have discovered are the police, arrest, lose of job/career, fine, imprisonment and a crimminal record.